Post for Jan 1-7 2017

TaN: Lying or falsehood are of two main forms: intentional and unintentional.  Between the two, the former needs little or no discussion — because it is absurdly obvious.  Moreover, many either innocently or deliberately re- or mis-defines lying and truth-telling — falsely believing that telling half-truths is not lying.  Well, I have got news for those of you — YOU ARE (STILL) LYING.

But with respect to the second form, unintentional lying has two sub-varieties: voluntary or negligent and involuntary.  The former just means that one did not make enough effort, if any, to discern or determine the truth before blurting it out.  One likely instance is when one just parrots or echoes what one has heard or read — as in many or most of conventional or mainstream health and medical care professionals (and frequently media likewise) merely repeating what Big Pharma has fed them.  They did not exert enough or adequate effort into finding out the veracity of the information before saying it.  It is negligent because either there is enough time and/or opportunity for the person/s to make a thorough vetting of the information prior to making any statement or just out of plain laziness or irresponsibility.

Involuntary lying is a bit more complicated because only the person him/herself can honestly and truly say whether they have done all that is necessary to find out the truth but has been hindered or obstructed frequently by conspiracy or connivance.  This is the case with many today.  There is little or no available reliable source/s to check out the truthfulness, like when there is a (massive) cover-up.  The situation today is so convoluted that many will not admit it or innocently cannot bring themselves to believe that a cover-up can be so widespread as to span globally.  A very good case in point is the current dis-information in the health and medical care sector where not just groups of individuals and organizations but even governments collude and collaborate with mega and multinational pharmaceutical companies (and vaccine manufacturers) to withhold the truth from the people.  It even extends to bribing, coercing, threatening, or otherwise manipulating lawmakers to enact legislation that will ensure huge profits and even immunity from suit.

Take the cases of and please refer to: (WSJ or Wall Street Journal titled “Vaccine makers enjoy immunity“, by a certain Avery Johnson, dateline and updated: Feb 23, 2009);–No-Vaccine-Mandates-.aspx (NVIC or National Vaccine Information Center titled “No Pharma Liability? No vaccine mandates“, by a certain Barbara Loe Fisher, posted: 3/2/2011 with video); (newsmax health titled “Supreme Court May Reconsider Vaccines’ Immunity From Lawsuits“, supposedly by Bloomberg News, dateline: Mar 18, 2015); and, (Cornell University Law School titled “[USA] Code [Title] 42 § 300aa-22 — Standards of responsibility“, online publish date: none), just to name a few.  I searched using the phrase “immunity from suit by vaccine makers”.

So much deceit and untruths are circulating today that it is overwhelming to say the least.  Moreover, the lines and “(re-)definitions” have been blurred to the point where people are so confused and bewildered that few (or less) really have enough critical thinking to wade through and discern trough the layers and layers of falsehoods and cover-ups to get to the truth.

In addition, schools or formal education has been hijacked and put up in order to perpetuate the veil of lies and secrecies running rampant and widespread globally.  Formal education is being used to (pre-)condition and (mis-)indoctrinate the minds of the impressionable for the purpose of world domination by a handful of global elites.  Truly, as has been said or written in the Holy Scriptures, THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST THY NEIGHBOR — for in lying, one can kill and destroy without exhibiting or inflicting physical scars and damage.  This is worse than actual killing someone; this is psychological and emotional violence being systematically executed, applied and perpetrated to and on everyone.

TaN: Aside from my previous argument that it is moral if we make money from the stupidity or laziness of others, I just epiphanized that there is one more instance — when people are not careful, make mistakes, and break or damage something which they cannot repair or re-use, which can be considered as incompetent.

Incompetence or the inability/incapacity to do something is not really so much as stupidity but just that one does not or has not had the opportunity to learn the particular skill or trade to repair, mend, or otherwise fix whatever was damaged or broken — unless the damage is beyond repair.

I am just sad that money’s (or any of its other possible forms, principally a derivative of greed) necessity has been raised to such a high level of importance that it overshadows and smothers all other virtues and values.  Truly, the prophetic warnings in the Holy Scriptures have again been proven to be accurate and unimpeachable, that (in 1 Timothy 6:10): “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

It puzzles me why people cannot just share what we have, especially our excesses and those that we no longer need.  It could be, but only partly, rising from insecurities.  But insecurities can be overcomed easily if and when there is community effort and support.  Personally, I subscribe to the (supposed by or attributed to Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program, please refer to:,_to_each_according_to_his_needs) “mantra” of: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”.

TaN: A moral dilemma just emerged with respect to the death penalty and the (Christian) belief that (and I paraphrase) “not even a sparrow falls to the ground without God’s permission“.  Assuming, for argument’s sake, that both are accurate, a contradiction crops up.  This would mean that one will not die if one’s time is not yet up and if one does die, it is because God has willed it or given His permission.

Continuing with this train of argument, if and when someone gets killed in the campaign of Mr Duterte against illegal drugs (and corruption), for now, this would suggest that his/her time has come and that God has given His permission — otherwise s/he would somehow survive (at times attributing it or labeling it miraculous).

Furthermore, this would mean that the death penalty or any other form of capital punishment would be merely redundant.  In the argument that when the sentence is carried out, it would only mean that God has given His permission and that He has decided to take His gift (of life) back.  The state and the executioner are merely instruments doing the bidding of God.

This is a very interesting issue to mull over and chew on.  For now, I shall let it hang.

TaN: I heard from a story line in the television series “Arrow” — and I completely agree and could not have put it any better — the mere presence (not to mention the activities) of vigilante groups means that law enforcement either has not been doing its job or is incompetent.  Either way, it does not bode well for law enforcement agencies to have vigilantes loose, unchecked, and operating with impunity — freely, totally unfettered, and enjoying unrestrained and un-investigated summary executions with total disregard to/for due process (which every person is entitled to, be they guilty or not of a crime).

It is or should be embarrassing for law enforcement agencies to have vigilante “augment” or even do their job for them.  If I were a law enforcer and I do not or cannot put an end to vigilantism, I would have to resign in disgrace and dishonor.  And this not to mention regarding receiving my salary or any form of compensation or remuneration for services not (competently or ably and satisfactorily) rendered.

This is similar to NGOs or non-governmental organizations.  These are groups that augment what should be the functions of the government.  It only shows that government is either incompetent or lacking/deficient in its duties and obligations to the people.  Over time, there can be functions or obligations that arise due to development and advancement that were either not thought of before or are not adequately being addressed.

Although it is not really be embarrassing and may, at times, be necessary, nevertheless, the government should strive to take these inadequacies or deficiencies from the shoulders of the private sector or civil society — if not only because it is its obligation.

It is the same with vigilantism.  There is a lack in government functions or capabilities so it should determine what and where these lacks are and, as quickly and competently as possible, take them on.

To be kind, let us just say that this current spate of vigilantism is due to inadequate manpower in the police force.  Thus, the correct solution is to recruit more able-bodied citizens to join the police force — at the same time, ensuring that these recruits shall not end up being scalawags.

Vigilantism is not bad or wrong, per se.  It is this form of vigilantism, the kind that deals with or involved in extrajudicial killings and summary executions, these kinds that take the law into their own hands — though the vigilantes cannot be totally to blame because of the constant and persistent “encouragement” from Mr Duterte as well as consistent tolerance.

Finally, the only welcomed vigilantism under Mr Duterte’s administration is that which watches over corrupt and malevolent public officials, especially the armed agencies such as the military, the police, and the National Bureau of Investigation.  Constant vigil must be kept on them and the public should get involved and speak out.  Public opinion must be a force to be reckoned with by the government.  As the saying goes; The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.


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