Post for Jan 29-Feb 4 2017

TaN: In today’s (Jan 29 of The Philippine STAR) news article titled “Bishops told: Be open to change” by a Evelyn Macairan, it suddenly dawned on me that in this temporal reality where everything is in flux or change — i.e., nothing is constant, everything is in motion…either physically or chemically (as in decay and decomposition) — one and only one thing is and remains steady and forever constant: God’s word.

I am not very sure as to what is truly meant by that headline but God’s word is eternal and is applicable at all times.  There is no compromise.  I fail to see what need is there to “be open to change”.  I just hope that the “change” being referred to in the article concerns issues outside the realm of religion and God’s teachings — like technology and its use to do God’s work.

Otherwise, we could be treading on dangerous grounds trying to fit God’s words into modern life instead of the other way around.  It is blasphemy to even consider that God’s word must adapt to modern times.  It is plain as day that the world is increasingly spiraling down the road to perdition, controlled by vested and selfish interests that seek (only) total world domination and the enslavement of humanity (the 99%) for their personal enjoyment and pleasure.

Utmost care must be taken to ensure that God’s words are not compromised for it is written — in Deuteronomy 4:2 (“Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish [ought] from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you“) as well as in Revelations 22:18-19 (“For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and [from] the things which are written in this book“) — that we must be faithful to God’s words and take the greatest care not to add, to remove, nor to change any of what has been written.

God’s word is eternal and is for all time.  It can never be out of date nor be irrelevant.  It is we who become irrelevant and not God’s word.

TaN: Some energy- and fuel-saving tips (that I may already have previously posted but I shall post them again anyway):

For motorized land vehicles and transports, aside from the familiar and commonly-cited having properly inflated tires and having a regular tune up for the engine, there are: [1] maintain fuel tank fuel level never below three-quarters or 75 percent full, [2] fill up during (or just after) the coolest time of the day which is sometime in the early dawn hours, [3] never fill up when the fuel station is replenishing its inventory, [4] travel at speeds where there is or will be minimum (or least avoid unnecessary) braking, [5] park in the shade and/or parallel to the east-west or west-east alignment with the sun towards the back.
[1] Liquids, especially those volatile (i.e., unstable and easily evaporates or enters its gaseous form), evaporate and will tend to fill up any available space until saturation point.  If the fuel level is low in the fuel tank, there is more space for the fuel to evaporate and this means less fuel for the engine.  Keeping the unfilled space in the fuel tank to a minimum ensures less loss of fuel through evaporation.  Proof: Fill two transparent containers with two different quantities of fuel (make sure the difference in amount is significant), seal both containers, mark the initial level of the fuel, and wait a day or so then look at the new fuel level;
[2] Fuel, just like any liquid, changes volume with temperature — i.e., less volume when cool and more volume when warm.  Since fuel is sold by volume and not by weight, during the coolest ambient temperature of the day — usually in the early hours of dawn — it will be at its densest and least dense during the warmest time of the day (usually about 2 to 3 in the afternoon, especially if it cloudless).  Proof: Fill a transparent container with some fuel during the coolest/warmest time of the day then seal and mark the initial level.  Observe the change in level during the warmest/coolest time of the day — i.e., if you filled it during the coolest then observe at the warmest or vice versa;
[3] Fuel, no matter how careful they are, will always contain a certain amount of impurities.  Unless the impurities have densities almost equal to or less than that of the fuel, the impurities tend to settle at the bottom given enough time.  When the fuel station is restocking, the fuel is pumped into the storage tanks at high pressures and fast speeds which will churn up the settled sediments.  When fuel is pumped out during these times, impurities are sucked up along with the fuel and into your fuel tank.  Not only will you be paying for these impurities but your fuel filter will clog sooner.  Proof: Fill a transparent container with fuel bought during the station’s replenishing time, seal the container, and wait a couple or so days and watch the sediments settle at the bottom;
[4] When fuel is burned, your vehicle moves a certain distance — according to the amount of fuel burned.  Whenever you step on the brakes, you are cutting short the distance that should have been traveled which means the fuel burned is not maximized.  Moreover, using the brakes likewise mean wearing of the brake system — the brake shoe and drum — and usage of brake fluid, even in the case of hybrid vehicles where the energy is converted and stored during braking (there will still be some loss but the loss will be less).  Proof: (common sense); and,
[5] To reduce work load of the car’s air-conditioner (at start-up), park either in the shade or aligning parallel to the path of the sun with the back towards the sun.  Parking in the shade is obvious but to park parallel to the sun’s path with the back towards the sun presents a small surface area for the sun to heat.  Moreover, with the sun in front means the front seats will be exposed to the sun, whereas with the sun at the back does not expose the rear seats because it will be the back of the rear seats that will be facing the sun and not the front where people sit.
Finally, dusty or dirty cars absorb more radiant heat that clean ones even if the paint coat is dark or not shiny/glossy.  Also, having some water handy to pour over the (parked) car before getting in and turning on the air-conditioner helps cool the interior so as not to burden the condenser at start-up.

