Post for Nov 26-Dec 2 2017 (updated Nov 27 and Dec 1)

TaN (update 2): The article in Natural News regarding the issue of sustainable development titled “How green is the technology that makes your green energy? Researchers are working to develop sustainable ways to source the raw materials” by a certain Frances Bloomfield (URL: and dated November 30, 2017 is what I have been discussing in previous TaNs concerning what is true sustainable development.  At first glance, the title would seem to suggest a real concern and rightly so as to what has been happening in the green technology sector.

However, after a quick perusal of the contents, it would appear that it is not much better.  They are still missing the point in the critical issue of green technology and renewable energy production.  The article is still focused on the narrow vision of trying to find a “solution” to the unrevealed truth behind conventional green technology — which is the continued ravaging of the environment to stay within the constricted margins of “sustainable development” that conventional Big Business and Big Tech is dictating and has established (in order to protect their corporate interests and profits).

Oh, I have no doubt that the author is sincerely and truly honest in her attempt to mitigate and find a better solution to the incessant problem that beset conventional green technology.  Actually, the solution is easier than imagined but it requires thinking out of the confines of conventional green technology, thinking out of the box, and embracing the inconvenient fact that it is precisely this restrictive parameters on conventional green technology that is hampering efforts to achieve true sustainable development.  The mind-set at its foundation must drastically and dramatically (and substantially) be changed.

If we keep trying to confine our solutions to within the boundaries that ensures that business makes a profit above the global (environmental) interests, there will never be any truly sustainable development.  It has come to the point that solutions that must conform to the limitations set in or by conventional corporate-centered and -inspired green technology will simply be going around in circles and have the perpetual problem of finding “better” techniques and using “better” materials that must be mined or harvested from the environment using unsustainable practices and methods.

For as long as profit remains as the primary or central (and frequently only) consideration in any endeavor to find genuine sustainable ways and solutions to our (energy) problems, there will never be any real sustainable way out.

The only way is to take profit out of the picture or at least relegate it to third priority.  Put people and environment ahead.

TaN (update 2): In the November 28 hardcopy issue of The Philippine STAR, in the article found in the front page titled “Destab? Don’t look at us — Noy” by a certain Robertzon Ramirez, former president Benigno Simon Aquino III could not have said it any better and more aptly (and I quote): “Kung hindo tama yung mga nangyayari, kung hindi natutupad mga pinangako, kung hindi natupad yung mga sinasabi, dun nagke-create ng dissatisfaction.  Hindi sa amon nagmumula ‘yunBaka dapat tumingin sila sa mga paligid nila (If things aren’t turning out right, if promises are not fulfilled, or if words are not kept — these are what create dissatisfaction, and it’s not coming from us.  Maybe they should look around them).”

If government, especially the top national (elected) officials, are or have not been living up to the promises and expectations of the people, if the campaign promises have not been fulfilled, if the way the government is run is contrary to or inconsistent with the common values and sense of decency and justice of the people (like killings of suspects and people under custody and human rights violations and denials of any wrongdoing when it is glaringly blatant), and if arrogance and impunity is the “rule of law”, it will not be surprising that all the misdeeds and wrongdoings will eventually return to haunt them.  Their guilty conscience will begin to create paranoia and scenarios that make them see things that are not there.

The problem is that, when this happens, something and someone must act fast otherwise the situation will degenerate further into chaos and anarchy.

TaN (update 2): In the Natural News article titled “Nation in SHOCK after hidden camera captures nurses laughing like crazy as U.S. veteran gasps for air and dies in a hospital” by a certain JD Heyes (URL: posted likewise on November 27, 2017, this is another one of those “pranks” gone wrong.

The trouble with many people, especially among the younger generation, is that they seem to have lost or not acquired — and we not only have technology but ourselves, as parents likewise, to blame — the decency and common sense to know and set the limits or boundaries of pranks and such similar useless forms of (self-)entertainment for deriving amusement and pleasure.

Most of the youths and younger generation who grew up with (modern) digital technology (more than with their parents) appear not to have imbibed the proper values and have little or no knowledge of the limits or boundaries of their actions and decisions as well as be responsible for the consequences that ensue.

