Feb 7-13 2016

TaN: One of the most dangerous things happening today is — intentional or not — the irresponsible way we use words.  And this is not to include or mention those that are intentionally deceptive (like in marketing and sales).

A case in point is the indiscriminate use of the words “healthy” and “affordable”.  It has become increasingly insulting and nauseating (and even patronizing) to hear the privileged few who either have jobs or occupations of influence (like media and celebrities who often get freebies) or receive comfortably above-the-average-working-smuck’s-pay-grade salaries where they can relatively afford (slightly or above-average) pricey amenities in life easily.

Moreover, there are even those who wittingly or unwittingly — because they either need the job, as in marketers and salespeople, or enjoy many perks as lackeys and groupies of the well-off, respectively — serve as mindless pawns and espouse such words but do not mean them because they can ill-afford the high cost.  I find it very irritating and infuriating to hear them prostitute themselves just to ingratiate themselves and/or advance the interests of people who only think of themselves and the good life they enjoy.

It is best that we choose words carefully so as both not to mislead people and create envy and a feeling of deprivation among others (when they keep hearing about how “affordable” something is when it is our of their financial reach).

TaN: I find it curious that we are frequently told or led to believe that there are more good people in the world than there are bad.  However, it is likewise mentioned or implied in the Holy Scriptures that there will only be a (relatively) chosen few (as compared to the totality of all humanity who have ever lived) who will be lucky to enter Heaven — as most of humanity is expected to fall prey to Satan.

Given this, I would tend to conclude that, since the two appear to be diametrically opposed or opposite, both cannot be true.  And since I am more inclined to believe in the Holy Scriptures than human conjecture, I would therefore tend to believe that there are not that many good people in the world.

But before I be condemned and ostracized, I would like to clarify that when I refer to “good” and “bad”, it must be known and understood that what man generally and universally acknowledge and accepted as definition of “good” and “bad” are not the true definition.  Moreover, man’s tendency to overlook minor flaws and faults and credit them as “good enough” or to justify shortcomings and “lesser evils” by claiming that man is imperfect ergo entitled to be considered as good.

Finally, since I too am imperfect and possess a lot more flaws and faults than most other and than I care to admit, I therefore am not in any position to judge and condemn others.  However, I do know through inferential logic that somethings just do not add up.  I can recognize when things are contradictory and that there is falsehood afoot.  And since I am more inclined to put my faith and trust in the Holy Scriptures than in the pronouncements of man — which, today, are increasingly more prone to machinations and manipulations for dubious ends — I would believe that there are still relatively many good people today but these good people are good only because they “agenda” do not involve or include “excessive” greed and world domination.

TaN: As an FYI, there are ways in which the freshness or healthfulness of certain foods can easily be determined — assuming that one knows how and where to look.  Unknown to many, even when food has been served and without actually witnessing the cooking process, there are still reliable ways to determine certain basic questions like: Was it alive when cooked?  or Was it free-range or

To tell whether shrimp was alive when cooked (via heat), the tail should be open or spread out (like an open fan) — assuming that the shrimp shell is intact, especially the tail section.  If or when the tail is folded, the shrimp was not alive when cooked.  This is because, as the shrimp is being cooked alive, it goes into a death throe and the (tail) muscles flexes in reaction to heat.

To tell whether a (rock or alimango and not alimasag) crab was alive when cooked, the eyes should be sticking out of the sockets — assuming that the crab is served whole and not chopped up, especially the shell has not been removed.  If or when the eyes are in the sockets, the crab was not alive when being cooked.  This is the same reason as in the shrimp except that it is the eye muscles that are involved.

To tell whether fish was alive when cooked, the pectoral fins should be at right (or slightly at right) angles to the body — seldom are the fins at right angles because the fish has to be flipped to the other side during cooking so the side facing up was cooked first and was flattened during that time so examine the fin joint.  If or when the fin is flat on its side, the fish was not alive when being cooked.  Again, this is for the same reason but it is the fins that are involved.

To tell whether a chicken is free-range (i.e., left to roam around and fend or augment its diet with whatever it can find in the environment, aside from the feeds) or commercially and cooped up during its adult life — hence cannot be regarded as free-range, organic, or healthy — the legs bones should be hard and difficult to break.  If or when the leg bones are easily broken, it means the chicken spent most of its adult life sitting down in cramped quarters along with other chickens.  Since the legs are seldom used, the bones will not be thick and tough because there is no weight-bearing load ergo no need for strong bones.  Moreover, if the chicken is presented whole, the position of the legs in relation to the hips reveal whether it was free-range or cooped up in cramp quarters.  Free-range chickens will have their legs set close to the inside of the hips instead of at the sides for those that sitting down most of its adult life.  Legs at the sides are good for sitting while those close to the middle and below the body is to give better support to carry the body and move around.

Well, this is all for now.


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