Post for Jul 23-29 2017

TaN: Awards and recognition given by companies to their employees for outstanding performance (especially) in sales and marketing are actually worthless and designed and intended to just give some physical token of appreciation for making for money for the stockholders and owners.

These are meaningless most of all in companies that produce (and sell) products that have no redeeming value to the growth and development of man — such as beauty products that only play and prey on the weakness of self-absorbed people (where fair-skinned people in temperate to the polar zones are hoodwinked into wanting to have darker skin whereas those inhabitants of tropical and equatorial zones are “shamed” into wanting to have fairer complexions).  Tropical and equatorial people must have darker complexions to protect them from the intense sun which can cause cancer whereas temperate and polar people should have fairer complexion so they can maximize the benefits of sunlight else they are prone to osteoporosis and other diseases that are caused by vitamin D deficiency.

In addition, one should take no pride in being able to sell or market products that are not only worthless as far as man’s flourishing and development is concerned but are even detrimental or harmful to people’s health.  It is bad enough that such talents are wasted on peddling worthless stuff but to not conduct any product information research prior to embarking on a marketing blitz and consequently endangering consumers is utterly unforgivable.

Anyway, awards, citations, and trophies have become so ubiquitous that it is superfluous and has lost its meaning or significance.  Seldom can one find a household where there is not some kind of recognition prominently and proudly exhibited for all to see.

TaN: It is interesting to note that (most) people are (unconsciously) very subjective when it comes to overlooking or ignoring the “wrongs” of persons they care about, especially kins and immediate family or individuals who have always treated them well.

As a case in point, how frequently do we read or hear about a person being accused or charged with wrongful acts but their relatives or friends or supporters will vehemently and zealously defend and even go so far as to publicly attest to their kindness and uprightness.

Or, it could be a case of people just plain ignorant of (proper) ethics and act in accordance to natural instincts — even if it means lying or speaking out of ignorance regarding the true character of someone they know (especially if it is a relative), which is to protect or defend them even if all evidence shows guilt or wrongful deeds.

But then again, to a certain degree, it simply cannot be helped because people are inherently subjective and there is no way to completely purge ourselves of prejudice.  No matter what and whatever we do, there will always be at least some tinge or trace of bias in all of our actions and decisions and words.

This being the case, it should be a “healthy” attitude to tolerate some degree of subjectivity when it comes to making “judgments” or conclusions regarding other people.  Total objectivity is not possible, at least not in this reality.

Still, those close to people being accused of some misdeeds should, likewise, be more astute about their defense of their relatives and loved ones.

TaN: In government service, official statements should be checked and rechecked and triple checked before being made public.  Backtracking is a sign of inadequate or insufficient information verification or not thinking things through and thoroughly — or as the saying goes, Please make sure brain is in gear before engaging mouth — and is simple incompetence, especially if the issue is very important (and concerns the security and well being of the nation).

This is the frequent problem or issue with being in government service, especially when the position or agency is high profile, and it is precisely for this reason that there is a spokesman and are protocols (that are expected to be observed) — to make it appear that there is coordination in the ranks and a policy or stand in an issue will have the public perception of coherence and, thereby, credibility.

Moreover, diplomacy and tact are not only good but essential qualities of/for a government official, aside from thinking (carefully) before blurting out any utterance.  It is important to remember that, once a statement has been made public, there is no “take back”.  The damage has been done and there is no way of undoing that which has been done.  Oh sure, one can always apologize or “explain” or make amends but it will no longer be the same.  This is exactly why it is written in the Holy Scriptures (in Matthew 15:11 and in Mark 7:15): “[Matthew] Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man” and “[Mark] There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man” [taken from URL: and, respectively — KJV].

This not only goes for Mr Duterte but to Mr Aguirre as well.  Mr Aguirre appears to have assimilated the “ways” of his boss in the sense that he is a frequent source of “fake news” — i.e., making public statements that he would later either “clarify” or take back because they have been proven to be either premature, unvetted, ill-informed, or just to have something to say to the media.

What makes all these worse is that the people — or at least Mr Duterte’s supporters, loyalists, lapdogs, and sycophants — are taking all these conflicting and proven-unreliable public pronouncements in stride.  Well, what can I say?  Die hards will be die hards.

TaN: Well, it is finally (un)confirmed — Mr Duterte is implementing his “creeping martial law”.  First it was just public pronouncements, then came the alluding threats, then the state of lawlessness, then martial law in Mindanao, now (today, July 23, The Philippine STAR hardcopy headline, “Congress extends ML until Dec 31” by a certain Paolo Romero, with another front page article “Party-list lawmaker suggests nationwide martial law” by a certain Jess Diaz), which will eventually see the full realization of the public pronouncements of Mr Speaker Alvarez who advocates and insists on having the whole scheme extend all the way to the end of Mr Duterte’s term of office and perhaps even beyond (by his hand-picked successor).  And they keep denying that it cannot be compared to Mr Marcos’ martial rule some four-and-a-half decades ago.

There you have it folks!  The technique is to do it slowly and with none-too-subtle hints and threats.  Couple this with a submissive and apathetic citizenry and you have the spectre of martial law all over again.  Truly, history does repeat itself…only worse.


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