Post for Sep 4-10 2016

TaN: Once again, I reiterate my argument that, according to the Holy Scriptures, since man was made in the (figuratively) image of God, this would have many implications, the first of which is that we likewise have free will.  Another implication is that we are co-creators — i.e., we likewise possess not only the ability but also the “itch” to create (where “create” is defined as producing something that was never before and not something from something/s else, which would only refer to re-arranging and re-inventing but not creating).

It is man’s destiny or God’s intention that man join Him in His eternal desire and love to create and share goodness and righteousness to all.  To this end, we are given free will and time to prove ourselves worthy to be His “partners” in His quest to share all that we can with others.

Those among us deemed unworthy (or not up to par to His standards) shall be discarded, but not after giving us all the opportunities and time we need to prove our worth.  We are given so much redundant opportunities and time that, if we still fail, there will be none to blame but ourselves.

To be God’s “partners” is a monumental responsibility and this is why He gives us free will and all the time and opportunities.  He cannot afford mistakes for it will be disastrous and messy.

It is for this reason, likewise, that there will be two judgment days but only one resurrection.  After the resurrection, those who will be given second and the ultimate chance will, for the entire duration leading to the second judgment, there will no more deaths.  Death will have been conquered in the resurrection.  And along with Death will be all of the other worldly concerns, such as diseases and food and families and fame and wealth, but focused on living the way God has intended

TaN: To ensure that natural or universal equilibrium is maintained, it is necessary that as time passes or progresses, good things get better but bad things must (accordingly) get worse.  Observing Rupert Sheldrake’s theory on Morphic Resonance (and if I comprehend it correctly), it is to be expected that things become easier and easier to repeat or replicate — as in DNA testing, genome mapping, etc.

It is the “balanced” influence of the constructive and destructive forces and events in this ever-evolving temporal world that ensures and maintains equilibrium.  Once constructive or destructive forces “get out of hand” and the complementary force is unable to respond or react properly and within a particular lapsed duration that things begin to unravel and become awry.

But this will never happen because God has designed it this way.  There will never come a time or a situation when/where nature will be “unbalanced”.  There is a built-in mechanism to ensure continued equilibrium.  It is just that sometimes the complementary response takes a long time to occur — much like when the pendulum swings all the way to one side, it will take a longer time for it to swing back.

No matter how “unbalanced” man makes or impacts the environment, it will eventually restore equilibrium to itself.  Sometimes, the reaction time is so long that many species, including man, may have to become extinct before the reactive response brings everything back to equilibrium.

This is where man should be wary of and take extra care not to come to this point (of no return for us).  It is my fervent hope that there will never come the time when man negatively impacts so much to the environment that he will not survive the consequences of his irresponsible (and unsustainable) act/s and normalcy or equilibrium will return only after man’s disappearance.

If and when this happens, there will be none to blame but ourselves, our selfish, arrogant, stupid selves.

TaN: There is really no such “animal” as chaos; there is order, a system, in everything in this temporal world.  More accurately, there is order or a system in all of creation, from the obvious to the subtle.

No matter how chaotic a situation or something is, there will always be a pattern to that chaos and this is the order or system that I am pertaining to.  Even in randomness, there will be some kind of order; it is just that we may not be able to “see” it (yet).

Even in an explosion or a quake or a storm surge, the destruction or resulting scenario that is left after the devastation will always have a pattern and that pattern is order.

The problem is in the size of the pattern.  Just like when Albert Einstein declared that there is no such thing as a straight line — I hope I quoted and attributed correctly — we measure or draw straight lines and surfaces every day, with rulers and meter sticks and with plumber’s levels, yet we know that the earth is not flat.  The explanation is that the planet has such a huge circumference that the slight bending in the tangent of the arc is so unnoticeable that we perceive things as straight and flat.

This is the same with the patterns in something seemingly chaotic.  Usually, when it is not obvious, the pattern is either too small to be noticed readily or too large and requires that we shift our perspective — much like the writings on streets as we approach them but is almost unrecognizable when viewed from the air or above.  This is usually because we have been conditioned to look or search for patterns within or in proportion to our size or significance.

TaN: We should encourage businesses that can significantly and really improve people’s lives and frown or discourage — by not patronizing or boycotting — those that are purely for profit and self-gratifying and self-indulging only.  Businesses or income/revenue-generating endeavors like manufacturing junk (and the deceitful and unscrupulous who pretend to produce organic or healthful but are really toxic and unhealthy) foods, engaging in professional sports and athletics (where one plays for money instead of prestige and for pure sport), designing and creating clothing and garments more or primarily for appearance (and uniqueness or “one-of-a-kind”) rather than for functionality (like most of those seen in fashion shows), marketing and advertising deceptive and harmful products and services where the original worthwhile purpose has been twisted into creating and spreading deceptive information just to turn (mostly) a profit rather than to benefit others, and those in the gossip and rumor industry (where the main purpose is to pry into the private lives of publicly well-known personalities and not for investigative purposes), to name a few.

It is sad that so much time, effort, and resources are poured into such activities that do not improve the lives of fellow human beings (and the environment), not to mention the unsustainable ravaging and wanton destruction of natural resources and the environment.

As mentioned in earlier TaNs, consumers must unite and have the political will and commitment to demand that businesses be responsible for all its activities and hold them accountable.  Business should not (or no longer) be permitted to “ride roughshod” over and at the expense of the environment.

We must understand that, no matter what we do and however long it takes, man can never remove himself from nature.  Man can never exist, let alone survive, outside or without nature.  And as we have recently — as in noticeably last 2015, especially among the coastal and island or archipelagic nations and areas — witnessed and, unfortunately, experienced, extreme weather disturbances is becoming the (new) normal.  And this is no thanks to the protracted and sustained unsustainable exploitation and practices of the utilization of the (natural resources of the) environment by business.

It is therefore paramount for man to take care of the environment if man intends to survive, not to mention live comfortably and under “pleasant” weather and climate conditions (in contrast with the extreme weather experienced currently).

In conclusion, regardless of whether we would like to live with fairly good weather and climate conditions or not, the environment must be properly managed and this can only be achieved if and when we set aside profit motives or at the very least put profit as third or lower in our priorities list.  In the temporal world, man’s welfare — i.e.. all of humanity and not just the privileged few — must be paramount and only second to God’s.


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