Post for Apr 9-16 2017

TaN: No truer words: One cannot be a master if one cannot be a servant.  In fact, this was even masterfully taught (by showing) by no less than Jesus Christ — when He came down to serve man.  He humbled Himself to show us how it is done.  He came down to us, took on our physical form, taught, healed, fed, and suffered along and for us to fulfill the prophecies as well as in order to better illustrate or put actual deeds into His teachings.

It is but logical and obvious that one must experience how it feels and what it is like to obey before one can truly be an effective and fair leader.  One must experience how it feels to be a servant in order for one to understand and be able to be a good and fair master — not to impose and give cruel and unjust orders and commands, not to make servants do things that one will or does not want to do, not to treat them as slaves and possessions but with humanity and compassion.  This is the mark of a true master.

Although there are things that are so obvious and evident that it does not require actual experience or immersion to know and understand them, there are things that necessitate our actual experience to gain the wisdom needed.  In fact, there are even those that, no matter what we do or how much one immerses or involves oneself, one can never truly understand and appreciate the true value or understanding of them, but these are exceptions and are understandably and justifiably forgivable.

TaN: It is not logical to think and believe that God still gets involved with our lives today — at least not in the usual way of our thinking and argument.  If He does, He would be violating His own gift of free will.  Perhaps, the only time He “interferes” with our lives is when we have already voluntarily surrendered our free will back to Him and permit Him to take over our lives completely. It is only then that we can truly claim that God influences our lives.

However, being a benevolent God, He has made overwhelming certainty that we are properly equipped to have a good and righteous life (worthy of eventually entering paradise and be with God) — by leaving us His teachings in the Holy Scriptures and most especially by sending His Only Begotten Son on top of it all.  There is no reason for us to argue that we were left to fend for ourselves and that He does not care.  Au contraire!  He has done everything short of living our lives for us.

Stop blaming God for all our mistakes, faults, and stupidity.  Any misfortune and unfortunate events that happen to us is of our own doing or due to the machinations and shenanigans and orchestrations of Lucifer (and his demons) — since it is written that this world has already been ceded to Lucifer to do as he pleases by God (because He is going to destroy it anyway in the end and create a new and better one).

God’s involvement with man can be likened to how a parent deals with his/her child as the latter ages.  In the first few years, the parent is totally involved — from feeding, to changing, to bathing, and to all the hands-on activities that a parent can and should be doing.  As the child grows, some of the parental duties are turned over to the child — as in potty training, clothing, eating, and such.  Further down the road, house rules for the child, like curfew or bed time, become more lenient and less supervised.  Eventually, the child matures into an adult and parental involvement tapers off to just ensuring the child is safe and grows up to be responsible and morally upright — although it is said and acknowledged that a child will forever remain a parent’s little child, regardless of the actual biological age.

In the same manner, God’s involvement and step-by-step day-to-day involvement in man’s affairs during the “early” years is like a parent guiding and preparing his/her child at the beginning.  Today, we are supposed to be in our mature years — as an adult — so God changed the “house rules” from the Ten Commandments of Moses to the two fundamental Commandments of Jesus Christ, seeing that man is supposed to be in his adult years and should be ready to be independent of hands-on micro-managing supervision.

In all, it looks like man is failing in his being a responsible and mature adult — what with all the wars and conflicts, the spreading diseases and pestilence, the mass famine and starvation and malnutrition, the apathy and narcissism, and all the other blights and ills and depravities and moral turpitude of Sodom and Gomorrha.

But all is not lost. There will still be the Noahs among us.


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