For the household, specifically concerning water usage, [1] kitchen washing and [2] laundry.
[1] Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to have a strong stream of water when washing at the kitchen sink.  In fact, a gentle but steady stream frequently works better because, in a strong gush, most — as much as half or more — of the water either misses the object of washing or merely bounces off without even coming in contact with the object of washing (your hands).  Water not washing is wasted water…and that’s CLEAN POTABLE WATER GOING DOWN THE DRAIN!
A gentle slender stream can be managed better and can wash much more efficiently.  The only drawback is that it is take (just a tad) longer to wash, but the time saved is much too insignificantly small to make any difference.  It is only one’s patience that is tested.
[2] In the case of laundry, it is more economical to initially soak clothes in a solution of baking soda and vinegar — the proportion is left to your discretion but it does not really require much and the two must not be combined simultaneously because the strength of the solution will rely very much on the quality of both ingredients.  The vinegar takes care of the oily stains while the bicarbonate of soda serves as a gentle abrasive for clinging dirt.  The water loosens the dirt and pulls it away from the fabric.
After soaking for a couple of hours, a little gentle scrubbing of fabric against itself, especially where the dirt is, is usually enough to remove dirt and stains.  Whatever leftover dirt and stain will be taken care of by the next soaking — with detergent — and less detergent will be needed.
It is best that stains and dirt be addressed as soon as possible.  The longer dirt, and especially stain, stays on the fabric, the tougher it is to remove.  In fact, upon spillage, even just plain water is enough to remove the stain and make it seem like it never happened.
Finally, although this means more water usage, the trade-off is the effort is less since much of the time is spent on soaking.

