Post for Jul 24-30 2016

TaN: If people do things out of the kindness of their heart, it will always benefit society.  However, if it is done for and incentivized by money (or financial gain), it will always eventually deteriorate into being profit-oriented and -centered and -driven and greed will always get into the picture/equation.

If we manufacture medicines and gave it to the sick/diseased at minimal (preferably no) cost, the medicine will always be safe, effective, and free.  The temptation to make huge profits would be absent and the manufacturer would keep the interest of the consumers in mind — prioritizing service and social benefit over profit.  The medicines would be carefully, thoroughly, and meticulously tested to ensure little or no side or harmful effects.  The primary Hippocratic Oath would be adopted — First do no harm — and should there be harmful effects, there would be clear, ample, redundant, informative, and transparent warnings and contra-indications made known.

The moment medicine becomes for-profit, eventually it ceases to be safe, effective, and free and degrades into something that will be for the rest of the patient’s life; it will be declared “no-cure”, and becomes costly — exactly what is happening with Big Pharma and current and contemporary allopathic medical practitioners and professionals.

Furthermore, when profit or income is entirely dependent on repeated business (and greed has gain a foothold), it is only logical or common sense that the welfare and interest of the patient-client will soon (if not automatically) be history and what remains is the obsession to rake in as much profit as possible by ensuring that the patient-client will not get well.  To cure the patient-client is detrimental to profits as, once cured/healed, there will be no further income from the patient-client.  It is not only important but vital or crucial that the patient-client not only not get well but be convinced that there is no cure and that treatment or therapy will continue for the remainder of his/her life — that the only time treatment or therapy stops is when the patient-client dies.

Finally, to wrap everything up in the sweetest deal, Big Pharma and its allies and cohorts and co-conspirators — i.e., the mainstream or conventional allopathic medical practitioners and professionals — are absolved of any criminal and civil liabilities.  The general public would regard them as untouchables and infallables — as gods — who have the final say over your life expectancy and quality of life.  Even the government is in cahoots with it all.  And any resistance is either ridiculed, bullied, maligned, intimidated, marginalized, persecuted, or otherwise hauled off to prison on fabricated and mythical charges.

TaN: Greed defies common sense.  Always, when greed comes to a person, common sense or logic goes out the window.  This would explain almost, if not all, reasons why logical people act irrationally and always idiotically.

Greed is characterized by lust — which is the exact opposite of love, it is the same in intensity and all other features for all intents and purposes except that it is the exact opposite.  And it is precisely due to greed (and lust) that all the misery and suffering comes from in this temporal world.  It manifests in two principal forms: as lust for power (and influence and control) and as lust for wealth (or unbridled and obscene profit).

All throughout history, ever since man began to live together in societies and political units and certain unscrupulous individuals began to crave for power (to obtain and keep over others or the community) and for wealth (when private property was instituted instead of the traditional communal sharing of resources and talents), the rise and fall of empires and (once magnificent) civilizations has been due to greed and lust.  It is even epitomized in the Holy Scriptures in Sodom and Gomorrah where all manner of despicably and obscenely immoral acts and devises are being done — from sexual to what-have-you.

Greed not only defies common sense but has a way of tainting what appears to be good so subtly that it would hardly be noticed and people will blindly and fanatically defend and even go to the extent of attacking those who are trying to point out the underlying malice and evil.

And at the way and rate events are transpiring today, it will probably not be long before the whole world — and not just localized as in the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah — descends (once again) into those slippery and contemptuous slopes leading into the eternal and abysmal darkness that is Hell.

TaN: Bad news for health-conscious advocates and buffs, it is no longer sufficient to read ingredients and labels to assure you and your family that you are not eating/ingesting toxic chemicals.  Even so-called (commercial) whole (but not necessarily organic) food products can be loaded with lethal chemicals that are hazardous to health.  This is because whole foods may contain pesticides and herbicides and other poisonous chemicals along with their fertilizers (be it natural or petroleum-based).

It used to be that reading ingredients was enough.  When we see natural ingredients, like fruits and spices and herbs, we were assured that the product was good.  However, it seems that profit-driven commercial or large-volume food manufacturers and processors have gotten wise (more like insidious) have begun to exploit the (legal and logical) loophole in the code of standards for organic food products — I am making this term up because I do not know what it is called — of health food consumers.  They have commenced using whole foods as ingredients raised or grown according to health food standards but are sourced from farms that produce crops in the “organic or natural” way but only by technicality.  The produce will be still be loaded with pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and the soil will be depleted essential nutrients that makes the plant (or animal) healthy.

It is no longer enough just to read ingredients.  Commercial food manufacturers and processors have gotten much wiser and have devised ways in which to outsmart or circumvent the precautions and measures health-conscious consumers have developed and/or adopted.  For one thing, since people have become more cautious regarding excessive intakes of sugar and that it is known that the ingredients list is supposed to be arranged from the greatest percentage quantity to the least, commercial food manufacturers and processors have since broken down the sugars into different sub-categories in order to technically and legally put them further down the list — like glucose, maltose, lactose, galactose, fructose, corn syrup, and many others, which all refer to the same thing…sugar.

In addition, commercial food manufacturers and processors will always find ways to skirt or circumvent regulations and procedures through technicality.  It is similar to the Biblical saying (and I paraphrase), The letter of the law brings death while the spirit of the law gives life.  By technicality I mean to go by the letter and not the spirit, and there will always be loopholes to exploit and capitalize on when the letter is followed.

In conclusion, it is getting increasingly difficult to live righteously and healthily because there is deception all around — all for the love of money or more appropriately…for profit.  It is like the old joke we used to say during our college days, “Winning is not everything, it is the only thing”, except that “winning” is replaced with “money” or “profit”.

TaN: Hidden wealth does neither automatically nor necessarily mean it is ill-gotten but merely that it is kept from others.  It could very well be that the owner does not like to flaunt his/her wealth — and thus create enmity, envy, and such other negative and counterproductive emotions or feelings.

Before rushing or jumping to (wrong) conclusions and judgments, one must first consider if the individual has already amassed wealth before s/he went into public service.  And even in public service, it should not be expected or assumed, without any convincing proof (remember: Innocent until proven guilty), that the public official would automatically and “instinctively” commit graft (and corruption) and plunder the national coffers or even “accept” benefits (like special treatment or offers or “discounts or gifts” or “finder’s or agent’s fee” or whatever insidious and guilt-avoiding terminologies and redefinitions) from the private sector for favors, inside information, or winning awards and contracts and dealings with the government.

Moreover, if the public servant is already known to have or be wealthy before s/he entered public service, hidden wealth should not be an issue unless and until it is revealed or proven that the wealth has been ill-gotten from dealings with government.  This would put a damper on his/her integrity and definitely (negatively) impact on his/her service, especially if the individual is sincerely trying to do a good job to serve the country — remember the principle: Cæsar’s wife must not only be chaste, she must also appear to be chaste.

In addition, regarding the principle, it is not to be taken literally — as in limited only to Cæsar’s wife but encompasses anyone and every person who is somewhat related such as immediate relatives (blood or by law), close friends, and all who may be perceived or actually have the ear or can influence the public servant while in public service.

However, it is a totally different situation if or when the public servant makes astute investments and engage in above-board and legitimate businesses, although there is precaution that the investments and businesses should be as remotely related to his/her public office to avoid the perception or issue of conflict of interest in which case s/he must resigned, go on leave, or divest from the investments or businesses immediately.

In conclusion, for as long as there is full disclosure and faithful declaration of the SALN (statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth) religiously, there should be no issue.


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