Post for Nov 12-18 2017

TaN: More and more prophecies (from the Holy Scriptures) are coming true.  However, people fail to notice them because appear to be looking for specific events. In truth, the prophecies are actually categories and not exact happenings.

One prophecy that has been going on for quite some time now — and has been escalating ever since — is that of “nations against nations and brothers against brothers”.  By categories, I mean that there are many events that fit into the prophecy.

The above-cited category is very evident in the rise of conflicts between neighboring countries — from Israel versus its neighbors of Egypt, Iraq, Syria, et al to China and southeast Asian states and Japan to North Korea and the USA and more — and that of non-states, like the Taliban which supposedly gave rise to al Qaeda, in turn, giving rise to the Islamic State and then to many other pockets of religious-related violence.

In addition, there are the state-sponsored sanctions being carried out, which qualifies are “brother against brother”.  Ding-ding-ding-ding: Mr Duterte, FYI, when you make public pronouncements of threats of violence and “encouraging” people to kill others, these are considered state-sponsored.

“State-sponsored” does not refer only to officials directives and policies but it is all-encompassing and includes every single utterance made by a government official — especially if it comes from the chief executive.  It is for this reason that public statements, be they from national or local (or even barangay) officials can be considered state-sponsored even if they are not supposed to be regarded as such but as private remarks.

It is precisely this reason that public officials should be careful and watch their (public) statements, especially in front of media (be they broadcast or social) — note: even statements and utterances made in a small group of individuals or private gathering where at least one individual is not among the close circle of friends and acquaintances who are familiar with the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the government official.

In fact, even simple (innocent) comments in social media can be construed as official government policies.  Take the case of the debacle of Ms Abigail Valte during the early part of the term of Mr Benigno Simon Aquino III when she tweeted her private thought and opinion regarding what was served in the Vietnam state visit incident.  What exacerbated the incident was that it was not localized — i.e., those who followed Ms Valte’s social media account were not limited to her countrymen.

To make matters worse, Mr Duterte has already (and more than once) said in public that he lies a lot, even in public.  Couple this with his draconian style of governance and we have a sure-fire recipe for abuses by authorities who are ever so eager to please Mr Duterte, so much that they do not stop to assess whether Mr Duterte is “only joking” or is deadly serious about his statement/s.  This is a principal reason why Mr Dela Rosa keeps repeating that the PNP (Philippine National Police) is not involved in EJKs (extra-judicial killings) — because Mr Duterte has not “formalized” his “jokes” into written policies.

By being very technical about it, Mr Duterte is able to squirm out of being responsible for the consequences of his public pronouncements.  Those itching with vigilantism (be they in the private or the law enforcement sector) and the more unscrupulous individuals and groups (with ulterior motives, such as rivals and criminally-minded and the mentally imbalanced) can always take this as a cue to take the law into their own hands. And this, though not “officially” a state policy, has the effect of being state-sponsored.  And it is this technicality that administrative officials, like Mr Abella, can say with all candor and a straight face that there are no EJKs — state-sponsored or otherwise — and no state-sanctioned killings.

TaN: It is immoral to have prime commodities — things that are essential to all people, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, values, or whatever, and “essential” means something that is vital, that one cannot do without, that is necessary for staying not just alive but healthy — cost more than non-essentials.  And by “cost more”, I mean that qualitatively — i.e., the amount per unit of measure in comparison to others which are not vital to a person’s survival or life.

One problem is that people’s idea or definition of what is essential has been subverted.  A case in point is an argument I had with a former (because I was retired and he is still employed) colleague where he claimed that, today, cars are a necessity — although he qualified it by specifying “today”.  I countered with the logic that what was a necessity can become a non-necessity but never a non-necessity can become a necessity — citing food, though still essential, was precious a century or so ago because it was difficult to produce but, with the improvements and advancements in agriculture, has become (for many) not as essential.

In fact, no person today (or even a couple of decades back) should be starving today because our agricultural technology has reached the point where we are producing more than enough for every person on this planet.  The only reasons why there is (still) so much starvation and famine is primarily due to corporate greed and politics — with improper distribution being the immediate culprit behind the under-nourished and under-fed masses, while there is an epidemic of obesity (and morbidly obese) people in industrialized or First World countries such as the United States of America and those countries that “look up” to the USA lifestyle.  [But I digress again, as I am oft wont to do.]