For house temperature management, there are several low-tech but just-as-effective ways of managing internal household temperature: [1] misting, [2] exhaust fans and sun breakers, and [3] radiator temperature control external exposed piping.
[1]  Especially during hot days (and not having the luxury of having a climate control system as in the wealthier societies), it can be quite a challenge to maintain a comfortable internal house temperature.  If it is already too late to make necessary revisions in architectural design, a remedial solution is misting.  Making sure that a fine enough mist is generated, nozzles can be situated near the ceiling to spray a gentle fine mist that floats slowly down but evaporates before it reaches any person’s head.  The evaporation is the result of the water droplets absorbing the ambient heat that turns it into water vapor which cools down the room.  However, care must be taken to consider relative humidity as high humidity reduces the rate of evaporation and may even result in feeling sticky and uncomfortable.
For one thing, the problem can be mitigated if the proper architectural design had been put in place to shade sun exposed walls against radiant heat, serving as some sort of a heat sink that absorbs or deflects the heat and prevent it from reaching the wall/s.
[2] Use of exhaust fans and sun breakers will help significantly as the former sucks hot air outside while the latter prevents as much as 85 percent of radiant heat from reaching the exterior walls which tend to pass the absorbed heat into the interior.  However, exhaust fans and sun breakers are of little help if they are not properly installed or situated.
For exhaust fans, they should be near the ceiling and not on the east or west wall as this would put it in the path of the sun’s rays.  It would help a lot if the windows reach as near the ceiling as possible so that the accumulated hot air can vent out by itself.
If the house or structure is quite large — i.e., there is a wide roof surface area — industrial exhaust fans may be installed.  Moreover, there can be vents near the ceiling to facilitate the movement of hot air accumulated from the interior rooms to the rooms with the exhaust fans.
As for sun breakers, they have to be on the east or west wall so as to absorb or deflect radiant energy away from the (exterior walls of the) house itself.  And should aesthetics is a must, there are ornate sun breakers or they can be cleverly camouflaged so they blend into the background or landscape and not stick out like a sore thumb.
Moreover, there are many style of sun breakers — ranging from the simple static types to swiveling and detachable types what can change its configuration to fit the changing environmental conditions.
Sun breakers are economical because, aside from coming in ornamental styles, they consume no power and sustainable materials may be employed (to coincide with today’s thrust in environmental concerns).
[3] In places like the temperate zone where there are four seasons, it is a constant challenge to keep the internal ambient house temperature within a narrow range.  People use furnaces and air-conditioners to assist in climate control.
However, there is a more economical, though “strange” (to others) who may be hearing of this for the first time and who may be resistant to deviations from the conventional mindset.  What I am referring to is to take advantage of the (unique) property of water — which is slow to heat and slow to cool, as compared to the earth/ground and the atmosphere.
It is not new technology but thin long absorbent pipes may be installed parallel to each other and in alternating pattern in the fashion of a radiator and installed either on the roof or on the exterior of an external wall that faces the afternoon sun.  The purpose is to create a large enough surface area for sun exposure to absorb much of the radiant heat.  Since the water will retain the heat, the house interior will be kept cool.  When the sun sets, the water gives off the heat it absorbed during the day and radiates it into the house to warm it up.  This way, the internal ambient house temperature is kept within a steady range.

TaN: With today’s (February 2, Thursday) headline article in The Philippine STAR (by Elizabeth Marcelo and Edu Punay titled “Anti-drug cops paid per kill — AI report“, it suddenly becomes clear many of the questions raised.  Now I understand why there are so many vigilante and extrajudicial killings.  “They” are paid kills and the police are conveniently being used to legalize killing, disguising it all under the anti-illegal drug campaign of Mr Duterte.

And if I have a malicious mind, I would even ramp it further and speculate that the higher ups — probably all the way to the top — are at least privy on it and are giving their blessings.  In fact, the public pronouncements of Mr Duterte (practically) lobbed unquestionable support and loyalty (to the perpetrators) behind deaths during (legitimate) police operations mesh perfectly with the summary executions and is making it appear that they are state-sanctioned.

It is difficult — especially for anyone not familiar with Mr Duterte and Filipino culture and psyche — to appreciate or comprehend the rationale behind the popularity of Mr Duterte despite the increasing extrajudicial killings and apparent human rights violations and abuses that are being attributed to the inspirational prodding of Mr Duterte (and with the assurance that the latter will exonerate and pardon any and all who do his bidding.

The mere fact that there is a somewhat “guarantee” that killings will be fully supported and that Mr Duterte is willing to take the responsibility for the deaths is tantamount to sanctions by the state, in spite of the continued denials by Mr Duterte or his minions and underlings.

Moreover, in a separate article — by Robertzon Ramirez and titled “Drug war continues for vigilantes” — it noted (and I quote) “A day after the suspension, there were no reported summary killings of drug suspects…”.  This is disturbing as it would suggest that the summary killings were all done by the police, otherwise why such coincidence!

However, it could also be that the vigilantes are lying low (for now) since it is getting hot and would not prudent for them to draw more attention to them.  The police might go after them.  It is prudent to go with the tide, so to speak.  It provides some time to rethink strategies and evaluate past performances for success rates.

