Post for Dec 27-Jan 2 2016

TaN: It is bad enough that good newspaper space is wasted on trivial articles such as the upcoming punch fest between Pacquiao and Bradley but it is the worst when it hogs precious front page space.  It is as if there is nothing more important, more pressing, more life-threatening than climate change, global poverty and hunger, epidemic-proportion lifestyle diseases, (USA-inspired or -instigated) terrorist attacks, species extinction, human rights, and refugee migrations.

But I guess that it is in line with the global domination strategy to keep the gullible and hedonistic general population glued, preoccupied and entertained with worthless matters while the more important issues are silently and stealthily put in place (such as subtly removing or curtailing another human right or freedom, which began with our forfeiture of our right to privacy in airport searches and has now spread to almost all commercial establishments and centers and industrial facilities).

It is like no one can be trusted anymore.  The world has indeed been turned upside down.  Now, it is not only “guilty until proven otherwise” but the burden of proof has been shifted from the accuser to the accused.  And it can all be done as simply as accusing — truthfully or not — or labeling someone as such, like slandering someone as a liar or a thief or as corrupt.  People are ever so eager to believe in the bad and wrong in others, forgetting conveniently the courtesy of giving the other person the benefit of the doubt, especially if they have never been accused of anything and have some track record of being good.

But going back to the original issue, there is so much trash and worthless news items today.  It is as though there is not enough news worthy to print but in truth (and probably because I have a “malicious” mind) there appears to be a concerted and orchestrated global effort to “promote” news and information that is in line with the globalist agenda of total world domination and control using, as one of its most efficient and effective tools…social engineering via print, broadcast, and social media.

There has been research by cyber and internet companies to determine how much influence on people’s behavior and decisions does social and public media exert as to produce significant desired and predetermined outcomes.  The findings of the researchers are currently — whether they will admit it or not and chances are they will not — to come up with just the correct recipe so as to manipulate and influence public opinion and mindset to the desired public behavior.  This is achieved through the deliberate release of carefully selected news articles (sprinkled with some newsworthy but inert articles) to ensure that the people remain docile, submissive, open to persuasions, and most importantly preoccupied with trivial and unproductive information while the manipulating globalists put in place and carry out polices and legislation that will guarantee absolute and complete world control and domination.

Just take a gander at the items in the news today, peppered and saturated with sports, fashion, entertainment, and hedonistic news articles (like where to eat and what movies or videos to watch and what are the latest in the social media network posts and gossip and places the writers have gone or been invited to).  For extra measure, they also include infotainments and infomercials just to project an aura of “informative” news.

Moreover, it is both sad and disgusting to read and find out that those whose “talents” contribute the least to human development and flourishing — and least alleviating to (global or even just local or domestic) poverty and human misery and suffering — are not only given the greatest attention and recognition but even rewarded lavishly with obscenely huge amounts of fame and fortune (like the amount “rumored” to have been paid to a certain renowned basketball player for a few seconds of work in a commercial advertisement an amount equal to all the factory workers of the said sportswear company in the entire country for a year.

Alas, as much as the complete and absolute reversal in ethics and priorities is necessary, there is really no chance for it has been written and prophecied and what was foretold must come to pass — for it is an essential part of the scheme of things in order that the final and total destruction and end shall be fulfilled.

As much as it sounds fatalistic and defeatist, it is but an acceptance of what must come to pass and all one can do, in one’s own little way, is to not be part of the cause and evil that pervade humanity as time progresses — as was in Sodom and Gomorrah and in all the other hedonistic and vile civilizations in the past that turned from their backs on the righteous path.  Even the once-great Roman Empire was no exception.  It is the doomed way to go for all that follow in the footsteps of paganistic, animalistic, narcissistic, hedonistic, and Satanic ways.

So, go on and continue the superficial and trivial reporting of worthless and self-serving information to keep the poverty-stricken and miserable global masses preoccupied with non-flourishing news and activities so they will not notice how their rights, quality of life, and future are systematically and methodically stripped and taken away from them.

TaN: Just because bad things happen to someone does not (necessarily) mean that that someone is bad — or even define that person for the rest of his/her life (i.e., fortune or misfortune will hound and haunt him/her for the rest of his/her life).  It is quite prejudicial to conclude that things are just that simple and that people cannot influence or change their future just because of a single incident.

There is a tendency for some people to oversimplify the principle of karma and jump to the (wrong) conclusion, that something bad happened because a person is (perceived to be) bad — that bad things happen to bad people and good things to good people.  Well, I am sorry to burst your bubble but, in fact, many enviable good things happen to people we believe do not deserve them — as in the big time smugglers, syndicate bosses, scoundrels “hiding” behind congressional or judicial robes, and the like who live “la buena vida” (the good life).  And many (inherently) good people permit themselves to fall victim to “secret” envy for the same life and thus shirk their responsibility as good people to actively resist such temptations and (actively) work against the continued spread.

The (after) effect of an act or decision is usually independent of the act itself — i.e., the repercussion from an act may or may not necessarily immediately impact on the actor, in the sense that karma takes time to come around (notwithstanding the immediate effects of evil deeds).

TaN: In any country, where there is corruption (and almost all governments have some degree and sort of corruption), it is only necessary to know the topmost layer — chief executive (and those who have his/her ears), supreme court justices, and congressional party leaders or swayers (whips???).  Regardless of what problems encountered, sooner or later, the issue or problem will find its way to the top where the final (and executory) decision will be made and handed down.  This means that any unfavorable decisions or outcomes in the lower levels will be overturned.

This can be repeatedly observed in many governments the world over.  The only difference is how susceptible are the top government officials to bribery and influence and how “vengeful” is public opinion when the whistle is blown.  In many industrialized countries and mature societies, and especially in Western cultures, an exposed corrupt or influentiable (top) government official not only resigns but, in the case of Asian countries like China and Taiwan, even serve life sentences without parole or executed.

Despite these, corruption is still widespread and does not seem to be abetting and, in fact in many cases, appears to be growing in the less and undeveloped countries, where poverty is the norm and only select government officials and crime lords rule with impunity that corruption becomes a way of life.

So, going back to the original pronouncement, when one has intentions of being corrupt and will need a means of minimizing (if not altogether eliminating) penalties and evading punishment and jail terms (or worse, execution), it is best that one has a direct line to the highest corridors of power because, when caught or are in legal predicaments, there will always be appeals and appeals go all the way to the top where the final decision is made.  Regardless of how many losses in the lower levels, one can always keep elevating the case until it reaches the topmost tier where the favorable decision one is seeking and desiring will be in one’s favor.


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