Post for May 29-Jun 4 2016

TaN: If the universe started as an infinitesimal dense dot then exploded and expanded.  And as everything cooled, matter condensed into different structures and sizes (due to gravity) as they continue to expand and fly apart (ever faster), then it would violate the Law of Entropy of Thermodynamics: Things (or structures and systems) break down or deteriorate as time passes.

Following the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, matter should not form into structures and cosmic bodies.  There should be no organization of any kind.  Entropy dictates that things start out organized then breaks apart but the Big Bang’s evolutionary cosmology is contradictory.  It is an infinitesimal dot that instantaneously expanded, creating space and matter and producing chaos all around, then somehow began to organize itself — into stars, galaxies, nebulae, galaxy clusters, planetary systems, sub-planetary bodies (asteroids and comets and stuff), quasars (quasi-stellar radio sources), and whatever else there is (to be discovered and identified.  What a miracle!

So which is true — the one that is regarded as mythical by the conventional and mainstream community or the logical and well-organized explanation by the scientific community that contradicts itself?

TaN: As a continuation or follow-up of (rejoinder to?) the previous TaN, why did the tiny primordial dot explode in the first place?  What happened prior to the Big Bang?  Why did the Big Bang not occur sooner?

And how long did the build up of internal pressure take before it caused the Big Bang?  And how long (or soon) did the explosion (and expansion) take before it reached a state where/when material begin to clump together and form bodies and more complex structures — something that resembled a (primitive) universe?

Finally, it must be some explosion because, after billions — or at least it is what conventional and mainstream science thinks and advocates — of years, it is still expanding without any sign/s of slowing down.  Moreover, it would appear that not only is the expansion not slowing down but everything seems to be flying apart from each other at ever-increasingly faster rates.  How is this possible?

Astrophysicists and other cosmic and physical scientists would try to explain it by using a balloon.  They say to imagine the universe as if it were a balloon and everything in it are on the surface.  As the balloon expands, anything and everything on the surface of the balloon will move away from each other, and the faster the balloon expands, the faster everything moves apart.

This is well and good but it conveniently forgets that our universe has one dimension more than that of the balloon’s surface.  How do they now explain those situated at the z-axis — assuming that the balloon surface only covers the x- and y-axes?

In my opinion, I still prefer the Biblical account of everything.

TaN: The truth does not to be believed (by anyone) for it to be the truth.  Truth is a stand-alone and is independent of any believer.  The truth remains the truth regardless of whether it is acknowledged or believed in by anyone or anything.  [Btw, just to ensure clarity on what I mean by truth, it must be complete and absolute — i.e., independent of whether there are believers or not and should remain constant.  Truths that change or “adapt” to changing times, conditions, and situations are not truths at all but rather facts.  Facts are temporary “truths” and they change over time; they are situational and conditional.  Facts are true or valid under certain unique circumstances but they are not truths.]

Moreover, truth is spontaneous and immediate, so that when someone clarifies or qualifies certain statements or information that s/he claims to be truthful or when a certain duration elapses before a (requested) response is provided, it is almost certain that it will not be the truth.

Truth is absolute, universal, and eternal.  There can be neither conditions where the truth ceases to be the truth nor situations where it does not apply.

And this is why God is Truth.  He is the Only Truth.


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