Moreover, in this light, it could likewise imply that the so-called or assumed-to-be vigilante killings were actually deaths by rivals and personal enemies that have an axe to grind and are making it appear to be the work of vigilante groups or rogue police elements or any other non-drug-related reason.  By lying low and suspending the summary executions, it would appear to be that it is the work of the police thereby taking the heat off their backs and letting the police get the brunt of the blame.

In any case, this stoppage of killings would be temporary because, knowing the kind of person Mr Duterte is, he would find another way to return to the bloody campaign.  There will be another excuse for the resumption of the killings.

In conclusion, on the morbid side of things, at least Mr Duterte is doing his share to curb the population rise and reduce the number of poor people in the Philippines — because it can be gleaned that, when it comes to people of wealth and influence, he appears to be using kit gloves.  His usual fist of mail is wrapped in a soft downy blanket.  Well, there you have it; it really pays to be rich and more so to be on the good side of Mr Duterte.

TaN: Up until today and most likely will continue for some time into the future, the United States of America is being shredded and people are being pitted against each other for the hidden agenda to collapse it.  Virtually every day, the conventional and mainstream media attacks and criticizes and demonizes Mr Trump while (many of) the alternative media — principally led by Alex Jones and (apparently) Mike Adams — are providing continuous and consistent support.  In truth, a group of shadow organizations and government is behind it all.

It appears that there is a concerted and well-orchestrated effort and campaign to create dissension, distrust and suspicion, disparity, animosity, and disunity among the general population — divide and conquer.  This is it a lot easier and simpler for the ruling (global) elite to control and manage their “slaves”.  This strategy is also ably assisted by the persistent but consistent gradual creeping of global depopulation — claiming that there are just too many people to share the meager global resources when, in truth, there is still so much land and resources that are yet to be explored and used sustainably by all.

It appears there is a deliberate and diabolical agenda to divide people and create barriers among all global populations — divide and conquer — commencing with that of the United States of America, in order to facilitate pushing through a hidden agenda of controlling and ruling the global population for total world domination.  A revival and expansion of the old system of feudalism where society is divided into the ruling and the ruled, where the ruling has all the privileges and comforts while the ruled exist to serve the ruling and for their amusement, where property belongs only to the ruling and the ruled are considered as part of those belongings.

“Divide and conquer” is an effective technique to exercise and exert control — domination — over a population.  Moreover, the population should not exceed a certain size because otherwise it would not be manageable anymore.  In the event that the population does exceed or grow beyond a certain “maximum” size, it would be to the best interest of the ruling elite to reduce and/or cull the population to an easier-to-control size — but detrimental to the population, since they are the ruled.

Trends and schemes such as “political correctness”, “gender empowerment”, “racism”, and all the other ploys being deployed on the people create more barriers and animosities between and among people and even relations resulting in disagreements, misunderstandings, suspicion, prejudices, conflicts, and break-ups.  And this precisely what the ruling elite wants because it gives them better if not ideal conditions for controlling and manipulating the population, making them their personal “property” and subjects.

It is said and written in the Holy Scriptures that a house divided cannot stand — in Mark 3:25 “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” and in Matthew 12:25-26 “(25)But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: ‘Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself cannot stand. (26)If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himselfHow then will his kingdom stand?”  And this is precisely the strategy global elites are using to ensure that the global poor and non-elites do not and cannot organize and strategize plans to repel and counter the divisive tactics of the ruling against the ruled.

In conclusion, as I have mentioned and reiterated repeatedly in previous TaNs, the global 99% does not seem to realize and comprehend the enormous power they possess and let the measly 1% take control and dominate their affairs and daily lives — via the unnecessary or manufactured necessities of searches at airports, seaports, buildings, stations, and depots (where we willingly submit and surrender our rights to privacy [when our telephone conversations and our correspondences or mails and emails and text messages are scanned], to be presumed innocent until proven guilty [when we have to show authority that just because we are a certain faith or nationality or complexion that we must be guilty of something like a terrorist], and from unwarranted searches [when we have to show we have nothing illegal to hide by permitting our bags and persons to be searched and at vehicular checkpoints] to name a few), as an example.


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