Due to the fast pace of technology advancement and innovation — most, if not all, of which is and has been due to the unrelenting, inexcusable, and maniacal drive of corporate greed (in terms of profit) and under the guise of progress and development, sustainable or otherwise — the Biblical warning of Timothy has repeatedly been vindicated…that the “love of money is the root of all evil“.  Because of the fast-changing pace of (digital) technological evolution, values and good manners have fallen by the wayside and the young no longer possess or have been imbued with the ability to distinguish proper decency and compassion for others.

Add to all these the influence and where they get ideas (like the film “Flatliners“) of the cinematic industry where many celluloid plots become reality because some viewers decided it was a good idea to try and emulate it — frequently without fully comprehending the extent of the consequences that ensue.

It is sad that with so much information and ideas being generated and disseminated through mass media and digital technology is so easily accessible (and so much more appealing to the youth), society — specifically the parents, because I put the blame squarely on their shoulders — cannot compete against (digital) technology for the attention and interest of the youth and young generation so much so that the proper (and essential) values are not adequately and firmly taught before exposure to the influences of (and social pressures brought about by) corporate marketing and consumerism.  Moreover, much like society’s problem with the so-called “children in conflict with the law”, it is vital that children be emotionally prepared before they are exposed to aggressive corporate marketing.

It is the same problem with today’s education where children are entering formal education at earlier ages because parents would like to believe that their children are geniuses and advanced for the age so are enrolled before their emotional development has been established.  Intellectual development is much easier than emotional development — the latter taking a longer duration and cannot be rushed — to subject or expose emotionally unprepared children to the demands and pressures of formal education (in an ever more competitive world) that they grow up without the proper values and ethics.  When this happens, this is what we are witnessing (and lamenting) today — that more and more adults (as well as the youth) — where more and more people are committing unethical acts.

Our next generation are being turned into human robots — locked and loaded with information crammed into their brains by formal education but do not have the proper spiritual and ethical compass to guide decisions and actions.

It is (more) important that emotional development must be firmly in place even before the first exposure of a child to intellectual indoctrination by formal education.  A “genius” child with no moral compass is very dangerous and frequently a threat to society.  Because of this, criminal acts and felonies are committed by younger and younger people and innocent people suffer unnecessarily.

TaN (update 2): In the Natural News article titled “The newest device for weight loss is a nose plug: Recent studies have found a connection between the smell of food and weight gain” by a certain Michelle Simmons (URL: posted November 27, 2017, the nose plug to help curb the temptation to eat excessively makes sense since [1] the tongue has only the 5 basic taste groups (of sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami) and much of the flavor of food is “tasted” by the nose — which explains why food taste bland when our nose is stuffed or clog — and [2] we smell food log before it touches the tongue.  In this sense, nose plugs will certainly mitigate the urge to constantly eat and eat a lot.

To do it properly — so as not to feel deprived nor to over-eat — plan out first how much you are (supposedly) going to eat (IN ONE PLATE) then plug your nose just before the last couple of mouthfuls.  This ensures that you still eat and will not feel as though you are being “punished” but will not over-eat since, when the nose plug goes into effect, the food will start to taste bland and you will (hopefully) lose interest.

I should have thought of this long ago.

TaN (update): Among many others in the recent past of articles posted in Natural News (dated Nov 25, 2017), these two (titled “Suggestion for the elderly: Run from dementia — literally — regular exercise can heal the brain, according to new study” by a certain Rita Winters [URL:] and “Massive health study finds dietary fiber intake slashes risk of numerous diseases” by a certain Frances Bloomfield [URL:] — just goes to show that there are many simple and inexpensive ways to be and stay healthy, eat right, and fight or prevent sickness and disease.  [Note: I differentiate “sickness” from “disease”. Sickness is natural, like measles, mumps, flu, and chicken pox and even the major threats like small pox and bubonic or black plague; whereas disease (which is the combination of the prefix “dis” meaning “not” and “ease” so the overall meaning is uncomfortable or not at ease) is something unnatural as in lifestyle disease (which is preventable and unnecessary) and man-made (as in weaponized biological and chemical warfare agents and “corporate-sponsored” ones like most Ebola and MRSA or methecillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus), don’t tell me it is natural.]

