Post for May 20-26 2017

TaN: As I was having my breakfast this May 15th AM, I chanced across an article in The Philippine STAR (dated March 10, 2017, with the title “COLORED JEANS ARE BACK” by a certain Chonx Tibajia) and it made me realize how the fashion industry has been playing most of us for fools (or that most of us are wittingly fools for fashion).

Aside from the other criticism I have for today’s fashion industry, I not just abhor but detest how fashion people merely recycle and previous trends and designs on us poor souls who do not know any better and seek so desperately to be part of the “IN crowd”.  I say, the h*** with today’s fashion.  I have had enough of them.

But then, I feel so sorry for the many among us who have to continuously seek social acceptance and feel that, if we do not bow down to the dictates and caprices of fashion people, we will be considered and treated as social outcasts and marginalized and even stigmatized by others.

In fact, the fashion industry went even further in their conceit that they have “created” their very own fashion police — as if wearing visually “unappealing” is the most important thing to do.  I wonder who died and made them “experts” in fashion.  From what I can see in many fashion runways, these so-called big names in the fashion industry neither have any sense of style nor taste.  Their “creations” makes me want to vomit and laugh hysterically simultaneously.  To say their “creations” are ridiculously insane, inane, repulsive, and stupid are understatements.  I just cannot find the words to properly describe their garbage.

In conclusion, the title in the article mentioned at the onset of this TaN is actually erroneous in that jeans or denims, whether colored or the classic blue, have never gone out of style, and I doubt if it will ever go.

To those self-absorbed fashion experts, please contribute something REALLY worthwhile, otherwise stop wasting our time, insulting our intelligence, and using up precious resources (like air, water, food, and space).  Give it up for someone who has real talent and give something to the benefit of people everywhere.

TaN: What so-called “chefs” are doing today with food is not only weird but inane — and people are gullible enough to patronize, promote, and even regurgitate the inanity of the whole shenanigan, the whole circus.  Food is to be eaten…NOT ADMIRED!

This is another one of those “too-much-time-on-their-hands” instances where people waste their talents in activities and endeavors that do not result in anything meaningful or constructive.

I can understand that these so-called (artistic) chefs need an outlet to be creative but I (personally) prefer them not not to express it on my food.  Leave the creativity where it belongs…out of the kitchen.  Moreover, when I go to an eatery, I expect to eat and be filled.  If I want entertainment visually, I can always watch movies, the television, visit a museum or art gallery, even in a competition, or any of the myriad of other places but, please, not on my plate.  I do not want to have to “admire” what I am eating.

For me, the best way a cook (or you so-badly-want-to-be-called chefs) can display his culinary skills is to serve food in the traditional way.  There is already art in what has been done for millennia.  The combination of colors and texture and shapes and aroma is art in itself.  There is no need to “enhance” it further.  Leave it to the artists; do not compete with them.

And so, I am appealing to all you wannabe artist cooks, just do your job and spare me the teeny tiny artistic food creations.

Btw, I prefer my food without the gravy and sauces — unless necessary, as in pasta dishes.  They merely hide or disguise the true flavor of the food. If a dish needs gravy or sauce, it only means that the cook does not really know his/her job and is relying on the gravy or sauce to make up for the lack in flavor or taste in the food.  Only fresh or raw foods need dips and seasonings because they have a high moisture content which dilutes the taste.  Heating the food evaporates much of the moisture which concentrates the flavor, so there should be no need for gravy or sauce — perhaps seasoning but that is it.

TaN: In a recent development in the local (barangay) level, the national government, through the MMDA or Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, issued some kind of a memorandum or circular that all relevant streets are to be cleared of parked vehicles.  This has been long-delayed much-awaited.

However, it has been almost a week and nothing substantial has changed — at least in my locality.  Cars still clog the streets, many of them even double-parked and with a few occasional and sporadic triple-parking.  So, it is another ho-hum government useless effort at addressing a really important issue.

In addition, there are a few things I would like to comment on this particular issue:
(1) I suppose this effort is in line with making the streets more conducive to traffic flow so I recommend that any and all barangays caught not complying shall be penalized — 1st offense: hefty fine or censure of barangay especially the top official, 2nd offense: slash in budget and suspension of barangay official in charge and whoever is the top official, 3rd and final offense: legal and administrative charges against concerned barangay officials and reduction in next budget,
(2) consideration or provisions must be made for visitors of barangay residents (especially if there is an occasion (like birthdays, fiestas, when the resident has to park temporarily because the driveway door should be opened/closed or forgot something or whatever similar situation, etc) so some kind of a prior or impromptu notification to the barangay may be in place — and this means that all barangay residents with cars should have their vehicle plate numbers registered with the barangay so they can immediately determine non-residents (some kind of a leniency provision or policy),
(3) in the case of commercial or non-private vehicles (like delivery trucks and the like), the parking should be limited — in terms of actual parking time or during off-peak traffic hours only — and it should be limited to only one vehicle per commercial or non-residential establishment, and
(4) for a more lenient, reasonable, practical, and implementable memorandum, I think it would be better if the street-parking ban be implemented only during weekdays except on holiday weekdays or synchronized with the vehicle reduction program of the MMDA or the local government (as in the case of Makati City et al).


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