Post for Dec 11-17 2016

TaN: The end of the world has two major interpretations: personal and universal.  Personal end of the world is when a person dies, it is the “end” of his world; whereas, universal end of the world is the true and objective — as compared to the subjective which is the personal, the end of all things (and life, as we know it).

Time is a very complicated concept and, like many of the things in this temporal world, has duality.  This can be illustrated by our personal time — our age — and universal time, which is everything else.

Take the case of a 50-year-old man traveling on his birthday from Hawaii westward to Jakarta and, after a short appointment, returns to the USA.  There is a time difference of 17 hours between Hawaii and Jakarta (i.e., Jakarta is 17 hours ahead of Hawaii).  Let us say he departs Hawaii Dec 16 at 7AM and the flight takes 5 hours.  He would be in Jakarta by noon Dec 17, but this is Hawaii time.  In Jakarta, his departure time would be 2PM Dec 15 and he would arrive 7PM Dec 15, on the eve of his birthday.  By some misfortune, he died in Jakarta.

The problem now would be the date and time of his death and his age.  The facts of the case is that he is 50 years old when he left Hawaii but he died in Jakarta where the date and time is a day before.  Regardless of the circumstances, he is 50 years old at the time of his death but the time the world goes by — because the date and time of the place when an event happened is the convention for recording purposes.  And this is the dilemma of time.

TaN: Being educated, especially in these times, does not (necessarily) mean that you are intelligent or smart or logical.  More often than not, today’s education is systematically and deliberately (with purpose) being manipulated and shepherded to indoctrinate people into mindless and illogical facts — science or otherwise and instead of truths — for the purpose of serving the selfish interests of the (global) elite.  This has been the purpose or intention ever since formal education replaced home schooling centuries ago, at the prodding and machinations of (allegedly) Dale Carnegie.

One very good example in the training received from formal education that turns us into unthinking zombies is the issue on mercury.  On the one hand, vaccine manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies maintain that thimerasol (which is a mercury substance) in vaccines is perfectly safe to be injected directly into the body, especially into children and at multiple and unprecedented doses and schedules, as well as the dental amalgams in our tooth fillings by dentists and oral health professionals.  Meanwhile, on the other hand, government health authorities warn people regarding consuming too much tuna and other wild-caught ocean-going fish because of the high mercury content.

And yet studies have shown, repeatedly, that the mercury content in vaccine is much much greater than that which can be ingested from ocean fish.  In addition, the dietary mercury has to pass through the alimentary canal or digestive system before it can get into the bloodstream whereas the mercury in vaccine is introduced directly and unobstructed and unchecked into the bloodstream, bypassing all the safeguard barriers such as gastric acids, stomach and intestinal lining, and all.  Isn’t there a disconnect there somewhere?  Hello?

Is this the kind of logic or rational thinking that we are being taught in school?  Or is it irrational thinking?  Is it not obvious that there is a contradiction between the two claims or assertions?

Truthfully, schools today — i.e., formal education and not necessarily home schooling — are not teaching but rather training people.  Formal education is actually dumbing down everybody and it is doing a darn good job and ably assisted by stupefying and mind-altering pharmaceuticals and anti-depressives and psychoactive drugs and by the dental industry using fluoride.

Wake up!  Wake and smell the roses, the coffee, or whatever you would like to smell break out of the stupor.

TaN: The paradox of infinity and finiteness can be best illustrated in a circle (or cycle).  Since one definition of a circle or cycle is something that has no beginning and no end, it is both finite and infinite.

A circle is finite because we can perceive its limited dimensions.  There is a limit to its measurements and we can quantify it, ergo it is finite.

However, since there is no beginning and no end, it can likewise be said to be infinite since “no beginning and no end” are characteristics of infinity.

This is very similar to numbers — say, between 0 (zero) and 1 (one).  Zero and one are definitely finite because they are quantified.  However, there are an infinite number of fractions or decimal values between these two numbers, thus there is infinity in the finite.

Mind-boggling but only the mind can conceptualize such paradoxes and contradictions.  It is said that (and attributed to one F Scott Fitzgerald): “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function” — from and from

TaN: It used to be that wild-caught fish — the equivalent of free-range raised — is much better than commercial or farmed fish but with the state of the ocean (and the “plastic islands” now dotting the seas globally), there seems to be no advantage.  The amount of nano particles from degraded plastic wastes ingested by fish has rendered fish and other sea products almost as unhealthy as commercially raised ones or even worse.

It used to be that wild-caught fish is better because they not only have a (naturally) balanced diet — eating a great variety of food from the surroundings, most of them containing vital micro-nutrients and trace minerals essential for good health and immune systems — but they even consume food that commercial raisers do not know about but are important for well-being.

In some cases, the natural food of wild-caught fish are just too expensive or impractical to feed commercially raised fish.  A case in point is salmon.  Salmon’s natural food source are crustaceans — as in shrimp, crab, lobster — which gives salmon meat the distinctive orange or reddish color.  Now, if commercial salmon raise salmon using crustaceans, do you think you can afford the price — unless the salmon farmers will sell at a loss.  How altruistic of them.

Moreover, even wild-caught salmon has no guarantee that it is safe to eat.  From what I have read, between the two main species of salmon — Pacific or Alaskan or pink and Norwegian or Baltic — the Norwegian is less preferred due to its feeding grounds.  While the Alaskan variety roams the Pacific, the Norwegian is based in the Baltic Sea where it is dotted with oil rigs and drilling platforms, therefore the waters there are bound to be contaminated.

Furthermore, in the farmed variety, there are the Chilean and the Californian but both started out with using ordinary fish feed which produced gray meat — very unsightly and unappealing.  So, to make the farmed salmon more like their relatives in the wild, the feeds are incorporated with a red dye in order to make the flesh reddish or orange.  This, by the way, is unethical as consumers are being misled into believing they are wild-caught.

Finally, even among vegetables and fruits, or poultry and cattle and hogs that are supposedly raised “organically”, there is no guarantee that observing the guidelines set for organic farming will guarantee healthier and safer food.  This is because there is so much pollution contaminated the land that there appears to be no place “safe” to raise crops or food animals.  And this is not to mention the water source — think polluted rivers and streams and brooks from agricultural, industrial, and mass urban runoffs and untreated sewage.

In fact, there are more and more studies coming out now showing that more and more waterways (in the United States of America, specifically) that are tested positive for pharmaceuticals.  The principal culprits are the dumping from pharmaceutical plants as well as households that are instructed to discard their expired and unused pharmaceuticals, so people simply flush them down the toilet and sink.  And what about the untreated water from household laundry and car wash and restaurants, just to name a few more.

So what should we do?  There is no place to run to.

The good news is that it is not as important to find a safe and clean place to live as to build up the immune system.  Supporting the immune system with the proper nutrients and lifestyle choices ensures that the body can face whatever environmental challenges and threats to comes along.  Surprisingly and believe it or not, our bodies have the amazing capacity to fend off most whatever assaults coming from the surroundings.  We just need to support it by living a truly healthy and proper lifestyle — and not those being espoused by the health and fitness charlatans that have proliferated the landscape with their fake claims and marketing spiels.  As has been fore-written in the Holy Scriptures (Matthew 15:11): “Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defiles a man.”  God has made us such a perfect body that it is capable of withstanding any external threat that may be deemed unclean.  Our body can manage and cope, just give it the proper support.


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