Post for Jan 10-16 2016

TaN: In today’s The Philippine STAR article, titled “Administration coalition says Poe did nothing to support ‘Pantawid’ program“, it now appears that the administration is showing its “disappointment if not disdain” over the rise and threat of the Poe “phenomenon”.  In the first place, Poe is not really an ally of the administration so there is nothing really surprising or unexpected should Poe not support administration programs, even if the programs are good for the country.

Furthermore, I reiterate that it is curiously strange, almost uncanny, that after failing to woo Sen Poe to join their ticket, all of a sudden, all these disqualification cases emerged — as if there is vengeance in the air, that they are retaliating from being spurned.  If there are so many reasons to disqualify Sen Poe, the ex-wooers should not have “invited” her to join in the first place.  Isn’t it rather odd?

As to the article, the administration should refrain from issuing such statements and pronouncements because it only worsens their image, that they are being petty and vindictive — not unlike a former and late president we all knew and many loved and respected.  It is pitiful and embarrassing, to say the least.  Careful…your slip is showing!

TaN: It is my firm belief that our last act is crucial and makes up a very significant role in determining whether we end up in Heaven or Hell.  It appears that even though we spent an entire lifetime doing evil, for as long as the last act is good and there is complete and absolute repentance and remorse in all our evil doings, one can still go to Heaven.  However, before you go about doing all the evil things you want and planning to do the right thing at the last minute, you have to remember, realize and full comprehend that, since we are utterly clueless as to when our time is up, it is a monumental gamble to put your ticket to Heaven on that crucial last act.

I came about this conclusion because of the “good” thief who defended and recognized Jesus when they were crucified and dying on their cross.  Since he has a complete change of heart but does not have the opportunity to do good anymore, his last act of recognition and repentance was enough to earn him a pass into Heaven — for it is written (in Luke 23:43, KJV): “Verily I say unto thee to day shalt thou be with Me in Paradise“.  [Regardless of the controversy as to the proper interpretation of this passage, due to the disagreement over where the comma should be — before or after “to day”, but I advocate and adhere to putting the comma after — the fact remains that the “good” thief is going to Heaven even if he had (allegedly) been bad all his life.]

The last act, even if we had done no good all life long, earns us a place in Heaven on the presumption or assumption that we no longer have the opportunity to atone for our evils so intent is sufficient, otherwise there is no excuse.  The problem is how to determine when is our last moment on this temporal world.  And even then, I doubt if it will be enough because of the “hidden agenda”, which is that we have schemed all along not to do good and rely primarily and entirely on the chance that we will be able to “fool” God into believing that we had no opportunity to do good and is depending on the last act.  This is clear deception and I sincerely doubt if we can pull the wool over God’s eyes.  Oh, you are so screwed!

TaN: The main function of government is to serve the people.  In this light and with respect to compensation, people in government service — except the rank and file who are not appointees and are covered by the salary standardization — should not be receiving more than one source of compensation (including from the private sector) and the total compensation should not exceed (a maximum of) ten percent of the highest salary grade.  It is argued that one does not enter government service to get rich but to serve the people.  In this case, the total compensation should not even merit the slightest consideration or get into the picture — i.e., assuming that the compensation is reasonable and not outrageously large or meager.

But then people would argue that, how can government attract competent people into its service if it does not offer competitive salaries (versus that of the private sector).  Again, people should join government service for nationalistic and not financial reasons.  One joins government because one wants to be of service (the primary and should be the only reason) and not for any other reason.  Compensation, for as long as it is a reasonable amount, should be the farthest concern.

In addition, those who just cannot wait and will resort to any and all tactics, strategies, and ways and means necessary, no matter how underhanded or despicable or unethical or wrong, just to get into government (service) — usually through election or patronage politics — should be “screened and scrutinized” very carefully (by our conscience and ethics) else instead of public servants, we are putting corrupt public “masters” into positions of authority and power.  If and when that happens, we have no one else to blame but ourselves and we lose our rights to complain, to criticize, to seek, demand and exact justice and accountability and retribution, and to claim damages.

Taking the example set by the supposed “world’s poorest president”, Jose Mujica, he not only gives 90 percent of his salary to charity but has “donated” the presidential residence to an orphanage for use.  Moreover, he maintains only two ordinary police officers are security, drives his old VW beetle, drives his own tractor, works his modest farm, washes his own clothes, and keeps to a simple life.

When asked what is his reaction to the label “world’s poorest president”, he answered (and to paraphrase), Only a man who keeps on wanting more and more is poor because he has not yet been satisfied.  I have all that I need and I want nothing more, so how can I be poor.  Only people who keep on wanting more and more are poor because they still have not gotten everything that he desires.


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