Post for May 7-13 2017

TaN: It is clear that with the rejection of Ms Regina Lopez to be the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DENR), both the voting public are apathetic to what is happening to their country — preferring to leave it to the “wisdom” of their elected “leaders”, who are mostly owners and stockholders of Big Business and those who benefit from exploiting our national resources — and that they do not really care about what happens to the environment (focusing more on their plight of eking out a living in this poverty-stricken forever-poor country).

[Note: My justification of claiming that the Philippines will eternally be poor is because of it being a labor-intensive economy, of the general population are juvenile and are self-centered and are interested only in things and events that benefit or pleasure them over the welfare of others and the country, and of the voting population relying on the leaders to do all the work and relinquishing all participation in improving and developing the country.  Plus, there is no true and strong primary manufacturing industry — as in producing steel and metals that supply secondary manufacturers in the heavy industries such as ship and automotive building, as agricultural and industry equipment manufacturing, and as engine and power generating machines — although having a primary manufacturing base is not the only means to getting out of the doldrums of a third-world country.]

But again I digress.

It is clear that money still rules the Philippines and the voting public still either feels helpless to influence their elected officials or do not really care what happens to their country and, instead, preferring to focus and limit their concerns and efforts to self-gratification and pleasures.  From my experiences over the years dealing with people within my particular world, the impression I got is that if people did not need money to buy food and the other necessities in life, no Filipino would be working.

It would appear that the maturity and awareness level of (the average man-on-the-street) Filipino is still very much way below and still do not understand the significance and importance of (truly meaningful and flourishing) work — that work is the key to development and advancement as an individual and as a people.  [Again, please refer to the work of E F Schumacher in “Buddhist economics” for a better and much clearer discussion on what is truly meant by work and not the jobs that everybody thinks of.]

How does this connect to the rejection of Ms Lopez as DENR Secretary?

The apathy of the average man-on-the-street Filipino towards the country’s natural resources and environment is still very apparent.  Sure, they know how to mouth all the environmental issues and concerns but that is it.  You know because what they say and what they do are worlds apart.

They continue to throw litter and discard waste anywhere and everywhere they please.  They continue to be dis-united when Big Mining and Big Lumber comes to town and offers promises of wealth and dreams of carefree lives not knowing that it is all they will eventually be left with…(broken) dreams and (empty) promises.

They continue to ignore the naked reality that Big Business is only concerned with one thing and one thing only — profit, indecently and obscenely huge profits.

The country needs people like Ms Lopez, even though belonging to one of the wealthiest families in the country, has proven herself — in deeds throughout the years — to be truly concerned with the environment which redounds to the concern for the country.

And so, it is the country’s loss that Big Lobby still trumps love of country and compassion for the less fortunate of society.  The battle may be lost but the war is far from over.

not TaN: I used to dislike, not hate, Republicans due to their adherence to less government control and involvement and let Big Business take charge, but everything changed with Mr Obama.  It was bad enough with Mr Clinton’s lying about his scandalous incident/s with Ms Lewinsky but Mr Obama just broke the camel’s back.  To make things worse, Mrs Clinton is not better but I have to be fair and say that Mr Trump does not make me like Republicans more.

From what I can gather and in my humble and frequently unsolicited opinion, Mrs Clinton’s advocates are just petty and cannot accept defeat.  However, Mr Trump’s attitude and behavior towards media and critics does not makes things any better for Republicans.

All in all, it looks like the truth (regarding Democrats and Republicans) are slowly coming into the glaring light.  Like what I have always suspected, there is actually little or no difference between the two leading political parties of the United States of America.

While it is likewise true that there are individuals within the respective parties that are true to their party ideology, they have become more of the exception rather than the rule, as it once had been (the reverse).

More and more, what many so-called conspiracy theorists — as branded by mainstream politics — have been arguing all this time…that both parties are simply opposite sides of the same coin.  The controlling (global) elite is into both parties and it does not matter which is in power…the elite still win.

And this is how (shrewd) politics is being played today — to ensure one’s interests are protected, one plays both sides.  Sure, it is more expensive but the additional expense is worth it to ensure one’s interests are always protected and the “investment” will guarantee a more than ample return.  In the end, the global elite wins and the loser is the people.

