Post for Jan 31-Feb 6 2016

TaN: Marketing is today’s version of creating a cult (for business).  Interestingly (as well as fearsomely), it is precisely this that manipulation of human behavior — from extensive and meticulous studying — that modern-day business hopes to capture, cultivate, and keep consumers to their products, regardless of whether their wares are beneficial or safe.  All that matters is profit — and indecently massive amounts, if and when possible…even to the point of using and and goading (or conspiring with) government to ensure continuous and monopolistic profits by means of legislation and government policy (as in the vaccinations that is being rammed down the throats of parents at the expense of their inherent right to their children).

All human activity or endeavors are actually good, except that when greed comes into the picture.  When that happens, ethics go out the window.  Like so in marketing, there is nothing wrong with trying to drum up enough consumers for one’s product for as long as: (1) the public/consumer is properly informed and there is (informed) consent and (2) beyond simply informing that such and such a product exists, that such is the price, the condition or terms, and that such and such as the benefits and detriments, there is nothing really unethical about it.  Violation of ethics comes when there is deception — unintentional or, more so, intentional or deliberate — which involves even the deprivation of the consumer/public of certain aspects or vital information that may prove to be harmful or damaging, especially if and when there is foreknowledge and willingly withheld the such information because of the fear or threat of losing consumers or deterring them from purchasing.

Marketing is not so bad if it merely involves the delivery of goods and services to the public for their benefit and a modest compensation from the expense or inconvenience incurred by the business.  However, if the marketing goes beyond mere informative and goes into persuasive — where additional (biased) information and “pressure” or “coercive” tactics or techniques are deployed and utilized in order to ensure, if not increase, the possibility of inducing consumers to purchase.  In this stage, it is vital, since there will be a slant in the information, that there should be full disclosure where both the good/advantages and the bad/disadvantages be made known.  Anything incomplete disclosure, be they deliberate or not, will be falsehood and unethical.  The consumer should never be at the disadvantageous end when and where possible.

As to the relation to a cult, the conditions, strategies, and tactics employed are uncannily similar and with the same desired outcome — i.e., to create and maintain a “following”, a loyal consumer base, people who will “blindly” patronize whatever product the business sells.

TaN: As noble as it is and with the best of intentions (with concern for others) the ongoing outpour of warnings of impending end of times with the supposed effort of possibly averting or forestalling the perceived end of humanity, it is counter to the prophecies (and possibly Will of God) as mentioned in the Book of Revelations/Apocalypse.  As far and as much as I know (and I can be wrong), it is foretold that there will be global misery and tribulations of which no man can imagine and these hardships must come to pass.

Therefore, any effort (by man) to “derail” this must-happen event/s can be seen as desperation by man to delay or even completely avert its realization.  We have to realize that what God says…goes.  There is nothing that can be done to change it.  It is an exercise in futility and a waste of effort and time.

All that can be done is just do our best to spread the truth and hope for that we can “save” as many as we can.  It must be made clear that the recipients must understand that nothing can change what has been “scheduled”.  In fact, it is already written when the end will come.

Many expect that the end is based on a date.  In truth, if we really read the Holy Scriptures very carefully and with pure and complete sincerity, the end is based on a condition — when the Gospel has reached every person alive.  The end is dependent on when that condition set has been or can be satisfied or met.  Then the end comes.

TaN: Public utility vehicles that use electric engine technology becomes (economically) viable only if there is a minimum infrastructure to support its recharging needs.  Without the much-needed infrastructure, the only other possible way for e-vehicles to be viable is to have “battery exchange” stations where spent or discharged batteries are replaced with fresh or fully-charged ones (at “refueling” stations).

In the second option, it may be the preferred choice because recharging takes time no matter how fast the recharging process takes, unlike replacing or exchanging them for charged ones, which is just exchanging a spent/discharged battery for a charged one.  [The depleted battery can leisurely be recharged by the facility, much like the way LPG (liquid petroleum gas) tanks are being exchanged in countries like the Philippines, instead of those gas pipe-fed system in countries like the United States of America.]

But, as enticing and environmentally-friendly as it may sound, care must be taken to ensure that the (re)charging of the batteries are not sourced from power generated from/by fossil fuels, otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of going or converting to electric vehicles.  Given this, it is important to develop and improve current and future non-fossil fuel technologies, such as solar, wind, tide, geothermal, chemical, (bio)mechanical (be it by man or animal or anything else), plasma, and whatever we can dream of.  Moreover, it must be emphasized that fossil fuel must not appear in any of the stages in the production of power because, again, it defeats the whole intention and idea of shifting to alternative power generation technologies.


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