Post for Nov 15-21 2015

TaN: If business obsesses over increasing profits by increasing automation and reducing the labor cost, it is inevitable to lead to recession.  The same is true when population is being reduced, where there will not be enough (future) manpower to support and sustain current populations, especially when it comes to social services (like retirement pensions).

Look at it this way: The current situation is that a tiny portion of our income is deducted or taken by the government on the supposed purpose of putting away something for when we retire or become unable to generate income anymore in the future.  If you stop to calculate the total amount you will have “contributed” through the years until your retirement and adjust it to inflation, the total saved and adjusted amount will only be able to support and sustain you up to a certain age.

The whole idea behind “forced savings” is that a little amount is taken from all currently employed people.  The combined amount will be large enough to support and sustain all the retired because they are relying on the fact that not all “contributors” will survive to get the pension.  And even granting that one lives to enjoy one’s forced savings and, perhaps, beyond, the whole feasibility of the scheme hinges on enough employed giving up a tiny disposable income to support the few surviving retirees.

The problem now is that, with automation and technological advances and more and more retirees surviving and living beyond their expected life expectancy, there is now less and less employed to support and sustain the growing number of retirees.

And this is not yet including that fact that there is a move by globalists to reduce or depopulate the planet thereby reducing even further the already insufficient number of people employed to support the elders, unless and of course the unproductive ones are “bumped off” early — as what was mentioned by William Gates III in a lecture given at TED talks years ago and I quote (from among many other web sources), to wit: “‘The world today has 6.8 billion peopleThat’s heading up to about nine billionNow if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent!’ (About 1 Billion People!)” from

This would explain why there is a protracted and aggressive push by certain pharmaceutical companies, specifically vaccine manufacturers, and ably abetted by government and international agencies and the United Nations’ WHO to apply, employ, and deploy any and all means necessary — persuasively, coercively, and/or forcibly — to take stealthily toxic vaccines under the pretext that the vaccines are beneficial and preventive medicine.

If business is not careful (and does not wake up from its obsession and come to terms with reality), its world may just enter a global recession of which there is no return and cause not only the demise of the global population and labor force but also its own demise.  It is inane and foolish to think that business can keep making and raking profits when there are no consumers — since there will not be enough employees with disposable income to consume their products and services.  This is elementary but logic can easily be clouded by greed.

TaN: Smart people have neither any use nor need for smart phones.  There is no need for smart phones since smart people are already smart.  If you have or need a smart phone, you must not be very smart.

The problem with people with smart phones is that they think and (has been led or deceived to) believe that the gadgets are smart and that they need them when, in fact, they are more of an irritating nuisance than useful.  [But this is from a personal point of view.]

There are often times when the gadget seems “too smart” for its own good.  They tend to interfere with the user’s operations and use.  There have been times when the wrong message has been sent because the gadget “thinks” they know better and would arbitrarily change or otherwise replace certain words and phrases in the user’s message before sending and will not notify the user of the alterations done — and have caused misunderstandings, relationships breaking up, and transactions falling through.

The main issue here would be that there is too much convergence of technology and people “enjoy” having everything at their fingertips, even at the expense of redundancy or multiplicity.  And there lies the problem.  People fail to realize that they are plenty of overlaps in his/her gadgets and device.

Take the case of the word processors in your computer.  List down all the functions and capabilities that it can do or is offering — as in copy, paste, delete, redo, undo, and all the myriad of menu and sub-menu items in the different ribbons or menu groups — then make a tally of the number of times you use it within a month.  You will be interested to find out that less than 10 or even 5 percent of those available functions and capabilities are actually being used.  And this means that your hard-earned money has been wasted on things you do not need (because you never used them).

Similarly, this can be likened to subscribing to cable television network or service offering as much as 200 or more channels but you can only watch (or understand) a handful.  Assuming that you spend 500 on monthly dues and there are 200 channels available in the bundle, this comes out to 2.5 per channel per month, which seems very cheap, but when we consider that if you can only view, say, 5 channels out of the 200 — because either you are only interested in those 5 or that they are the only channels that you can understand — then the 2.5 per channel per month soars to 100 per channel per month.

Furthermore, this is not to mention that embedded in most, if not all, (so-called) smart devices and gadgets are software that secretly and actively (or may be activated at will any time) to send out sensitive, private, and confidential information.  As to whom the information is sent is speculation but it is said that the recipients are intelligence and law enforcement agencies, as well as the manufacturers — to be used to “improve” future services.  However, even assuming that information is sent to manufacturers for the claimed purpose, rumor on the grape vine has it that the businesses would not hesitate to share information with the intelligence and law enforcement agencies upon request or even when not requested.

Always remember that: More convenience means less control (over our own lives).  Convenience means we give up the right to decide what and which information and activities we hold dear to others, who may not have our best interest at heart.

TaN: Man’s quest for perfection (and immortality) in this temporal world — through advances and advancements in genetics via designer babies and genetic manipulation — is a pipe dream, a fool’s errand, an obsession that will only bring more misery and false hopes and ultimately end in self-annihilation.  Failing (unwittingly) or (intentionally) choosing to disregard the intricacies and complexities of the interrelationships and interdependence of the different DNA segment sequences and how they affect each other in the long-term will doom future generations down the line with unforeseen biological and psychological conditions and anomalies.

This is a prime example of the saying, A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  Arrogantly thinking that he knows enough to tinker with his own genetic material, even with the noble quest or aim to rid mankind of diseases and medical problems, including whimsical and vain reasons such as superficial beauty.

In his mad rush into manipulating his own blueprint of life (for a better version of him/herself, as if s/he can improve on nature), man fails to appreciate the full impact or ramifications of the statistical probabilities of the interconnected relationships between and among the DNA segment sequences — i.e., how a set of genes contribute to the overall functioning of the whole organism and its role in the overall scheme of things.

If we change a small segment and cause an “unraveling” or chain-reaction further down the line, it may be too late or complicated to undo.  Remember: (1) A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and (2) any genetic redesigning (and “damage”) we do now to our blueprint of life may have negative impacts (a trigger a domino effect to and) in future generations and when those anomalies and issues arise, there may be no turning back.  Take heed.

In our eagerness or over-zealousness to “become perfect”, we have be creating our own apocalypse — a self-fulfilling prophecy, because we are simply too naïve, arrogant, self-assured, smug, foolish, and proud to admit or take unsolicited advice — thinking that there are no consequences to our actions and only concerned with the here and now.


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