Post for Jun 5-11 2016

TaN: This coming Sunday is the Philippine Independence Day and I am reminded, once again, of the martial law policy of “If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the next day is automatically…a Monday (joke)…a holiday.”  There is wisdom in this policy but I would fine tune it a bit.

The rationale behind it is that it gives the country to properly observe national holidays — assuming that the policy is applicable on during national and not local holidays.  However, the policy can be fine tuned.  If I understand the policy correctly, it means that everyone is affected…I mean the entire country, both public and private.

A better though more complicated policy would be that it would be applicable only to the government employees because, most of the time, only government employees (with the exception of a few civic and nationalistic organizations and individuals) join the celebration and commemoration activities.  It is therefore more practical that only government employees merit having the next day (Monday) off because they “gave up” their rest day for the holiday, whereas the private sector would enjoy a second rest day that they do not deserve.

What do you think?

TaN: As I was having my lunch sometime the last week of last month, I overheard an incident between a mother and her 3-year-old son.  All the while, as the boy adamantly insists on going with his mother and the mother explaining (in frustration and irritation) that it was too hot, that she is running an errand and he would just be bored, and a host of other good and valid reasons.  However, no matter what explanation was given, the boy keeps insisting and even cried.

This reminded me of our relationship with God.  No matter and despite leaving us a Book of instructions (the Bible) and sending His only Begotten Son, and so many other “explanations”, we still adamantly insist on having our way.  We keep trying to match our wisdom against that of God’s.

What the world is undergoing — the turmoils and tribulations, the suffering billions of people, and the rapidly deteriorating environmental conditions — precisely mirrors that incident with the mother and her son.

TaN: In the June 9, 2016 issue of The Philippine STAR, the article titled “Bikes save students from dropping out” (Education segment, page 11 of the hardcopy), is a brilliant idea but can be improved.  Instead of giving the bicycles away to (indigent) students — whose only problem of dropping out of school is distance — it would be more practical for the Department of Education to lend out the bikes until graduation.  Since the only reason for dropping out is traveling to and from school, there is no longer a reason to keep the bike after graduation, unless it is intended to serve as some kind of “reward” for staying in school until s/he finishes.

Lending out the bikes instead of giving it away saves on the budget of the department.  Moreover, if the purpose of the bicycle is to ensure that the pupil/student will not need transportation fare anymore, then it should be on a temporary or loan basis and should not be in the possession of the pupil/student anymore once s/he has stopped or finished schooling — summer and school breaks will be considered as part of the schooling period.  But, it will be another entirely different situation if the purpose of the awarding of the bicycle is as an incentive or enticement to serve as an advance reward to stay and finish schooling, then it is understandable that the bicycle is to be given away and not simply be on loan.

I understand that the giving away of the bicycles would be good incentive, but it would drain the government’s already meager resources, specifically the Education Department budget — where there is a perennial shortage of classrooms, of school facilities and buildings, of teaching materials and textbooks, and embarrassingly below average teacher salary.  The budget is such that various civic and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have to pitch in to augment whatever shortage and shortcomings there are — like donating school bags and classroom materials to pupils, assist in the repair of damaged classrooms, facilities, and building, and in the cleaning prior to the opening of classes.

In any case, it is a good idea and if it will keep the youth in and finish his/her schooling — until the end, which is at least high school — then loaning the bicycle out instead of giving it away (which would be cheaper and more practical) would be worth it.


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