Post for Oct 18-24 2015

TaN: Disease and sickness are caused by malnutrition.  We have a remarkable immune (defense) system but it needs the proper (bio-assimilable) nutrients, in the proper amounts or dosages, and at the right moment in order to arm and prepare itself against all would-be infectors and attackers of our bodies.

Do not blame bacteria, viruses, fungi, and whatever you can conjure up to blame everything else but yourself for the diseases and sickness that have befallen you.  It is unfair of you or anyone to lay blame on others, even if they are “insignificant” microbes, just to avoid blaming themselves — it is (mostly) one’s own fault that one gets sick or become diseased.  Whatever is the source or cause of our sickness or disease, it cannot be nor has ever been from lack of toxic allopathic chemical cocktails Big Pharma is peddling to witless victims as miracle drugs and cures.  And Big Pharma has respectable organizations (physicians’ groups) and government to connive and conspire with it to drug and poison patients and victims into zombies and mindless fools.

Sure, there are other causes of disease and sickness but none involve deficiency of chemical toxins found in the deadly cocktails and concoctions of Big Pharma.  With the exception of physical injury or damage and trauma, there are or should be no other causes or sources for sickness or disease — i.e., assuming that one lives and eats correctly as has been intended or designed.

Remember: Disease and sickness can be the product of incorrect lifestyle — where lifestyle is defined as everything and anything you do (from eating to working to vacationing to sleeping and all daily activities) — but never from being deficient in (toxic allopathic inorganic) chemicals.

TaN: Pain medication, setting aside all the “side effects” from its literature and inserts, is detrimental to health — unless and until the patient is taught what the cause of the pain is and how to truly address the issue.  Although pain is a necessary part of life — aside from the fact that if there is no pain there is no pleasure, pain and pleasure are the same, varying only in intensity — one does not have to endure unreasonable durations of it.  This is why we have knee-jerk reactions to physical pain…to withdraw away from the source or cause of pain in order to stop.

Pain is necessary, as perfectly illustrated in the case of leprosy — where victims have the nerve endings damaged to such a degree that they no longer feel pain, even when they are exposed to life-threatening situations.  Moreover, it has bee ascertained in research that the same centers or areas in the brain “light up” when we feel pain or pleasure.  This could only mean that pain and pleasure are one and the same, varying only in intensity, much like medicine and poison (where a small dose is medicine while a large dose is lethal).

The problem like with the use (or abuse) of pain medication, especially when we do not address the source/cause of the pain.

People have become so “addicted” to pain medication — mainly because we shun pain and see it as completely and utterly unnecessary and detrimental to our quality of life — that one automatically pops a pain pill at the first sign of the slightest pain.  As a result, we have become so dependent that we do not want to endure pain even for a split second.

We do not realize or understand pain’s role in life and immediately choose to obliterate it.  In the end, we become numbed and fall victim to its deadly embrace — especially in the case of allopathic/chemical drugs, it attacks our vital organs such as liver (our biochemical factory) and kidneys.  We do not realize that we are exchanging one undesirable with a more deadly alternative.

Pain medication has its role and function.  It must be use judiciously, even if (or especially that) it is readily available.

In conclusion, the “side effects” of allopathic or chemical medicine are, in fact, the main effects and not the side effects, as it is being touted.  This is to hide the fact of its true effect and to lure unwitting victims into thinking that the “side effects” are worth the risk in exchange for the perceived “benefits” derived or received.  Oh how foolish we are.

TaN: On the issue of income tax (rate) adjustment, the moral and ethical thing to do is to recalculate and re-adjust the rates whenever the inflation rate reaches or exceeds an increase of 10 percent since the last adjustment.  As it is today, recalculation and re-adjustments only occur at the whim of the government and this is very unfair and inconvenient to taxpayers — i.e., the ones that pay their taxes properly (especially employees who have their taxes deducted already even before they get their pay/compensation.

There are many injustices by government on the citizens primarily due to delays — either due to bureaucratic red tape, foot-dragging, politics, horse-trading and accommodations, etc — and these delays are mostly avoidable or unnecessary, thus there is simply no excuse.

To cite another unnecessary delays and bureaucratic red tape would be the issue of transport fare hikes.  This is somewhat similar to that of the income tax issue in that it takes “forever” for fare adjustments to be granted, although the government is not the only major factor but the stupidity in deregulating the oil industry and market in such a way that wild and erratic fluctuations oil prices are not dampened or tempered but are accepted as the norm and therefore become the basis and excuse for setting fuel prices that the hapless transport sector must bear.

Finally, it is irresponsible for the government, specifically the treasury and internal revenue, to put the interest of the state ahead of the taxpayers.  It cannot be an excuse to say that increasing the tax exemption or an income tax cut would severely hamper the (financial) ability of the government to carry out its mission and essential functions.  It is widely known that government services leave a lot to be desired and much of the needs of the citizens wanting, especially on the issue of corruption.  This is a characteristics, as well as a pitfall or dangerous temptation, of centralized governments — i.e., to have too much government control over the lives of the citizens.

The better alternative would be to devolve much of the government functions and services — the ones that involve or are uniquely and distinctly in the realm of the local political units, as against the national — and just leave supervisor or oversight to the national.  In the present set-up of centralized government controls, much of the vital functions and services needed at the local level still has or need to go up the bureaucratic chain and come back down before anything happens.  And in many cases, this is where the corruption occurs — when crooks along the way try to get their share of the funds.

There is a way to simply everything and take away temptation but this is reserved for another occasion.  Suffice it to say that there are ways to mitigate corruption and speed up government services but there must be political will and, most of all, a strong and watchful (local) public as well as a responsive justice system to ensure “looters and parasites” are met with swift but rightful justice.


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