Post for Sep 10-16 2017 (updated Sep 20)

TaN (update): In the recent news in the Philippines regarding the measly budget for its Commission on Human Rights (CHR) by the House of the Representatives, the social media storm that ensued is but expected, right, and moral.

Perhaps it is high time that the taxpayers dictate where their share of taxes go. In this particular instance, from the news in The Philippine STAR, it was reported that reactions such as wanting to send their taxes to the CHR instead of Mr Duterte’s bloody and barbaric campaign against illegal drugs and/or the salaries of the (unabashed) congressmen who “conspired” in approval of the said CHR’s measly P1,000 2018 budget.

In addition, it would be prudent for the constituents to remember the names of those congressmen who “proudly” conspired to such a dastardly deed come election time and mete out their just desserts — if only they will remember to outrage because Filipino voters have very short memories.

In conclusion, with exception to the family and friends of the victims (especially if the casualty is an innocent collateral victim) I sincerely doubt if the voters will not let their choice be clouded by money, friendship, and other biased reasons and re-elect these embarrassing members of Congress.

TaN (update): In an article appearing on the September 15 issue of The Philippine STAR titled “Rody’s sister says he’s a chauvinist” by Reuters, the piece was very well written and, as far as I can tell, was objectively done and was very careful to avoid using biased terms and descriptions in order that a more accurate image of Mr Duterte is presented.

From the article, I can discern that Mr Duterte’s vulnerabilities are in his: inability to tolerate dissension and disagreement, constant need for re-affirmation of his ego and self-assurance, and an obsession to prove (to himself and others) his machismo and masculinity (especially his superiority complex towards women) — revealing a feeling of inadequacy and self-doubt of one’s capabilities.  Only people with self-esteem issues need to constantly and perpetually prove themselves — not only to others but mostly to themselves.  They have to convince themselves that they are important, that they have worth, that they (and what they do) matter, that others do not look down on (or feel sorry for) them.

Another character trait is the tendency to put down others — insulting and abasing them — because it appears to be the only way Mr Duterte can feel good about himself, to feel that he is brave, to feel that he is a he-man.  His constant bragging and use of expletives and off-color language is a manifestation of his feeling of inadequacy.

It would appear that tyrants and authoritarians all share and exhibit these same character flaws and as well as the messianic complex — that they are the (self-)anointed saviors of mankind.

I wonder how history will finally judge him — and how his family and descendants will feel when they learn of his deeds (or misdeeds).

TaN: In today’s (August 24) hardcopy issue of The Philippine STAR headlined “Nobody wants to kill innocents — Rody” by a certain Alexis Romero, apparently either Mr Romero or Mr Duterte has mis-stated his sentiment because if the statement were true or factual, why then are there innocent victims?  I believe that the statement should have been “No good person wants to kill innocents” instead of just “nobody”.

Although I may be just splitting hairs, still it is better, whenever possible and applicable, to avoid making inaccurate statements as they can cause confusion in people, especially those with very simple minds.

TaN: Yet another argument that proves there are neither intelligent nor dumb people is that the difference between a smart person and one who is not is thinking.

An intelligent person thinks.  When one does not think, one becomes, for all intents and purposes, dumb.  All that sets an intelligent person apart from a dumb one is thinking and, by thinking, I mean that the person is having thought processes which were caused by a situation or condition and requires a solution, resolution, or answer.  Therefore, thinking is a thought process with a purpose and not just for the sake of having something for the mind to do.

No matter how high the intelligence quotient (IQ) is, it is absolutely of no significance when a person is not thinking.  This is the same as the argument regarding common sense, where having it but not using it is as good as not having it at all.

In any situation, mere possession or having “it” is not equivalent to or does not necessarily mean that “it” is being used and, since it is not being used, its presence or existence is just as good is good for nothing, especially when “it” is immaterial or an abstract (where its presence or existence can only be confirmed by its use, like a talent or skill).

In other words, the sure sign of an intelligent person is when the person speaks or is doing something (particularly when solving a problem or resolving an issue or dilemma).  One cannot discern the intelligence of an idle person.  A perfect case in point is when a person is asleep — i.e., I am referring to a total stranger and not someone well known and therefore people might already know of his prowess.

TaN: A truly healthy person still gets sick every now and then but gets well within a short period of time (usually within 3 days, especially if it is viral) and without much assistance from external (i.e., medical or pharmaceutical) interventions, while a truly fit person does not achieve fitness through regular and intentional fitness regimens and routines but achieve fitness along with his/her daily activities.  The common notion that healthy people do not get sick is just as inaccurate as the idea that there are cancer-free people — i.e., differentiating “cancer-free” from “free of cancer cells”.

