Post for Oct 30-Nov 5 2016

TaN: There is nothing wrong with homosexuality, with being gay.  The problem is that people do not understand the extent of homosexuality.  They think that same-sex marriage and other similar so-called and mistaken notions are still (legitimate) homosexuality.

Basically, homosexuality is simply the preference of people for others of the same gender.  The preference is limited to purely platonic or for acquaintanceship or friendship, just the preference to be in each other’s company and primarily for social reasons.

The extension to or into other aspects such as sexual activities runs smack into sodomy and this is where it becomes immoral.  This is now sodomy.  In the Holy Scriptures, it is very explicitly explained and exemplified to ensure there is no ambiguity in the understanding of what is abomination before God.

I have homosexual friends and respect many others because they feel and act like one of the guys (or gals).  Their behavior — or at least what I am witness to — are limited to social acts.  Behavior that run smack into sodomy and similar activities is where the line is drawn and marriage among themselves is one of those aspects — not unless their so-called marriage is restricted to just living with each other without the procreative aspect and features.

Moreover, I am inclined to believe — take note, it is merely my belief, my opinion of which everyone is entitled to but does not extend beyond just holding the opinion — that pre-adult or juvenile homosexuality is but a phase and most people outgrow it.  However, there are an increasing number of people who continue and perpetuate it well beyond the transition to adulthood and — again, in my opinion — has transformed into something psychological.

This is somewhat similar to the eventual evolution or development of juvenile homosexuality into a full-blown syndrome because of the nature of the brain to “hard-wire” common activities and occurrences into habits and routines.  What I am driving at is that most homosexuals may not realize that their behavior is no longer really a phase but is just a product of the brain’s tendency to be efficient — because non-chronic activities and decision-making processes (which are always present in any activity we perform) burns a lot of calories, effort, and energy and the brain’s nature is to find ways to conserve energy.  It achieves this make routinizing or turning chronic and frequently recurring activities into routines and habits.  Time and energy is no longer an issue in reflexes and habits since they have become automatic.

So, if homosexuality is a frequently recurring activity, the person eventually constructs a routine from it — so it becomes somewhat automatic or second-nature — and the homosexual behavior becomes permanent.

TaN: In this world, in this reality, the only thing we own — that we can truly claim as ours (because it was given to us to do as we please) — is our free will, everything else is given for us to use but not ours to do as we please.  We merely own or (more correctly) were granted the right to use and nothing else.

It is therefore erroneous and shamelessly arrogant  to argue that all of creation has been given to man to enjoy at and for his pleasure.

While it is true that all these are given to man, they were given for us to have dominion and not domination over.  As explained and discussed in an earlier TaN, we exercise control and supervision as caretakers and stewards but not as masters and owners.

Furthermore, man has not the right to brag of his superiority over all of creation because, until now, even without our so-called advanced technology and science, we still have no figured out how our ancestors were able to construct and produce the magnificent and mind-boggling monumental structures and other fantastic and still unexplainable achievements of old, let alone replicate them.  How can we claim superiority — as time passes — when there are still so many mysteries (both natural and man-made) that remain elusive to our so-called and pitifully misplaced (and empty) boasts of technological accomplishments.

Our modern feats pale in comparison to what our forefathers have achieved.  To add to it all is they did it all without the use of any of our modern technologies and equipment — such as the pyramids (of which there is even the (purported) underground inverted pyramid in Alaska), as Stonehenge, as China’s Great Wall, as the (natural) Grand Canyon, as Seven Wonders of the ancient world just to name a few.

So in this light and to return to where I was before digressing, it is absolutely wrong and we are lying to ourselves to argue that we can just wastefully squander anything and everything in existence because we think and believe that all of creation has been handed to us in a silver platter to do as we please.

And speaking of free will, this is the only reason why God waits — for a certain period of time which only He knows — before He passes judgment on us (as to whether we are (truly) worthy or not).  He is all-knowing because He knows all the possible outcomes for each and every decision and action we make but He does not know which of the different choices we will make.  Although He can disregard our free will but that will only make Him contradict Himself and void the very concept of free will.

TaN: There are neither superfoods nor superbugs.  It is all about the immune system…a strong or a weak immune system.  Food is food and bugs are bugs.  There are no foods that are superior to others because this will upset the equilibrium of the (local or endemic) environment of the specific geographic location; this goes against the principle of nature regarding balance and equilibrium.

However, there can be inferior foods.  These are foods that were grown or raised in nutrient deficient environments or unnatural and unbalanced diets which makes the food deficient with the proper nutrients that it would normally contain had it been grown or raised in the proper environmental or dietary conditions.  The deficiencies — which are vital to the delivery of proper nutrition (as food) — are frequently those of micro, instead of macro, nutrients such as trace minerals and elements.

As to superbugs, the same is true.  Bugs are “super” only because we are weak — i.e., our immune system is either dysfunctional, non-functioning, or weak or little or no “experience” in fighting disease.  This explains why when a person who has a cold inside an enclosed room with others and sneezes, not every person catches the cold (unless every person in the room has a compromised immune system).

If superbugs really exist, all in the room will catch the cold, notwithstanding a superior immune system.  However, it does not happen.  This is because the person who did not catch the cold has a superior and combat-seasoned immune system so infections may enter but cannot gain a foothold much less spread.

Finally, do not be swept up in the hype and bandwagon of gullible advocates of superfoods and superbugs.  In the words of one of my favorite college professors (Prof Achilles del Callar, PhD): There ain’t no such animal.  Come on…wake up and wise up.


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