Post for Jan 8-14 2017

TaN: I just realized that all the reported worth of seized illegal drugs are of little value since the money will not into the coffers of the government — to augment the operating funds.  The amounts are only good on paper.

TaN: In today’s news (January 11 issue of The Philippine STAR, page 2), titled “Lopez, 3 other DENR officials face raps“, it reports that the therein named officials are charged with “allegedly anomalous purchase of air quality monitoring equipment“.  This could all have been avoided had we not insist on using high technology to solve our problems.  Most, if not many, problems — even high technology ones — can be solved easily (and cheaply) by low technology.  This is especially vital to government where expenditures use precious taxpayers’ money and should not be squandered.

I have always maintained that, with respect to checking for air pollutants and quality, instead of expensive patented First World capital-intensive solutions, we can always employ and deploy low technology ones — as in dogs.

Dogs are already being trained to sniff out chemicals — in bombs, in narcotics, in many other illegal stuff and contraband — why can they not be trained to determine air pollutants?  Dogs are easy to maintain…just feed and show them love and care.  And, every time a bitch gives birth to a brood, you have half a dozen or so new potential air quality monitors.

Sure the training is not simple and takes time but the long-term cost-effectiveness and ease of acquiring new replacements easily justifies the waiting period.  And the best thing is that the parts are self-replacing (i.e., the body cells that wear out or are damaged due to injury) and dogs are not patent-able.  Moreover, we must take advantage of this while no one has yet thought of patenting the methodology or (training) technology.

I thought we, at least the head of the DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) as a kindred environmental advocate, are moving towards “green” — i.e., true, relevant, reliable, and sustainable — technology and development.  What say you Madam Secretary…Regina Lopez?

TaN: In today’s news banner (January 13 issue of The Philippine STAR, front page), titled “CHR: Mayors innocent unless proven otherwise“, from the title, it follows that should a mayor be killed then proven innocent in the ensuing investigation, those involved in the wrongful death should be charged with murder…nothing less, especially if they are the police because it means they have been remiss in their verification and confirmation investigation before they carried out the execution.

Moreover, the ensuing investigation, to remove all traces and hints of doubt and to assure credibility and reliability, must be conducted by an independent body.

And by “independent” I mean a separate agency or panel that is neither under nor related to the party being probed.  In the case of the Philippine National Police, not even the National Bureau of Investigation should touch the case because the latter likewise is related (being under another department but nonetheless under the same executive authority which is the President, who has vowed to provide total and unconditional support in whatever acts they commit for as long as they do his bidding).

Furthermore, should the probe show evidence of wrongful death, the President should be ready to concede and not continue to cuddle the guilty just because they did his dirty work.

TaN: Still in today’s news (January 13 issue), titled “Palace defends Leni disinvite to vin d’honneur“, the Palace appears to be missing the point and is concentrating on defending its faus pax.  The issue is not that the affair was by the Mr Duterte and, as host, he has the (sole) prerogative to invite only the people he wants.

The issue is that if Mr Duterte does not want Ma’am Leni to attend the occasion, an invitation should not have been sent in the first place.  However, common courtesy and decency dictates that since the invitation has already (mistakenly) sent, the Palace should have been courteous and civil enough to permit the Vice President to grace the event — or at least, give her the opportunity to politely decline so as not to cause any awkward and embarrassing situation.

In addition, the excuse not “not having enough seats” is too flimsy.  In a gathering numbering so many, it is easy to squeeze in just one more seat.  It is not as if dozens will be added.  It is easy to squeeze in just one seat.

To add insult to injury, the Palace spokesman claims that the list was “limited only to the Cabinet secretaries, Senate President, and Speaker”.  But I thought the co-hosts are supposed to be high-ranking government officials.  I guess I was wrong in thinking that a Vice President outranks a Senate President and even a Speaker — after all, their official car plates are “2” for the Vice President, “3” for the Senate President, and “4” for the Speaker as well as the line of succession in the event that the President becomes incapacitated or unable to perform his/her officials duties and functions.

Furthermore, the vin d’honneur is supposed to be a diplomatic event, and dis-inviting someone, especially the second highest government official of the country, is not very diplomatic.  It fact it is downright rude and embarrassing.  But then again, shame is cannot be expected from…never mind.

More and finally, Mr Duterte should, at the very least, reprimand the one responsible for the faus pax — if not fire him/her for committing such a grave error — unless the intention, all along, was to cause another public embarrassment to (and harassment of) Ma’am Leni.

How childish, ungentlemanly, uneducated, and uncivilized.


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