Post for Nov 20-26 2016

TaN: Today’s article in The Philippine STAR (November 20 issue) — headlined “Gov’t execs against burial urged to quit” and by-lined by Rhodina Villanueva and Janvic Mateo — regarding (former) Sen Rene Saguisag’s challenge to government personnel who may not share the same opinion with the president is based purely on ethical reasons, but it is not as simple as he claims.  This challenge effectively disregards or deprives a person of a fundamental right, the right to (one’s) expression.

It is inherent in every person the basic right to have or form an opinion.  There is no ethical issue should the opinion, especially for a government personnel, not be shared with that of the “official” stand, for as long as the opinion stays an opinion and it is kept private (or it is not to be taken as anything but an opinion).  Moreover, that dissimilar opinion should not impact on the service or performance of the government personnel.

It is not practical for a government personnel who happens to have a different opinion than that of the “official” stand to resign from his/her post.  If this were so, the government will be constantly replacing personnel and no work will get done.

Mr Saguisag’s concern is acknowledged, well appreciated, given its due consideration but it should be seriously understood that it is valid only when the opinion (begins to) affects public service or work performance.

TaN: Just gleaning from the title “Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease overtake heart disease as the leading cause of death in America” — URL: — posted on Natural News by a certain J D Hayes just this November 20, implicitly reveals the deadly embrace of (processed) sugar, especially the fake or unnatural sugar which is HFCS or high fructose corn syrup.

Unbeknownst to many, the worst addiction is not heroin, cocaine, morphine, nor even any of the popular or familiar illegal drugs like methamphetamine or shabu.  It is not even the controversial marijuana or hemp plant.  It is sugar…processed sugar or what is being used as the most common commercial and cheapest sweetener, which is HFCS.

In a study some time ago, it was even determined that sugar addiction is the most difficult to treat, worse than any of the so-called addictive drugs and narcotics.  It is supposedly even more difficult to withdraw from than nicotine.  A major reason for this is due to it not being seen as something addictive and toxic — unlike nicotine and illegal drugs.

Precisely because sugar is not perceived to be “harmful”, it is neither actively being campaigned nor pursued by authorities and mainstream (allopathic) medicine so it goes “unchallenged”, although there are now moves and laws that impose higher taxes on sugary drinks and beverages and active campaign in schools in an effort to stem or mitigate the sugar addiction.

Sugar makes the body acidic and an acidic body is a beacon for the harbingers of death and destruction — bacteria, fungi, and many other agents of disease and decomposition.  An alkaline body promotes health and life.

Sweets at the end of meals is a man-made concept and it is designed to remove the feeling of satiety and fullness, especially of the meal was heavy.  Though its intentions are good, which is to remove that uncomfortable feeling, the drawback is that it soon causes the body to feel hungry again even though it does not need to eat yet.  And this “feeling of hunger” leads one to satisfy that feeling so one eats again which eventually, if done frequently and long enough, brings on obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis (because an acidic body demineralizes the bones, mining the calcium to buffer the acidic environment), hypertension, and a host of other lifestyle diseases.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s is just a small part in the damaging effects of excessive sugar consumption.  [Take note that I specifically mentioned sugar, as differentiated from sweets and similar stuff.  I define sugar as the sweet compound unaccompanied by the other usual accompaniments, like minerals and fiber.]

However, I am not bashing all sweets…just sugar and, most especially, the artificial sweeteners.  Moreover, I differentiate sugar from raw sugar, which is beneficial unless taken in excessive quantities.

Sugar (addiction) has yet to be recognized and treated as a heath hazard.

TaN: Miss Universe, Mr Universe, World Cup, World Series, and many other such arrogant and presumptuous claims are so typical of man.  How can such declarations be justified?  How can we make such claims or assertions when the contestants/candidates/participants are all from a very tiny and isolated part of a very, very much larger scope?

How can we claim a Miss Universe when there are no representatives from other planets or star systems?  How can we claim a World Series when the teams are confined to those within the United States of America and at most adjoining countries?  How can we claim these when we do not invite others to join and compete with us?  How boastful.


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