Post for Mar 27-Apr 2 2016

TaN: Man’s propensity to create (unsustainable) trash has spread to cyber space.  It is very rare to find articles and web pages or sites that have been abandoned.  These, though important (to a certain degree) to the history of cyberspace, nevertheless clogs up cyber traffic and is a major cause of why cyber access speed could be faster and more efficient.

Cyber searches and surfing slows down when search engines have to go through abandoned articles and pages and sites unnecessarily.  Although the time spent is (relatively) miniscule or insignificant, it is still time lost and time, once gone, cannot be brought back.

I encounter the same annoying and infuriating thing when I “share” the use of computers.  People (at work) leave so many files that date back forever and I know they do not need them anymore because they have either resigned, retired, or are no longer among us.  In the case of the last one, I can fully understand since no one knows when one’s time is up, but the other two have no excuses not to clean up their files in the system (or unit) before they finally leave.

Moreover, abandoned files not eat up otherwise-usable drive storage but also slows down search time when one is trying to locate a particular file in a drive with gazillions of files.  In addition, this also affects the cleaning of and scanning for viruses.

And another thing, it is very infuriating and terribly irresponsible to “non-date” materials in cyber space.  Dating or putting a date on a cyber article is vital to its relevance.  Research can be skewed or (unintentionally) prejudiced and unjustly favoring the wrong conclusion and produce erroneous results and findings just because the researcher thought (some of) the materials or data gathered was up-to-date.

It would not be so bad if the research were not of vital importance or for mere frivolity or trivia or even knowledge’s sake, but what if it happens to be one where the results or findings will significantly impact human life and well-being or will prove detrimental if the outcome were inaccurate or contaminated?

It must be remembered and understood well that information, in order to be useful, must not only be accurate but timely as well.  If the moment of its importance lapses, the accuracy or veracity of information will be for naught.

TaN: World War III has started more than a decade ago, long before Sept 11, 2001.  It was done with subtlety employing a common business practice today — it made a “soft opening”.  Today’s war has evolved and has taken a different form from the conventional definition we are familiar with.

Traditionally, war is conducted with (formal) armies and involve (defined) battlefields.  There was a way of determining where the conflicts occur and are restricted to.  In today’s so-called war, there are now no borders and no formal combatants.  There are now so-called “soft targets”.

So, like it or not, there is a world war going on as far back as I can determine, some 2 decades or so ago, even before the formal declaration of a war (without borders) against terrorists (everywhere) by then George “Dubya” Bush after that fateful September 11 day.  It is a world war because it is global in scope and the United States of America (and its cohorts and minions) do not recognize borders, not just physical or geographical but even political or regional.

The global war on terrorist has introduced or redefined war in the sense that war itself has, for all intents and purposes, privatized.  Much of the traditional functions and operations of regular armed forces have been transferred — i.e., outsourced or contractualized — to private companies, everything from food provisions and catering to quartermaster and the job of the construction battalion (or CBs).  As of this writing, there seems to be a gradual phasing out even of the regular soldier and replaced with drones and automatons — of which the operations are being carried out by private contractors.

Much of the regular armed forces have been reduced to patrolling and sentry duties, like guarding the poppy fields of Afghanistan which showed a marked increase in global drug trafficking ever since the war on terrorist was announced and implemented.  And, in the future, there seems to be a great probability that soldiers will be guarding vast (FEMA or Federal Emergency Management Agency) camps that have been sprouting all over the United States of America but for what purpose I would not hazard to speculate but have a pretty good picture or idea of what it is or going to be.

Drones have very much starting to take over much of the “dirty” jobs that a dominated planet will need — from surveillance to policing to assassination and murder and genocide.  It is being done now so why can it not continue to be done well into the future?

TaN: Quality of education today is increasingly sinking lower and lower because our schools are no longer education but training centers and are run as businesses — with profit as its main (and often only) objective — instead of teaching and educating.  The trend will keep and may possibly increase in rate as schools continue to serve as profit centers rather than learning centers.

First, how does a school for education differ from one that is for training?  The primary difference is in the purpose or objective directed towards the student.  An educational school is concerned with developing and producing people with proper values and become productive and beneficial individuals — and by “productive”, I mean we contribute to the civilization of a society, to be better people and help society flourish, as well as everything else around us and not in the sense that we are able to add to the financial or economic wealth.  A training (or vocational or trade) school prepares a student to become either a business person or an employee.  It is more concerned with the generation of wealth through the production of goods or provision of services and this frequently spells disaster for the environment, even when (true) sustainable development is practiced.

[True sustainable development is extracting from the environment only enough to meet one’s needs — take not: “needs” and not “wants”.  Going beyond that is not sustainable.  Ergo, in this respect, exports and waste resulting from unused goods are unsustainable.  Even goods not maximally or optimally used is unsustainable.  To say otherwise is just our attempts to mask and conceal or justify our true intentions, which is to amass wealth mainly due to greed.]

The problem with schools becoming more focused or dedicated to training is that they do not serve the needs of society but just those of a few or select or privileged elite members of society.  Most schools today are mere mass production centers churning out masses of labor and workers for the offices and factories of the capitalists and global power and financial elite.  They have brainwashed people into thinking that they must be acquire the necessary skills in order to be productive members of society when, in reality, they serve to perpetuate the current system where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer — and every now and then, some poor bloke will rise from the masses and “become successful”.  This rare incidental or “accidental” rise out of the morass of the 99% is to ensure that the masses remain “dis-illusioned” enough to continue their servitude and keep the rich in affluent splendor and decadence.

Today’s (training) education is the main tool by which the global elite keep the masses in continued serfdom by conditioning and indoctrinating the mind.  Attack the person where he is weakest…the mind, when they are still young, impressionable, and easy to manipulate and mold and influence.


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