Returning to topic, there was a time when my best friend remarked that our values has been so skewed and twisted that it has become cheaper to give beer or liquor to your child than milk.

In a strange way, I think it is for the better — that (commercial) milk cost has become very prohibitive — because commercial milk today is loaded with stuff that not only are not inherent or natural in it but are frequently unhealthy and even toxic.  Some examples of foreign substances that should not be present in (commercial) milk are: synthetic (growth) hormones, vaccines and vaccine residues, pesticides (and herbicides and insecticides), and pus (or somatic cells).  Somatic cells are usually present in milk from cows coming from CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations or feedlots) and commercial milk is one of the principal products.

Another case would be the prohibitive cost of (allopathic) medicine or pharmaceuticals which, according to numerous independent and non-industry-funded studies and most notably by Dr Gary Null, have been proven to have mark-ups that went over ONE MILLION PERCENT!

TaN: The “revised” commandments that Jesus Christ left us with are simple but challenging — “difficult” is such a negative and discouraging word.  They are simple because it does not take people with high or even average IQs (intelligence quotients) to understand.  Only those with intentions and motives other than good and beneficial to all people will have difficulty obeying those (new) commandments.

They are challenging because it takes a lot of will power to overcome the temptations of evil.  As they say (and I paraphrase), The road to heaven is narrow and thorny while the road to hell is wide and paved with gold, or as written in the Holy Scriptures (in Mark 10:25, Matthew 19:24, Luke 18:25, KJV), “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into kingdom of God“.

But this is true only if we try to do it ourselves.  However, it is a piece of cake if and when you surrender to God and He takes over.  When this happens — and I mean truly happens — it becomes so easy.  The difficult part is bring ourselves to surrender to God.

TaN: Since “Beauty is only skin deep” and “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder“, it is not only a waste of (precious) time, attention, and effort to focus on or give importance but even foolish to be so concerned with it.  It is only because profit-driven (modern (and twisted)) business has capitalized on the (narcissistic) need of most people — and, especially, those low self-esteemed and/or who are shallow — to feel accepted by others and to look good superficially that there is so much hype regarding fashion and beauty.

In truth, true beauty is inside and it describes the personality, the character, the inner being of a person and not his/her outward appearance.  But because (most) people are superficial, shallow, and frivolous in their appreciation of the aesthetics in life, it is not surprising that man’s constant “search” for beauty will — just like truth and justice and wisdom — be eternally futile for his concept and understanding of the absolute is clouded by temporal reality and his arrogance of using himself as the standard by which everything will be measured, compared to, and defined.

The mere fact that his “search” is constant and constantly moving from one to the next proves that all is not true — i.e., true love is not true love, truth is not truth, beauty is not beauty, happiness is not happiness, etc — because should true beauty be found then the quest is over. There will be no succeeding searches.

Just like my previous TaN that dealt with happiness, when one claims that, say, winning a race makes one happy, then there should no longer be other races thereafter otherwise it would mean that the happiness faded or disappeared and one must join another race to regain that happiness.  If that be the case, then the happiness is not true happiness.  It was an illusion — or you do not really know what will make you happy.

Moreover, our concept of beauty is erroneous and based on our own idea of what beauty ought to be.  These absolutes — of beauty, wisdom, truth, happiness, and love — cannot be searched.  They will come when they come.

As written in the Holy Scriptures (and I paraphrase): Do not waste time and effort amassing earthly or worldly things.  These will pass away.  Instead, focus on treasures that are of heaven for these are eternal and decay cannot touch — treasures such as integrity, dignity, truth, honesty, righteousness, diligence, and all the other values and virtues.  These not only can we take with us (into the next life) but are “deposited” way ahead of us and will be waiting for us when our time arrives.

In the end, external beauty is ravaged by time and, therefore, is not true beauty.  True beauty is unreachable by any of the temporal forces and influences.  This escapes most people’s understanding and appreciation.


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