Post for Sept 11-17 2016

TaN: In truth, there is no such “animal” as chaos, at least not in the contemporary definition.  In truth, there is order, a system everywhere — even when it appears to be none — be it obvious or subtle.

The main reason is due to our limited or narrow view of the world.  “Limited or narrow” means that we are accustomed or have the habit of generalizing from a restricted view or a pre-conditioned perspective.  This can be better understood by the phrase, Looking at the trees but missing the forest.

One case in point is Albert Einstein’s — I hope I have cited correctly — pronouncement that there is no such thing as a straight line (except in theory), which is in contrast to the declaration of Sir Isaac Newton that “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.”

We measure out straight lines and flat surfaces almost daily but in truth they are neither straight nor flat.  Even with the aid of a plumber’s level or a ruler/meter stick, we cannot really measure out anything straight nor flat.  This is because we live on a roundish planet.

What is perceived to be straight or flat is because the curvature of the arc (of the circle or sphere) is so slight that it gives the illusion of straightness or flatness.  This can readily observed when we draw several circles of different sizes and look at the amount of curvature of the circumference.  The larger the circle, the less bent or noticeable is the arc of the circle.

Another case in point would be finite in infinite and infinite in finite.  It seems contradictory but the world is full on contradictions.  There is finite in infinity because even if the number series is infinite, the numbers that make up the series are finite.  As for infinite in finite, there are an infinite number of fractions between two finite numbers, like between 0 and 1 — there is one-half, one-third, one-fourth, one-fifth, one-sixth, until one-infinity, all less than or never equal to 1 but greater than zero

Therefore, going back to chaos and systems, in any perceived chaos or randomness, if one observes carefully enough (and probably distantly detached enough), one will and can see patterns emerging and those patterns mean there is order or a system.

Take the case of astronomical and cosmic bodies and star systems.  There is now evidence that the apparent random spacing between stars, star systems, galaxies, and star clusters may be part of larger “picture” or pattern that constitute or form strings.

So, given this, there is really no chaos but only systems and patterns of order that we cannot see.

TaN: Eating healthy does neither make nor guarantee longevity but that it merely provides the needs of the body to perform properly.  And it is not even as simple as eating the correct foods but the matter in which the nutritious food is prepared and consumed.

And in connection with this is the fact that viruses, bacteria, fungi, and whatever mainstream medicine and science blames as the cause of our diseases are not actually the cause but rather only the trigger or instrument by which we become diseased.  The actual reason why we get sick is due to a weak or weakened immune system.  This explains why, when someone in a cold sneezes in an enclosed room with other individuals, not every person catches the cold — assuming that the probability that there will be at least one person with a fully functioning immune system otherwise everybody gets the cold.

If the microbes and what-have-yous are responsible for our diseases, then whenever an infected or diseased person spreads the sickness, every person should get sick.  But this is not the case, therefore the argument pushed by mainstream medicine and science does not hold water.

And this is not to mention that mainstream health experts are — wittingly or not — endangering people’s health by espousing and openly and publicly disseminating their erroneous and misguided advocacies.

In conclusion, it is no longer enough to eat organic foods because commercial and for-profit food processors and producers have found the flaw in the organic definition and can and are now implementing it to sell and market their deficient products to the unsuspecting health-conscious consumers — this is to plant crops in nutrient-deficient soil and raise livestock with nutrient-deficient “natural or organic” feeds.  Free-range is meaningless if the farm or feed area is full of mineral- and nutrient-deficient soil.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to live healthily everyday, what with for-profit businesses continuously finding ways to skirt regulations and procedures.

TaN: In this (temporal) reality, all of creation is divided into matter and energy but only matter has the characteristic of time — as well as the other physical dimensional properties.  Energy has a different set of characteristics or qualities unique to it.

The problem is that matter is so obvious that we cannot seem to get pass it and focus on the real world…the metaphysical.  This is the world that really matters.

Most people live in and acknowledge the material world and give little significance to the immaterial world.  It is easier this way.  They fail to realize that it is the immaterial world that truly controls and manipulate the physical world.

It is said that “What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.”  This means that the mind — not the brain but through or via the brain — that we control our body.  Our body, aside or with exception to the autonomic system/s, respond to the commands or directives coming from the brain and, in turn, the brain is being controlled or instructed by the mind to give out specific “orders” for the body to perform.

For instance, unless and until the arm receives the command to clench, it does nothing.  It is because our brain sends out an electrical impulse to the specific arm muscle group that the arm responds.  In turn, the impulse from the brain is sent out due to a conscious instruction from our mind.  We are our mind.

In much the same way, the key or secret to strength of material is not the material itself but the design.  A case in point, a piece of paper is limp and cannot support a book placed on it.  However, if the same piece of paper is rolled into a tube, it can easily support a regular book.


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