TaN: Passing (premature) judgment on others — i.e., their whole being — requires two pre-requisites: (1) intimate with certainty or foreknowledge of the (definite, as against the possible) future and (2) the ability to see into the heart of an individual (to see the true intentions and rationale of each and every decision and act and not just the superficial).

In our temporal world, we must be content with making or passing judgments (to the best of our abilities and available information and evidence) only on the specific actions and decisions made by someone.  One cannot pass judgment on the entire person as a single action or decision does not make or define a person.  Circumstances have to be considered (and weighed and analyzed) carefully because there are instances where different circumstances may produce a different outcome (i.e., action or decision), especially when there are emotional or sentimental attachments or issues.

It is for this reason that there are laws on slander and libel.  These are laws that govern and limit the extent of our right to free expression and to make judgment on others.  One cannot simply just make pronouncements that pertain or apply to the entire personality of an individual because it would mean that we are making conclusions on future events and deeds — that we can, with absolute certainty, declare that a particular individual is such-and-such.  Encompassing statements and pronouncements risk passing judgment on the totality of a person and not just a small specific part of a person’s being.

It is, likewise, for this very reason that God defers His decision on our fate until we die — because, by then, it has become certain and we can no longer change the course of our destiny.  Death is the only time when it is truly too late, but, until then, one does not have the ability — and therefore the (accompanying) right — to make conclusions on any person.

TaN: One of my biggest issues with people today is why we (i.e., most other people) put too much emphasis on trivial and frequently worthless things — and by “worthless” I mean those that do not contribute neither to human existence (like agriculture) nor to our meaningful progress and advancement (like research in transportation and renewable energy and in telecommunications, architectural and building technology).  It is not as if everything (throughout the world) is nice and peachy — that we have already eliminated poverty, hunger, and disease — that we have nothing else important and urgent to do than to concern ourselves with the mundane and inane (i.e., many refer to as “creative”).

And to make it worse, these so-called “creations” have no redeemable daily value whatsoever.  Then, to top it all off, these worthy “creative activities” not only do not bring benefits but even makes things worse — as in creating waste (since the so-called outlandish fashion creations will soon be discarded after the “show” because I seriously doubt if anyone in their right mind will be wearing them, especially in public) and sometimes in using (already scarce) valuable resources to make something that is non-functional.

A case in point is in the products of fashion shows.  Most of the insane concoctions not only look bizarre and ridiculous but cannot be worn…AT ALL — not unless you want people staring at you and thinking how many screws are loose in your brain or you must have just escaped from the mental asylum.  I just cannot bring myself to believe that there are so many people who spend so much time and energy into attending and (horrors) spending money for such absurdities.

And to add insult to injury, it has even invaded other industries — just watch the major international beauty pageants where the contestants display “national” costumes.  There are even those who stumble across the stage wearing whatever is identified with their country — like the one of Ms USA where she wore a scaled down replica of the space shuttle in the Ms International beauty pageant and that of Ms India and Ms Indonesia and Ms Netherlands which are very obvious that they are not really costumes at all, let alone national.  [I just cannot recall which particular beauty pageant where the contestant even wore a building as she painstakingly lugs the whole spectacle around the stage.]

It used to be that form follows function but in today’s topsy turvy inverted world, everything has made a 180-degree turnaround.  Today, function now follows form — we produce something visually appealing and then find some use for it.  And the fashion industry has grown into a multi-billion industry but has not produced anything of real functional value.  Such waste of time, money, effort, and talent.

Another case in point are the numerous commercial products in the market that deal with insignificant issues under the guise of “solving” crises of and in our daily lives — such as body odor and ugly hair.  And (again) to make matters worse (by adding insult to injury), there is a deodorant being endorsed by a foreign/imported basketball player — whom I have not the faintest idea who he is, even after he introduced himself and the commercial showed his “prowess” — whose dialogue is so boring and monotonous, as in a monotone.  The manufacturer is relying on the fame of the endorser to sell the product, never mind if the endorser has no personality at all.

And then there is the case of a skin care product where the supposed elder sister behaves more childish that the supposed younger sister — as she became hysterical because she cannot find her skin care product and saw her younger sister using it.  How very juvenile for someone who is supposed to be more mature — and therefore should act more responsibly and less hysterical over some trivial matter — to behave so childishly.

In conclusion, I know that tolerance must be exercised so I am restricting myself to just vent out my frustrations and anger in this blog — just exercising my right to expression and free speech and express my opinion.


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