Post for Apr 16-22 2017

TaN: As an addendum to an earlier TaN regarding Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance theory, another argument in support is that if memories are stored in the brain, why is it that we do not have flashes of memories from the other animal when we (accidentally or intentionally) eat their brains — i.e., animals like that of cows and pigs and more commonly that of fish.  Do they not have memories like we do?

This is another point against the argument that brains are receptacles of memories and (learned or past) experiences — unless it is because the memories are maintained only for as long as the creature is alive…something like the primary storage of a computer.

Furthermore, if brains were to ingested and the conventional school of thought for memories is that they are stored as chemical compounds, then these so-called “chemical memories” will have been digested along with the rest of the brain thereby leaving no trace.  This would go against what is being “sold to the viewing audience” in a particular zombie television series where the ingestion of a victim’s brain leads to the solution of crimes and mysteries (surrounding a death).

Finally, in a lecture series of a popular alternative television preacher, he argued that a person’s memory will be erased at The Judgment because he posits that it would be terrible for a good person who is destined for Paradise to see his/her spouse, who had been bad while alive up to the last moment of life but is nevertheless loved by the good spouse, suffer in Hell.  He claims that God would erase that memory, which makes sense for a benevolent God.

TaN: Vehicular traffic management, in cities and places where jurisdictions overlap and becomes an issue or question, should be given to a government agency with authority that transcends local jurisdiction.  A case in point being Metro Manila (of the Philippines) where several cities and municipalities border each other — literally separated only or frequently sharing a street.

Because there are occasions when situations where local governments are adjacent to or bordering each other and traffic extends from one jurisdiction to the other, the quandary of local government traffic enforcers is how to deal with the traffic snarl because the cause transcends their jurisdiction and into another.  Since the cause of the snarl is in another jurisdiction, it would have to be the officials of the other jurisdiction who will have to come in to address the problem.  But what if the jurisdiction concerned does not and motorists’ rage are skyrocketing, especially when it happens during the hottest part of the day or when they are late for their appointments or rendezvous?

It is precisely this reason — this scenario or situation — that it is necessary for a government body with powers that span jurisdictions to exist and come in.  Moreover, such an agency must not be remiss in its duty so much so that each and every time such traffic jams happen, resolution — from notification or receipt of the traffic jam to its final dissolution — must be quick.  I pity the local traffic enforcers who have to contend with such a problem and can do nothing but scratch his head because the solution to the traffic snarl is outside of his jurisdiction.

TaN: If Mr Duterte is a true Christian, he would realize that for the entire duration of Jesus’ stay with us, never, not even once, did He ever taken the life of anybody.  In fact, He even returned a few of them, the most notable of which was Lazarus whom He raised from his “slumber”.

In this argument, I fail to comprehend or see the rationale behind his bloody campaign, whether against drugs or criminality or anything else.  If God gave us life, only He can take it back or away — unless of course Mr Duterte has a different God or understanding of God or perhaps his medication has already been messing with his thinking.

Moreover, Mr Duterte’s justification for his killings is to save his country, a nation of 100 million (less those he has already killed). Compared to Jesus — who even gave up His own life instead of taking the life He has given us, even to those Mr Duterte deems unworthy of life or who Mr Duterte sees as scums and scourges of society — who is trying to save billions, including those who have already gone ahead.  I really fail to see how Mr Duterte can justify the deaths he has “inspired” and to continuously “encourage” people to commit such atrocities and inhumane acts.

I fail to see or comprehend how Mr Duterte is able to differentiate killing supposedly drug suspects and personalities — even when they have not yet been determined or undergone due process and trials — against people who are simply unfortunate cases of mistaken identity or wrongful or unverified (intelligence) information. How can he be so nonchalant and uncaring about people who may have not had the benefit of knowing right from wrong and the good fortune of having a father who was governor and by virtue is able to provide protection for his son during the latter’s younger years when he was at the fringes of the law.

It is uncanny that Mr Duterte so conveniently forgot the misdeeds of youth and cannot seem to understand how or why a misdeed is the same as another (in degree or gravity) and differs only in form or type.  One misdeed is as wrong as another. One wrongful act may be more heinous than another but, nevertheless, both are still wrong.  How can Mr Duterte fail to comprehend this very basic and rudimentary concept.

I fail to understand how Mr Duterte can put a distinction between the people he has condemned (to death) and those who were killed or summarily executed by police scalawags or vigilante groups or rival syndicates under the guise of being drug personalities, as far as rights, justice, and due process are concerned — Mr Duterte being a former prosecutor and all.  Mr Duterte must have some special talent that even God does not have — the ability to determine with absolute certainty what kind of a person someone will eventually be, which God will not know until the person dies.

Finally, not matter how much I try, I simply cannot reconcile the idea that an “evil” person cannot enjoy the same rights and privileges as good men.  I guess, if Mr Duterte can have his way, the rain will fall only on good or on evil men — because as the passage in the Holy Scriptures goes (in Matthew 5:45): ” That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise ON THE EVIL AND ON THE GOOD [capitalization and emphasis mine], and sendeth RAIN ON THE JUST AND ON THE UNJUST [again, capitalization and emphasis mine].”, KJV.


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