Post for Jul 10-16 2016

TaN: There is much confusion over continued controversy regarding the killings under the Duterte administration which are being alleged as shootouts and summary executions or extrajudicial killings.  Everyone is caught up with emotions in the issue they fail to differentiate or distinguish between the killings that involve law enforcement operatives and those where bodies are just found with scribblings referring to them as petty criminals and drug users and/or small-time pushers.

I can understand the rationale behind Mr Duterte’s unconditional support behind the anti-illegal drug drive he ordered the police to conduct because many government authorities and influential and powerful people abet in thwarting the efforts to rid the country of illegal drugs.  These unscrupulous individuals easily elude the law because many legitimate attempts are being foiled by narco officials by using the (letter of the) law to shield and outmaneuver cases filed in court.

However, it is a totally different story when it involves people turning up dead, drug-related or not — because this no longer a legitimate police operation anyway you look at it.  It is pure vigilantism.  The police must look into these because these killings are no longer sanctioned.  Mr Duterte cannot argue that it is part of his campaign.  His marching orders was only directed to the police (and later the armed forces) but not to private individuals and groups.

One more argument by human rights advocates and groups is that the use of deadly force is defined in an order of battle or terms in an encounter.  The general rule the use of lethal force should be avoided when less lethal measures will do, as in shooting at extremities and non-vital parts of the body.  Even if the scenario is not well lit, police operatives should be well-trained both in accuracy and precision firing.  This is in support of the saying, Dead men tell no tales.

In addition, it must be remembered that when we sin against God, He always gives us another chance, a chance to repent and reform.  Man can do no less.  Each criminal, no matter the heinousness of the crime or criminal act, should always be accorded the opportunity to change for the better.  I thought (one of) Mr Duterte’s campaign slogan is Change is coming.  It would appear that Mr Duterte has a different idea of change than we do.

In conclusion, to minimize suspicion that it is not a legitimate killing by police of someone under their custody but a rub-out, closed-in escorts and arresting officers should not be carrying any weapons that the suspect or apprehended individual can get a hold of.  This is standard operating procedure (SOP) for many law enforcement in other countries, especially the developed or industrialized ones.

TaN: Another rejoinder to the TaN regarding man and evil and money — in 1 Timothy 6:10 “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows” (KJV) — the Holy Scriptures is not admonishing us on the evilness of money but forewarning us concerning our weakness to fall prey to its allure…greed.  As belabored repeatedly, in this temporal world or reality, only man can be good or evil.  This is because only those endowed with free will can be good or evil.  It is in the ability or freedom to make choices that determines whether something is good or bad.

Nature, specifically living things but do not possess free will, is neither good nor evil because they cannot choose.  It or they merely obey laws and principles laid down that govern their actions and “decisions” even if those actions, from our perspective, may be cruel and unjust.  There is no freedom to do otherwise, ergo they cannot be held responsible for their actions.  So, when a predator kills and eats its prey, it cannot be expected to use “humane” and non-violent ways, especially for the higher order predators like orcas, the big cats, bears, raptors, and such.  They follow instincts and reflexes.

The ability to distinguish between good and evil is what differentiates man from the rest of creation and it is both our burden or onus and our privilege or badge of honor (to be entrusted with such a heavy responsibility).  However, there are many qualities that we used to think and believe are in the sole province of man and yet we find now being exhibited by animals, like grief and compassion among elephants, problem-solving skills among ravens and crows, cooperation and caring for the welfare of others among primates (specifically the capuchins and chimpanzees), and many more.

This leads me to thinking about the concept posited by Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Resonance but it would appear that it is not just confined to within the species but is spreading.  Could it be that what we once thought of as purely and exclusively human qualities are spreading to other creatures or perhaps it has been there all along but we never noticed.

Man does have the propensity to self-attribute characteristics and behavior that may have been present in other life forms but was just too stubborn and egotistical or narcissistic to admit it.  Another theory would be that, through the passage of time, everything evolves and improves so why can they not — whether accidentally or due to pre-programmed in their DNA or being — eventually evolve or develop qualities that man possessed ever since.

TaN: Truly, manna or money is the most powerful force in today’s world.  I am referring to the recent developments — as with so many or most of what has been in the past years — where countries quarrel over territory and sovereignty yet trade and “economics” continue.  As they say, Nothing personal.

It is so pathetically shameful that even in the midst of verbal — and sometimes to the point of having physical “mis-encounters” and “skirmishes” (like China’s brush with Vietnam in the South China Sea near their disputed island claim) — and diplomatic exchanges and yet trade and business continues as usual, as if nothing is happening.

I would think that if differences have reach all the way up to the highest echelons of power and authority that diplomatic (and trade) relations would somehow be affected and that there may be a temporary suspension in relations, including trade and business.  How hypocritical!

Truly, in this temporal world, money is god.  It transcends all…considerations, common sense, and everything else.


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