Mar 6-12 2016

TaN: Goodbye good and kind sir — Sen Jovito R Salonga.  You are the last of the old guards who fought the evils of corruption, greed, decadence, demagoguery, and debauchery…among many others.  You have fought the good fight and you have earned your rest.  Fare thee well and Godspeed.

TaN: For as long as money occupies top priority in our lives and they hold or control the money supply — via the banks and lending institutions — we (the 99%) will always be slaves and at the mercy of the global elites…those behind the New World Order.  For as long as we regard money as the sole means to solving world and all our problems (including the source or means to our happiness and fulfillment) — and measure of our success and achievements and everything else — and not human labor, empathy, and community cooperation, the majority of us will remain as slaves to the (illusionary democratic) system.

Moreover, if my research is correct and accurate, banks started out as simple currency changers in ancient markets and, like the allopathic physicians of today, gradually but surely, hijacked, absorbed and assimilated functions and operations that belong to other fields where money is involved — like stocks and bonds and other financial instruments.  Later, the operations expanded into the abstracts like derivatives — no longer based on actual or real physical commodities and things of value but on imaginary or virtual (like promises or promissory notes).

And, as if it is not bad enough, bankers have gone into printing of money without any hard backing (like gold and silver) — like what the Federal Reserve of the United States of America has been doing for the last few years since the 2008-09 financial crisis (calling it QE or quantitative easing, by printing money without gold or silver backing to increase money supply but in reality is intended to bail out banks and other mega corporations that are deemed “too-big-to-fail”) or perhaps even before that (that we know nothing of).  When this happens, this means that the money we are holding and using are, in fact, worthless pieces of paper, totally buoyed or supported only by our belief in its being legal tender and that it is redeemable or guaranteed by the government and nothing else.  This is putting too much faith in the government — in this case, a foolish and risky act

Anyway, returning to topic, I must reiterate that it must remembered when there was no money or any form of such instrumentality and people got along very well.  They cooperated with each other and contributed their skills and talents to the (communal) common good and, in return, they received what they needed (and only what they needed, never in excess) — much like the principle of communism popularized by Karl Marx.  They know that it is essential if the individual is to survive — for they understand that man cannot survive alone in nature and that “there is strength in numbers” as well as “many hands make light work“.

However, there will those who will counter-argue that life is much easier and better today — where money dominates the scene.  But it must be remembered and understood that one cannot compare life then with today.  In the past, man had to deal with surviving the elements with the barest of tools and wits but they persevered because they stuck together.  As man progressed (and inventions and discoveries made life easier and life expectancy increased), life became better even when money was still not in the picture.  Although some form of medium for exchange and trade existed thousands of years ago and in many “civilized” societies and cultures, money, as we know or are familiar with it today, did not come into existence much later.

It was when greed entered into the hearts of the less principled and the weak-willed among us that people schemed to control and dominate others and the economy and the world.  It was then that such people realized that they can manipulate, string along and play for suckers, and finesse much of the global population into just about anything and everything they desire and none will be the wiser.  It is sophisticatedly done by combinations of: media, sports, religion, entertainment (read: idolatry, fantasy, variety and game shows, and so many others), education (read: brainwashing and indoctrination, in the bad sense), advertising and marketing, and social pressure.

Many are in positions to change the inevitable yet do nothing (perhaps) because, deep down in the subconscious, they secretly desire to relish the same good fortune and decadent life indulged by the affluent.  It is precisely the saying, All that is needed for evil to win is for all good men to do nothing.

And money is a very corrupting force, especially when there is over-abundance, not deservedly earned, and no purity of the soul.  Few can or are prepared to resist money’s corrupting influence.  Many, even the rich and wealthy, are spared and are but mere pawns.  They are (easy) prey and permit themselves to be used by money instead of them using money — even when they are the ones spending, the ones making purchases.

Using money is not power over money.  Instead, it is using money only when (absolutely) needed that it is when one exhibits power and control over money — and not the other way around.  When one spends for non-essentials, one is being used by money.

TaN: Recently, I came across a video showing how we need to purchase certain foods (vegetables) only once and we will never have to repurchase them again.  In effect, we can grow and regrow these so-called kitchen throwaways.  Five examples shown were: pineapple, leeks (and green onions or shallots), onions, ginger, and cilantro.  If we are careful and know what part to save, we can literally regrow them in our garden or even in a little pot or just a sando bag or in a bottle of water.

However, as much as the video is accurate and correct regarding certain plants that grow continuously perpetually, there are other ways in which we need purchase only once and we can have a perpetual supply — via the seeds, buds or eyes, and/or leaves.  Whenever and wherever there is soil, a good source of reliable and moderately clean water, and enough sunlight, there should be no problem producing your own food supply.  Nature takes care of its own.

The biggest problem would be the appropriateness of the plant at a particular time of year — because certain plants grow and (should) bear only at specific times of the year (as in watermelons, apples, mangoes, lychees, melons and cantaloupes, duhat or black plums, and persimmons) or only in certain geographical locations or climate conditions (such as coconuts, which should be near a body of salt water).

Finally, due to commercialism, many seasonal and geographic- or climate-specific plant foods have been bred (and genetically-altered today) to produce the whole year round and this defeats the (natural) purpose and becomes unhealthy for human consumption, while others have been ignored into endangered status or even extinction.  A good example of that which have been bred for all-year production would be mangoes, while those that have become so rare current generations no longer know of them, such as mabolo and sapote.


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