[This last phrase segment — “cancer-free” versus “free of cancer cells” — is for another TaN but permit me to partially and initially clarify this to avoid (early) confusion.  To the best of my knowledge, cancer cells are the “rogue” cells of the body that have lost or deactivated the natural process of apoptosis or cell death whereas cancer is the condition or disease which is made up of cancer cells.  There are cancer cells present in our bodies at all times but are kept under control and are eventually sought out and destroyed by the immune system so there is not enough of it to make up the disease.]

Anyway, there is no such person who never gets sick.  It is just like the garbage that the medical industry is spreading regarding diabetes and pre-diabetes and high levels of serum blood sugar — where they base their prognosis of diabetes just because a person’s blood sugar levels are high.  If there were so, then all people are diabetic because the blood sugar is very high right after a meal, especially one high in carbohydrates be they complex or not.  In truth, it is the amount of time it takes for the body to bring blood sugar levels back to normal after a meal that determines whether one is diabetic or not and not just the mere presence of large amounts of blood sugar.

Moreover, getting sick is not exactly a bad thing, especially childhood diseases.  Childhood diseases are nature’s way of preparing the body for future pathogens and infectious agents that will attack the body.  Diseases such as mumps, chicken pox, measles, and the rest are training sessions for the body defense system and the occasional bouts with the cold and influenza are follow-up training exercises to keep the body’s immune system in fighting condition.  For as long as we know what to do to deter the onslaught of a disease, there is really no need to worry.

God made our body so perfectly that it can literally go on forever.  It has a constant replacement protocol or mechanism to ensure that worn out or damaged cells are broken down, recycled, eliminated and new ones take their place.  This is what stem cells are for.  The proof are those Biblical personalities who lived hundreds of years, the longest of which is supposed to be Methuselah who is alleged to have died at the age of nine hundred and sixty-nine.  The most recent longest lived person — on record but Western medicine still refuses to acknowledge it, arguing that it was never authenticated — is a certain Li Ching-Yuen of Kai Xian, Sichuan who was said to have died in May 1933 at the age of 256!  He may be far from Methuselah’s 969 years but it is still long enough to be enviable.

In conclusion, being healthy is not about living longer — primarily because, since one does not know when one will die, it is impossible to say with certainty that one has added years to one’s life by being healthy.  Being healthy is avoiding being sick as we wait to die.  Remember that: When will we die is the prerogative of God, but how we die or in what state of health are we at the moment of death is our choice.  You can either be sick and miserable in the last years of your life or be healthy and disease-free.

TaN: Ever since the Mayan December 21, 2012 declaration of the end of the previous 4th cycle and the beginning of the new 5th (supposedly the Age of Enlightenment and Transparency) Cycle, there appears to be an increase intensity of the struggle between good and evil, between the truth and lies (aka fake news and untruths).

It would seem that this is the winner-take-all all-in make-or-break age where both sides — good and evil — is pulling out all the stops to emerge triumphant.  And evil has the advantage of (owning or “owning”) mainstream media in order to discriminate against efforts by good to spread the truth that evil is so desperately trying to conceal so that the people will be confused or convinced of the lies and fake news and remain to believe that everything is all right with the world.

Moreover, there is increase in worthless things and events in order to distract the people from the more important and urgent matters that are transpiring — things and events like more fantasy and sci-fi films, more music concerts and celebrity news, more dumbing telenovelas and escapist fantasy series (like Hunger Games and Game of Thrones), more sleazy and racy reality television series (where media broadcasts anything and everything that happens in people’s lives every moment of the day) and game shows, a deluge of infotainment and infomercials and sports events, and many more of the like.

The other side is relying on alternate media and alternate online news sites to put the truth out to the people.  But it appears to be an uphill or losing battle as people are more prone to patronize the mundane and trivial than those that can benefit their personal, spiritual, and moral growth.  No wonder the Holy Scriptures mentioned that very few will be worthy of Paradise.

TaN: If you want praise and flattery, ask your subordinates; if you want the truth, ask your peers.  How true this adage for people who are wanting of validation of friendship and social status.

Subordinates, especially in the workplace, will always tell you nice things and whatever you want to hear — mostly out of fear r(for their jobs) rather than respect and honesty.  Peers, precisely why they are so, are not threatened by you so would not hesitate to tell you the truth.

Another similar phrase regarding truth and honesty (but not quite) is: When one is in power, our friends know us; when one is no longer in power, we know our friends.  These are what are known as fair weather friends.  They are friends only for as long as they can benefit from the relationship.  These are opportunistic parasites and leeches.

It is so difficult today to find true and lasting friendships.  Friends are relatives that we chose; relatives are friends we did not.

In this materialistic world, true friends are a rarity and should be cherished.


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