If you have the proper information — which has been revealed to be intentionally being kept from the public by Big Pharma — you can easily avoid or even reverse or cure lifestyle diseases. Moreover, knowing the root or causes of certain illnesses makes it much easier to remember how to stay healthy and find alternative ways (and spread the word FREELY) to stay healthy, just make sure the recommended solution is as universally applicable as possible and not biased to the season and locality of the solution.

Some cases in point are the two aforementioned articles.  For the one concerning running to stave off or even reverse dementia and memory and cognitive failure, actually it is not only running but any heart rate-increasing aerobic (low- or non-impact) physical activity will do as fine or even better (the lower the impact to the joint bones, the better, unless you know how to run properly — which is ball-strike and not heel-strike strides or running).  The reason for this is the increased heart rate coupled with the elevated and more intense muscle activity in the legs helps drive or pump the blood up to the brain against gravity.  This more forceful pump of the blood increases the oxygen and nutrient supply to the brain which not only nourishes the neurons better but even clears the CO2 and toxic cellular respiration wastes that clouds and damages cells and tissues.  The leg-muscle action or activity squeezes against the blood vessels walls (equipped with one-way flow valves) which pushes better against the force of gravity and thereby ensuring a greater supply of fresh oxygen and nutrients to the brain.  This is not to mention that increase physical activity causes the body to produce and release more norepinephrine, the hormone that relaxes or dilates blood vessel walls causing them to distend, be more flexible, and accommodating a greater volume of blood flow.  This hormone is frequently seen when physical and muscle activity is increased to prevent aneurysm and cardiac stress. So, it does not have to be jogging.  Any physical activity that increases muscle activity, especially those in the legs or the major muscle groups, will do just fine and aerobic ones lessen the risk of damaging impact to the joints.

As to the other regarding the benefits of dietary fiber to health, it has already been repeatedly shown that both soluble and insoluble dietary fibers are very beneficial and perform very vital roles in health. For the soluble fiber, they mop up excess damaging LDL (low-density lipoprotein) to be eliminated thereby helping maintain clean and smooth inner blood vessel walls and reducing the strain to the heart; whereas, dietary insoluble fiber absorbs water to bulk up the intestines to induce more frequent cleansing bowel movements as well as serving as a “broom” to gently but firmly scrape toxic substances that stick to the inner intestinal walls to mitigate and even prevent related diseases such as colorectal cancer, anal cancer, hemorrhoids, and constipation. Just make sure that the dietary fibers being taken come from organic or nature-harvested plant foods (especially root crops, legumes and lentils, and leafy vegetables) and they are taken raw or (if you must cook or expose them to heat) with as little exposure to temperatures above 120 degrees Centigrade or 248 degrees Fahrenheit.  At these temperatures, any benefit to be derived from even the healthiest food can and will be turned toxic and even carcinogenic (as in acrylamides in starch or carbohydrates and nitrosamides (as well as n-nitrosamides) in meat).

So, it is important that we know the fundamental reason for doing something beneficial or healthy so we can think of other alternatives that may work even better in the event that the recommended is or cannot be applied — such as running for non-ambulatory people.

TaN: Regardless or irrespective of the quantity of academic degrees and researches and whatever learning a person has achieved or received, s/he is not an educated person if s/he does not know how to respect others.  Respect is one of the primary and fundamental qualities that a person must possess in order to be considered civilized and educated.

Many individuals let their accumulated acquired intelligence go to their heads and (arrogantly) expect or even demand that others not only to acknowledge but to (always) overtly display and address them accordingly.  This is the height of pride and arrogance, to think that being more knowledgeable is a license or right to look down and treat others as lesser mortals.

