Post for Nov 6-12 2016

TaN: It is so pitiful and embarrassing that the cultist tendency of the Filipino has now spread to other world leaders.  What I am referring to is the penchant for Filipinos to ape — mimic is not strong enough a word to describe my disdain and irritation — whatever is the “call sign” of their president.

When it was Corazon Aquino, it was the “L” sign; when it was Fidel Ramos, it was the raised clenched fist; when it was Joseph Estrada, it was the wrist band; when it was…and so on.  Now it is the (stupid-looking) clenched fist thrust forward as if punching.  Filipinos are sooooo juvenile — in this respect.

Moreover, Filipinos are so into “kissing up” to whoever is the top honcho, especially the president of the country.  They go even further by using some variant of his/her name or nickname in program and project acronyms or by using the entire name or nickname (as in Gloria tilapia or Molmol after Gloria Macapagal Arroyo or Cory [Aquino] orchid) — a vain (shameless) attempt to “immortalize” the person usually to curry favor.

The sad fact of the matter is that it is still ongoing…with the current dispensation.  I guess it is so ingrained into the Filipino psyche, especially among the average and less than average segment of the population, that it will take Herculean efforts to eradicate.  For me, it is nauseating and I cringe every time I see photographs and video clips of photo-ops with the president of the country — and even the rich are not immune to it for I see them among the scions of the tycoons and industrial magnates.

TaN: People who engage in immoral or inappropriate sexual activity — as in extra marital sex, premarital sex, anal and oral sex, among many others more — are neither sexual perverts nor sex maniacs but simply stupid.  It does not take much brain power to understand that such immoral activities will sooner or later catch up with the perpetrator and a certain scandal — or worse, especially when it happens to and among celebrities or public figures and personalities — ensues which the media will have a heyday with and consequently and most probably court litigation and/or some kind of legal action.  And this is not to mention the gossip-mongers and shysters who are just waiting for such events and scandals to spread dirt and make a profit.

Engaging in immoral or inappropriate sexual activity is so very wrong on many counts.  Aside the obvious probability of sexually transmitted infections, the moral ascendancy especially among celebrities and public or known personalities where they serve as role models brings a heavy burden of changing the values of the gullible or admiring public.  This results in a decay and corruption in society.  But what makes this stupid is it frequently occurs when we imbibe or imitate such wrongful behavior from other societies that serve as our moral compass.  The sad fact of the matter is that there are so many good and righteous qualities and values in the same alien societies that could be imitated but we stupidly adopt those that are immoral.

In addition, engaging in immoral and inappropriate sexual activity brings to my mind one of the “Seven Deadly (social) Sins” as espoused by Mohandas K Gandhi: Pleasure without Conscience.  Many people who are guilty of this “sin” do not or (deliberately) will not understand the significance of this phrase.

In the realm of sexual activity, they mistake the use of precautions (i.e., contraceptives and the like) as being responsible but, in reality, are the exact opposite.  Engaging in the pleasures of sexual activity without fully understanding the ramifications and, worse, without accepting the consequences is absolutely juvenile and utterly irresponsible.  This is in complete contradiction to the prevailing mindset being spread and accepted by most — that using contraceptives and various such methods and devices is being responsible when in truth it is but an excuse to engage in something totally selfish and completely irresponsible.

Moreover, using devices and methods to prevent conception and pregnancy — all the while indulging in sexual pleasures at will with wanton disregard for the consequences (not just the physical or biological but also the emotional and spiritual and moral) — just goes to show that such people think nothing but only their self-interest and self-satisfaction with no compunction for the impact or effect on others (partners) whatsoever.  If this is not irresponsible, I do not know what is.

In conclusion, it is simply foolish to think that we can get away clean from our wrongdoings, that the repercussions of our misdeeds will go unaccounted for, that there will be no retribution sooner or later.  It must be clearly understood that karma has its own way of getting back at our wicked actions, if not immediately then it will be somewhere and sometime down the road…perhaps even on or to our descendants down the line.

TaN: What we conventionally know as acquired intelligence — as against inherent or innate intelligence, which is instinct and reflex — may be more aptly described or referred to as augmented intelligence.  This is because it is intelligence sourced from interaction with the environment — to ensure survival — and was derived by using inborn intelligence to deal with environmental situations.  From the reactions and responses resulting from interacting and responding to environmental stimuli and activity are evaluated and assessed and constantly update successes in/of past experiences to keep the best solutions.  Moreover, augmented information or knowledge are first stored in the short-term or recent memory and, if it recurs repeatedly, is moved to medium-term or significant memory.  Finally, if it further recurs frequently enough and/or is deemed to be so important as to impact survival or constitute a vital portion of self-identity, then it is moved into long-term or essential memory.

Acquired intelligence is also considered as augmented intelligence because it serves as some kind of an extension to the functions of inborn or inherent intelligence — something that can and will cause innate intelligence more efficient or responsive (and with a very high degree of success).

However, augmented intelligence can get lost or disconnected (from the mental database) as in amnesia — temporary or permanent — dementia or Alzheimers’, or simply forgetfulness.  And this brings up an interesting query: In previous TaNs involving morphic resonance of Rupert Sheldrake, he posited and I agreed that memory is not really in the brain (or neural network) but is in some kind of a ethereal cloud or noosphere where all knowledge is uploaded and stored for later retrieval and reference, what gives with the short-, medium-, and long-term memory?  In fact, what is with memory at all?

Anyway, I just wanted to put forth my own contribution to the fine-tuning of existing knowledge or information.


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