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TaN: “Health Ranger: ‘We will never fix health care until we take the profit out of disease‘” — Mike Adams, URL: or watch; no truer words said.  It is common sense that, in this materialistic and money-crazy world, if disease and sickness were not profitable, (most) people will be in good health.  It is precisely because these people — i.e., allopathic/pharmaceutical companies and allopathic physicians and allopathic pharmacies and drugstores (and even supermarkets) — are making a killing that more and more people get sick and those who are already sick get worse (and eventually) die of preventable deaths and in agony.

Although I agree with Mr Adams that Big Pharma and conventional medical professionals are making a killing and promoting a diseases instead of mitigating or curing them, I do not subscribe to the argument that profit is the culprit.  Actually, it is the greed.  Profit is a natural result of any human-to-human activity, even when it is not for business.

Profit does not come only in the form of money or financial gain.  We also profit by gaining friends, influence, feeling good, and many others.  And even profit by monetary or financial gain is not bad in itself.  It is the excessive desire or greed, without regard for the status or situation of others and the unwillingness to help (cure or heal) others even if they cannot pay that is the primary culprit.  Greed is the principal reason for the cruelty and inconsideration that can be seen in the health and medical industry — greed coupled with apathy.

In addition, there is also the insatiability that exacerbates the whole thing.  We must know when it is time to forgo profit and start to give back to society selflessly.  There must be an end to the pursuit of profit.  When we have more than we can ever spend or use, it is time to consider philanthropy and altruism.

In the beginning, it made sense to incentivize medicine because we needed to encourage people with knowledge of healing to help the sick and earn a little along the way (to sustain themselves).  However, when greed entered into the picture and the unscrupulous realized that they can be guaranteed repeat business and a lifetime customer, they began to declare that diseases can no longer be cured but merely maintained — i.e., held at bay or in check, that treatment is only for preventing the condition to get worse but there is no reversal or cure.

Moreover, they did not stop there and even began to fabricate or invent diseases that were never diseases as well as those that are diseases just by their say so, like autism and attention deficit disorders and there was even an attempt to declare pregnancy and normal sadness and depression due to a tragedy or an accident as diseases or syndromes or disorders.  But the worse (or worst) part is that there are people (read: fools) who actually believe it and are being treated for it.  (Well, as they say, there is one, or in this case many, born every minute.)

Furthermore, the case of diseases of the mind (not the brain), which have neither physical means of being tested, determined, nor confirmed but only by the mere say-so of a medical practitioner with some degree, is the latest scheme to extract (i.e., extort) more money from “victims” by those who have been “left out of the profit-from-disease” loop.  All the others (in the medical field) have some sort of ploy to scare and intimidate their patients but what do psychiatrists have?

As a final note, please refer to one such article: or search cyber space using the key words “inventing diseases” and go through the instances when pharmaceutical companies invent diseases just to increase sales and profit.  You will be amazed — no STUNNED and FLABBERGASTED — to find out just what lengths (n ethics and in decency) Big Pharma will go to just to make a buck.

TaN: An epiphany as I listened to the video in the above TaN (Tidbits and Nuggets).  There is not just a virtual but an actual cartelization (or monopoly) of the disease industry by Big Pharma with connivance from (most) hospitals and (most) physicians.  This is because the government is in cahoots with the disease industry and they set the standards and definitions of terms and marginalize, demonize, and render illegal any other form of health-promoting products and treatments.  It is precisely that disease and sickness are profitable that it does not make sense to come up with cures and remedies.

A cure renders the business not profitable since there will no longer be any repeat business.  This is even made unprofitable if and when people are taught how not to get sick again, which is what a doctor should be doing (hence the title “doctor”, which was derived from the Latin “docere” meaning to teach) and not act as mere physicians.

As I have discussed in earlier TaNs, this is all because of the way the medical and health system is set up.  The way things are, there is no incentive or motivation to cure patients because, once cured — and especially when the patient is taught the cause and what to do or not do so as not to get sick again — the doctor or the pharmaceutical company will have no more “clients”, no one to sell to or to cure.

Moreover, the government — one of whose functions is to ensure that the public is not (unduly) disadvantaged, that fair play is observed, and that society benefits as a whole and not just an isolated and privileged few — has been remiss in its duty to protect and look out for the interest of the public and appears to be in conspiracy with Big Pharma and the conventional allopathic medical establishment to guarantee profits continue to flow in and line their pockets.  One of the ways by which the government protects the public is by breaking up monopolies and cartels and this is accomplished by setting standard and clear definitions of what a monopoly or a cartel is.