In addition and to make matters worse, to use (supposed, because its truthfulness is debatable) superior intelligence to impose upon others respect and acknowledgement without reciprocating is a definite and clear sign of being uneducated — for a learned individual is knows and shows respect to others regardless of the latter’s wealth or educational attainment or social status or occupation or skill level (be they lowly manual laborers and indigents or the chief executive).  All people deserve to be treated with respect.

However, it must be remembered that respect is earned or given and cannot be demanded.  One gives respect to others but cannot expect much less demand it from others.  One must prove oneself worthy of being respected.

In conclusion, respect, though it is awarded, must first be given to others before being withdrawn should they prove, later, to be unworthy of the respect.  It must initially be assumed that others are respectable.  One must always think good of others first and until proven otherwise.  It is similar to principle in law regarding guilt — innocent until proven guilty.

TaN: It used to be that health care is taken for granted for it was the easiest thing to do, but with the daily onslaught of toxic and mutagenic chemicals that our body is exposed to in every conceivable manner and circumstance — be it ingested or inhaled or rubbed or sprayed on (as deodorants and perfumes) or in whatever manner that makes our body come in contact with them, it is now of primal concern that we have to be ever vigilant.

It is no longer possible to avoid all the toxic and mutagenic substances so the next best thing is to strengthen or shore up our defense — i.e., immune — system/s.  There are two layers and types of defenses in our body: external (which is passive) and internal (which has both an active and a passive component).

The external layer is the skin — our body’s largest organ and the principal first line of defense.  The internal layer has passive and active components of which the lymphatic system is the former while the latter are the T and B cells and the leukocytes (of which white blood cells or macrophages are a major component) are the more common and well-known cells, aside from natural killer cells.

In any case, there are also dietary nutrients we can take that support the immune system, like (soluble and insoluble) fibers (from unprocessed organic and naturally-grown fruits and vegetables and root crops) — reportedly to actively bind with certain heavy metals and toxic compounds to render them harmless or inert and easily flushed out through the excretory organs and systems (like the kidneys, skin pores, and sinuses, among others).  Insoluble fibers are claimed to bind with excess blood sugar and (oxidized or spent) serum cholesterol, such as HDL or high-density lipoprotein.

Before this wave of consumerism and emphasis on ever-increasing profits by corporate self-interests instead of or at the expense of people’s welfare and well being, staying healthy was simple and almost effortless.  However, with corporate business — as differentiated from the traditional cottage and community-based businesses and industries where the people are familiar and in good terms with everybody else — concerned only with turning profits and not much else, much less the environment where most (if not all) resources are derived, the natural equilibrium of our living surroundings (and by extension the entire planet) have not only been disturbed but even ravaged to the brink of exhaustion and virtually irrecoverable state and pollution of all sorts are all around us.  We are constantly and consistently being pummeled and bombarded by all manners of conceivable toxins and negative and harmful stress which keeps our bodies in a perpetual defensive and off-balanced state.

And as if it were not enough, corporate self-interest and greed has gone to the point where it not only keeps secrets and critical knowledge from the public but has even gone on the offensive with mis- and dis-information and FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) tactics to ensure the people are kept in the dark as to how to extricate themselves out of this quagmire and morass and bring everything back to equilibrium.

In truth, if we are not persistently and maliciously assaulted every moment of our life by corporate greed and self-interest to rake in maximum profits, being and staying healthy is a breeze.  All that is needed to remember for essential health are the five cardinal adjectives that all foods must possess or be taken: Raw, Natural (i.e., little or no human intervention whatsoever), Whole, Seasonal, and Local.  The more of the five are applicable or present, the better.

[Btw, what the five characteristics mean are: Raw = little or no exposure to heat whatsoever and if necessary, heat applied must not exceed 120 degrees C or 248 degrees F; Natural = grown with little or no human intervention (like harvested from the wild, application only of organic uncontaminated compost or natural inorganic fertilizers such as rock dust, and sprouted from seeds that contain their originally natural DNA or from traditional selective breeding, among others) and consuming food as near its natural state as possible (such as carrots as carrots and not in juice form); Whole = whenever possible, must be consumed in its entirety and no cherry picking of only those portions desired (like eating only the egg white but not the yolk and eating an apple or potato along with the skin or peel and eating grapes including the seeds); Seasonal = eating seasonally available food during their traditionally and naturally occurring season (such as watermelons during summer and apples during winter and lychee during spring); and, Local = eating foods that are (naturally) endemic (such as coconuts in the tropics and apples in temperate zones) with exceptions to certain foods that have already been introduced for several generations even though they are actually “alien”, such as maize and potatoes which were originally from South America.]

