Post for Dec 6-12 2015

TaN: The constant and consistent “defense” of Mr Noynoy for his anointed Mr Roxas as the next president does not reflect well on the latter.  It makes the latter appear weak, as if he cannot defend himself against detractors and attackers.

It is one possible major or significant factor for Mr Roxas’ consistent poor showing in the surveys.  Remember that the average Filipino is easily impressed by the “macho” factor and will not side or favor anyone perceived to be a wimp — in this case, defined as one who needs another to do his fighting for him.

Even the recent “silence or hiatus” of Mr Noynoy from endorsing his choice at every turn and opportunity is doing little benefit for Mr Roxas probably because the media is being flooded with the Poe-Duterte controversies — which could also explain a lot for the return of Mr Binay back to the top spot in the surveys.

It is bad enough that Mr Roxas — being a refined, cultured, and a gentleman — is not exactly the image or idea of what the typical Filipino voter is looking for in a president(ial candidate) but his good traits paints him not as someone who is rough and no-nonsense and strong and not a pushover whose political will can be thwarted.

With the recent developments, this is Mr Roxas’ opportunity to show his real mettle, to show the country, the voters, that he is the right man for the job and he will not waver and that will not only continue but (hopefully) polish and clean out the sloppy “daan matuwid” of the incumbent — that he will truly listen to the people (especially the poor, marginalized, less fortunate, indigent, and deprived) and be a man for the people.  Hopefully, Mr Roxas will favor more the workers and laborers over the interests of the privileged and capitalists — not believing that only the rich and moneyed, with their large businesses and corporations, can save the economy and not realize that it is the SMmEs (small, medium, micro enterprises) that are the key to the country’s development and future.  Be a true man of the people and not of the privileged few.  Be another “Mambo” Magsaysay — be his “incarnate”.

TaN: Given any problem — be it personal, local, or especially global — whenever money gets into the act/picture, the solution is always either flawed, stupid and/or not a solution at all (but a ploy to manipulate and gain complete control or domination).  There will never be a good solution to problems when money becomes a significant factor or even just “gain a foothold”.

Contrary to popular belief (for many of are gullible enough), money is seldom and certainly not the best solution to any given problem.  Our ancestors have done very well without money for thousands of years, it most certainly does not need it (that badly) even today.  Today, there is a growing global (though sporadic and coordinated) shift by many small town communities to forgo the use of money and return to the fundamentals of our forefathers — giving or offering our skills and talents to the community for the common good (much like the communistic principle of: From each according to his abilities; to each according to his needs).  Money just gets in the way.

In fact, money usually is the obstacle or reason why a problem is or remains unresolved in this materialistic and greed-driven (as well as dumbed-down, pharmaceutical-powered, academically-mis-educated, hedonistic) world today — though stupidity (intentional or utter) is another major cause (i.e., applying the wrong solution or failing to properly identify or fully appreciate the significance or enormity or complexity of the problem).

How many times had something essential or important not been just because there is no funding, when it could have otherwise been done with the cooperation and collaboration of everyone.  How many good things or projects had been stalled or not begun simply because there is either no money in it (for those who will engage in the project) or no funds have been allocated or donated.

But don’t get me wrong.  As I have (repeatedly) mentioned in earlier blogs, money has its function or use but it is seldom the primary or an essential part of an endeavor or project.  Money is usually the excuse but seldom the real reason behind something good or beneficial not being done.  (May I invite you to watch the video:

TaN: In the ongoing war on terrorists (not terrorism as we are being led to believe), it is a perpetual global war because or in which neither side will ever win over the other.  The reason is the United States of America (and the other stooge nations in the coalition) uses conventional while ISIS/ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) employs non-conventional tactics and means.

Conflicts are “solved” when both sides meet or engage in the same plane — i.e., use warfare strategies, tactics, ordnance and weaponry, and theaters.  Only when protagonists meet on the same plane can there be any (true) conflict resolution.

Conventional warfare is all about a show of force, who has the most powerful weapons (plus intelligence and espionage) — hardware and equipment — while terrorists use a modified version or variation of guerrilla warfare where they employ covert and hit-and-run tactics because, due to the latter’s limited resources and size, cannot match the firepower and machinery of conventional warfare.

For as long as the two sides do not “meet” (i.e., use the same warfare tactics) there can never be any end to the conflict — unless, of course, they come to a truce or peace agreement.  For as long as both sides are adamant, the conflict will be protracted and result in ever-increasing and escalating casualties, damage, drain of resources, and precious irreversible and unrecoverable loss of time with no winning side in the end.

In summary, one does not quell a fire by adding or pouring more and more fuel.  As the saying goes, Be as the gentle breeze that calm the rough seas.  The solution is to get to the root of why “terrorists” — because many are merely labeled as such by the United States of America globalist cabal and stooge ally authorities — do as they do.  In most instances, the senseless conflict has an underlying agenda or motive and it is usually about money and control or domination.

Either way, both sides have equally valid reasons to do what they are doing and equally at fault or to blame for the wrongs and atrocities committed in the name of whatever they stand or are fighting for.  Finally, to intensify the hype, religion is a common and favorite ingredient to fan the flames of hatred, fear, and bigotry.


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