There are many practices conducted by Big Pharma and the conventional or mainstream medical practitioners that are clearly and obviously detrimental to the public and yet the government does nothing.  In many cases, the government is even the primary or principal promoter, as in the case of toxic and debilitating vaccines, especially when they embark on a vaccination program targeting children by spreading fears among the parents/guardians and the elderly and even vaccinate for free under the guise of public health and totally disregarding studies after studies showing the dangers and risks involved and even justifying or rationalizing the cases of autism and similar “side effects” as a small price to pay well worth the “few casualties”.

It is precisely because it is the government that determines and dictates what are monopolies, what are cartels, and what is illegal that Big Pharma (and its co-conspirators and “beneficiaries”) have engaged, co-opted, paid-off, and hijacked the government in order to deter or prevent the latter from declaring the former as cartels and monopolies and do not bring suit or action against them.  Or, if ever they do, as in the United States of America, they set up a “pretend” vaccine court (formally or otherwise known or referred to as Office of Special Masters of the USA Court of Federal Claims) to have jurisdiction over any legal action against Big Pharma (usually with respect to vaccines and vaccine-caused health or medical issues) and have the taxpayer foot the bill.  This court protects the profits of Big Pharma and any and all payments and awards made from suits won by (private) complainants are to be taken or paid for by taxpayer money and not from the profits of Big Pharma.

It must be admitted the brilliance of Big Pharma and the rest of the for-profit disease-mongering industry in declaring that there are no cures (just yet) for the widespread lifestyle diseases and only maintenance medications are available.  This way, life-long profit is ensured — i.e., it is in their best interest that “victims” are kept alive so the latter have to keep buying their toxic cocktails and concoctions, all the while maintaining that there is no cure.

With respect to the cancer industry, specifically the breast cancer field, the “war on cancer” has been going for decades and every year they announce that cure is just around the corner and more donations and contributions are needed to reach a cure.  In the meantime, evidence has shown that only a tiny fraction of the money being donated are actually allocated or goes into cancer cure research.  Almost all the money goes into salaries and benefits and perks and other schemes for their personal interest and pockets and good times.

The sad fact of the matter is that people still have so much faith and trust as to blindly pour more of their hard-earned cash into the research.  Well, as the lyrics of the popular song from Simon and Garfunkel “Sound of Silence“: …people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening…  People see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear.  This is further supported by the adage, None are as blind as those who refuse to see.

TaN: I am all for dubbing foreign films into the local dialect — as much for nationalism or patriotism as well as intelligibility for the locals who are hard up in understanding a foreign tongue — but there should some kind or degree of “professionalism” observed.  What I mean is that, at the onset, when we are just learning to understand the intricacies, like the idiomatic expressions, of the original language, it is understandable (and forgivable) that the translations are literal.

However, as time passes and proficiency (should) improves, it becomes terribly and frustratingly irritating (and cacophonous) to hear literal translations (where the context or message or meaning of the dialogue) become obscured and misleading or lost (in the translation).

Moreover, literal translations, without due consideration to the idiomatic expressions and the intended meaning, can and do cause misunderstanding of the story in the film or teach innocent locals the wrong use of words.  At times, it is both embarrassing and infuriating to hear on-air reporters and newscasters speak words that are obviously fabricated or thought of at the spur of the moment, in a desperate attempt to find a suitable for in their inadequate vocabulary.

A case in point is the use of the word “chansa/tsansa” (in Pilipino) which is a corrupted or Filipinized version of “chance” when in fact it should have been “pagkakataon“.  Another is the use of the word “promise” when they really mean “honest” or “I swear” or “no joking”.

And to make matters worse (or worst), these maligned and mythical words are uttered by even the most seasoned (and supposedly respected or multi-awarded) media people, like broadcasters.  It would not be as bad if these bastardized terms were coming or heard from cub reporters, stringers, and newbies, but to hear them from veterans is just unforgivable.

Finally, I see nothing wrong with watching films in the original language it was made in.  This provides a good opportunity to learn the proper tenses and idiomatic expressions — assuming that the film is a good quality film and not one of those cheap ones with foul words flying all over the place all throughout the film.  (If I sound prejudiced, it is because I grew up watching foreign films and it is where I became proficient.  Even though there are some words in the films I watched that cannot be found in the dictionary, I was able to distinguish and weed them out of my vocabulary.)


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