One last note: It is absolutely and completely wrong and unforgivable to waste still-edible food (such as throwing away half-eaten or untouched but still edible food) or over-indulge when so many others have hardly anything to eat.  Moreover, it is just as evil to let good food go to waste, such as letting food expire because of over-purchase and left forgotten or have grown tired of eating it.  It is vital to remember: Waste not, want not.

TaN: I have a bone to pick with Big Bang Theory advocates and supporters.  It is said (and, unfortunately, accepted generally) that the universe started from a teeny tiny dot somewhere in oblivion then exploded and expanded from there on.  Since then, it has cooled and “slowed” down — but there are many indications and new developments which contest that and say otherwise.

Anyway, my issue is, assuming (for argument sake) that it is as conventional or mainstream science claims, I find it difficult to imagine a tiny dot somewhere out there BUT NOT IN SPACE.  For me, it is like saying that NOTHING is not SOMETHING.  The mere fact that it is NOTHING means or implies that it MUST be something.

Moreover, why did that tiny dot “explode” when it did?  Why not sooner or later?

And speaking of “sooner or later”, does this not imply that there is already time existing back then even “before” the big bang?

Furthermore, if everything was created from that tiny dot, was that tiny dot not a thing in the first place?  So there was already something even back then.

Still another is: If space-time was created at the moment and by that fabled Big Bang, where was that tiny dot located back before space-time was created?  What is that location called?  Is or can it not be called space?

Finally, how did the tiny dot appear?  From where did it come from?  It must have originated from somewhere — like from nothing.  Could it have just materialized by itself from oblivion — and can “oblivion” not be considered a place, in this instance (so how does that “place” differ from the space-time that came into existence from the Big Bang)?

And what is the stuff that made up that tiny primordial dot?  Is or was it homogeneous or a single uniform material?  And what were its properties?  Were those properties unique from that stuff the resulting universe or did it morphed into the present stuff?

Finally, it must have been unstable otherwise why did it “explode”?  But if it was unstable, had it always been unstable or did something change that gave birth to the Big Bang?

Personally, especially after all the aforementioned, I have many doubts and reservations regarding this much-touted Big Bang.  There are still so many unanswered or inconsistent issues and so much still to be known — and to think all these are about a teeny tiny infinitesimal dot, what more the universe?

TaN: As of late (and from my personal experience only), I have noticed that lawyers have become more concerned with keeping their clients out of jail than ensuring that their client’s rights are protected.  In my opinion (and I am not sure whether it is a fact) that serving truth and justice supersedes the duty to defend the client’s rights — which should not have an conflict if done objectively and properly — and (much less) keeping the client out of jail (unless the client is innocent).

Although keeping their client out of jail is one of a lawyer’s fundamental and primordial obligation, it does not however mean that it should be done at the expense of justice and the truth.  Moreover, lawyers should refrain from superimposing their judgments or at least save it for the trial.

While it is part and parcel of the duty of the prosecution to show and prove the guilt and liability of the accused, it is the duty and obligation of the lawyer of the accused to protect the client’s rights only and not interfere with guilt and innocence.  Although it is within the defense lawyer’s purview to show the defendant’s innocence, it should be only because the defendant is truly innocent and not due to anything else, most of all to abet the client avoid or evade criminal responsibility.

In conclusion, especially in controversial cases, lawyers should refrain from using media to air and prejudice their case — trial by publicity — and do not make any remarks as to whether the accused is guilty (on the part of the prosecution or accuser as this is but expected and natural) or innocent (on the part of the defense counsel and for the same previously stated argument).


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