Post for Mar 12-18 2017

TaN: Creations of God are and will always be good and beneficial while man’s are and will always be bad and harmful — unless he does it by God’s way.  It is only when we do things (primarily but preferably) for the benefit and betterment of others that we do things God’s way, otherwise it is and will always be for man’s selfish and greed-filled way — which is what has been happening throughout the world since man turned from serving God to serving mammon.

Serving mammon is serving the self, serving greed, serving Satan and, in the end, it will be self-defeating.  It has been foretold and forewarned and it has been repeated countless of times throughout human civilization (vindicating the prophecy).  However, more and more people will still be attracted to (and preferring) mammon and there will be an illusion of prosperity and development yet upon close and unbiased scrutiny reveals that it is actually getting worse — as increasingly record numbers of people go hungry and starve, as climate conditions continue to progressively (or regressively) become more destructive, as more and more scores of entire species of both flora and fauna disappear into extinction, and as truth and freedoms are stifled and taken away by false or manufactured information and propaganda peddled and spewed by mass and social media that are owned or have been bought off by commercial interests to protect and manipulate gullible people into swallowing all the bovine ordure shoved into their faces.

It has once been said — but I just cannot seem to recall at this moment the individual from whom I heard or read it from and I have to paraphrase — that it is immoral and very wrong to have one person (even a family) to be wealthier than an entire country…and that is exactly what we have today and not just one person or family but several.

In fact, it has been published that the richest 1% of the global population owns practically half of all wealth.  And this obscene situation owes its existence to man’s putting inappropriately too much importance to the value and impact of money in people’s lives.

Greed has devised many ways to ensure that wealth concentrates to an ever shrinking group of people — and patents and intellectual property rights is one of the principal reasons for this inequality.

However, this situation can easily be remedied but not so easily achieved.  It merely requires that a great majority, especially if the 99% gets together and collectively and unanimously renounces money.  In a blink of an eye, the wealth of the richest evaporates into thin air.  Many would argue that this is impossible but I posit that it is impossible because we believe it to be impossible.

If the 99% really want to, since we have been used to living in deprivation — as compared to the luxury and affluence of the wealthy — we can easily adapt.  Let us see if the 1% can live without the assistance and services of the 99%.

And as far as land and property ownership is concerned, since the police force and private security are likewise part of the 99% — unless they permit themselves to be bought off — the wealthy can be left to their own wits to try and live the way we all do.

And with money’s influence and grip gone, there will be lots of changes for the better — i.e., for as long as we are resolved in our determination to live and treat each other with mutual respect and build our own communities using the age-old and sageful principle of: From each according to his abilities; to each according to his needs.

TaN: The right to kill is recognized and practiced in some primitive cultures — even up to the present day.  The right to kill — though appears to be contrary to contemporary thinking and the principles of human rights — is, implied in Ecclesiastes in the Holy Scriptures, an inherent right of man.

However, as it is written in 3:3, A time to kill, and a time to heal, it is not explicit that it refers to a right to kill.  It could refer to a defensive act where a life, especially one that is innocent, is under immediate threat to be snuffed out — be it one’s self or another’s.  Care must be taken to ensure the proper interpretation of the Holy Scriptures because they can just easily be twisted for evil ends.

The right to kill as claimed by primitive cultures stem from ancient times when danger was everywhere and man’s continued existence is constantly under threat.  It, therefore, becomes a necessity that man is ready at all times to kill or be killed.

However, in modern times, when man has all but completely ensured his safety against (traditional) threats from the environment — i.e., animal attacks — the said right became not only redundant but should no longer exist.  But, since certain primitive cultures may still be practicing the right and they may not yet be brought into the mainstream of modern times, the right may temporarily be tolerated until such time that it can be made known and explained to the said primitive cultures the situation.  And, once properly appraised and understood by the primitive culture, the said right should likewise be rendered obsolete.

In addition, remnants of the right may still be observed in terms of unintended self-defense or defensive deaths.

It is interesting for me because, until recently, I never realized that such a right exists and justifiable.

TaN: It just occurred to me that there may be another problem (aside from the one mentioned and discussed in, at least, one previous TaN of mine) with the controversial K-12 curriculum that the Philippine Department of Education and Sports.  Since the K-12 curriculum is supposed to better prepare students in academics and eventually for after school, it should now be sufficient that high school graduates be employable and that company requirements should not (be permitted to) require college graduates as a minimum for qualification.It would be terribly unfair that parents (and working students) shell out additional cash for additional years added to the formal education and then still require a minimum of a college degree as requirement for employment.  This just benefits the schools and to the detriment of students (and parents).

Moreover, there appears to be still another snag in the program.  It seems it is due to so many people out to make a buck at the expense of others.  They are so many unnecessary and irrelevant inclusions and insertions that those responsible stand to make huge profits.

Examining the first batch (according to DepEd (Department of Education, Sports and Culture Secretary Luistro) of subjects to be integrated, one cannot help but question the inclusion of most of the subjects.  School subjects should not be commercialized and yet there are subjects that “promote” private enterprises, like Facebook and Twitter.

Just like the strategy of IBM (International Business Machines) in the 1980s, they provide companies and training centers with free seminars and assistance and even donate their computers.  Everyone thought how kind and generous of IBM, not understanding that this gesture gives IBM an undue advantage over rivals.  This ensures that “graduates” of their seminars and assistance are familiar only with their products and this ensures that IBM will surely be recommended to their employers when it comes time to purchase computers — since they have been trained only with the workings and operations of IBM products.

This is exactly that same with Facebook and Twitter and whatever commercial enterprise that dips its grubby hands and sticky little fingers into the educational curriculum, under the guise of philanthropy and altruism.  It ensures that future young impressionable generations of netizens will be loyal to and patronize only Facebook and Twitter.  Of course they will deny any ulterior motives and hidden agenda, other than their concern and desire to provide valuable assistance and even free equipment to facilitate the training (and indoctrination) of loyal and grateful users.

Oh how true as it always has been that “There is one born every minute” — or, in the case of the Philippines, several hundreds or even thousands.  It is also so true when they “Age is not a sign (nor guarantee) of wisdom”.

I am so anxious for the second batch of new subjects, courses, and topics.  My heart is atwitter…be still my foolish heart.


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