Post for Dec 3-9 2017 (updated Dec 8)

TaN (update): In “4 out of 5 cases of cancer among blacks can be prevented with vitamin D” by a certain Vicki Batts (URL: in the Natural News article posted for December 5 this week, my previous arguments and discussion on skin complexion and beneficial sun exposure are once again vindicated.

I have always maintained even before the publication of several reports and studies on the benefits of sunlight against cancer that people should refrain from migrating to places too far (latitudinally) from their traditional ancestral lands.  There is a (very good) reason why people in hotter (tropical) climates have darker skin and those in the polar regions have fair to pale complexion.  This has to do with extracting the benefits of sun exposure — for the vital vitamin D from sunlight.

Since in equatorial regions where the sun is more intense, there is danger of over-exposure — which will negate the benefits — so the body produces melanin (skin pigmentation) to prevent against too much sun.  Melanin is nature’s natural sun block.

In polar regions where sun intensity is weakest, the skin must be as pale as possible to get the full benefits of sun exposure.  This is also the reason why the hair color is red to blond — the hair is deficient in melanin to permit sun exposure for the scalp to increase skin surface exposure.

In the case of the United States of America where Africans were brought as slaves for the plantations in the southern states and eventually became permanent residents (and citizens), their skin color did not lighten up (much) over the generations.  Melanin is still produced in great quantities which blocks the benefits of sun exposure which accounts for their propensity to many lifestyle diseases like cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, depression, and the rest.

The best solutions are: they return to their ancestral lands (which I doubt most, if not all, will not want to), spend more time in tanning saloons (but there is danger in artificially replicating sunlight using technology), or relocate to other tropical places within or neighboring the United States of America (and as near the equator as possible).

In conclusion, as mentioned earlier, besides cancer, many other lifestyle diseases are treatable with vitamin D (from the sun and not the laboratory) — osteoporosis (to synthesize calcium into the bones), diabetes (where vitamin D stimulates production of insulin), depression (especially SAD or seasonal affective disorder brought about by inadequate production of the happy hormones whose production is stimulated by sun exposure), to name a few.

TaN: In today’s (December 4) news, one controversial issue is the implementation of the newly-developed dengue vaccine by the Philippine government on children (or adults) who had not had dengue before.  According to the recent news, Sanofi-Pasteur issued a warning that the vaccine should not be given to those who had not had the disease before — A YEAR AFTER IT HAD ALREADY BEEN IMPLEMENTED IN THE PHILIPPINES!

So, what is a vaccine anyway, what is its purpose, and how does it work?  According to what I can gather from the cyber space, a vaccine is a medical product that is either orally or intravenously — i.e., via injection — introduced into the body for the purpose of stimulating the immune system to develop an immune response.

The vaccine supposedly contains either dead or weakened pathogens so it will not be strong enough to hurt the body but still enough as to elicit an immune response.  The immune response supposedly remains in the body for a certain duration to ensure that if and when the pathogen does enter the body, the body recognizes it and knows how to fight back.

Given this and for it all to make sense, the vaccine is intended or must be given as a preventive otherwise it will not make sense — as an afterthought.  I simply cannot imagine how such (supposedly) educated people as (high) government officials AND PHYSICIANS — again, I refrain from referring to these people as doctors because they do not teach or educate — fail to see through the veil of deception of Sanofi-Pasteur, the dengue vaccine maker.

In the warning, the pharmaceutical giant said that the vaccine should (only) be given to those who already had the dengue fever — supposedly for it to be effective.  Can nobody see the inconsistency and stupidity in this warning?

A person stricken with dengue fever either lives through it or dies.  If the person dies, well then that is the end of it.  However, if s/he survives, it only means that s/he not only has (gained) the immune capability to fend off the dengue virus but will even have remnants of the “encounter” — for future defense to prevent a repeat in the near future (which is the essence of the term “immunity”.

Following this train of thought, giving the vaccine to dengue fever survivors naturally will be effective because the person has survived so s/he does not need the vaccine anymore.  Moreover, the supposed effectivity of the vaccine given to dengue fever survivors has no basis because, for all you know, it is the person’s acquired immunity that is working and not the vaccine.  How stupid is it to attribute any effective immunization to the vaccine when it is the person’s own immune system that is to be credited for the effectivity.

Well, as they say, A Fool and his money are soon parted.  But the worse part is that it is not the government officials involved in the approval that is losing the money but the taxpayers.  They are squandering our taxes for something utterly nonsensical and fundamentally fraught with flawed logic.

TaN (update): In the post of Natural News for December 2 with an article titled “Transgenderism is the ‘Flat Earth’ theory of the science-challenged Left” by a certain Ethan Huff — please refer to URL: — it dawned on me that transgenderism is an aberration and I opine is an affront and an abomination to God (for theist, especially the monotheists like the Catholics and other Christian denominations).  We have to assume that since God is perfect, it is impossible for Him to make mistakes, not only in or among His creations but with His supposedly pinnacle of creations…MAN.

I realize and it completely confounds me that my God would make such a fantastic and fundamental blunder as to (and to quote from a common utterance) “put a woman in a man’s body” (or vice versa).  It is so unlikely, in fact utterly without merit and unimaginably careless, that He would commit such a mistake.  We believe that we are the epitome of His masterpiece of creation and are we to believe that He would make such a blunder?  I don’t about your god by my God does not make mistakes, especially something as important and as elementary as putting the right person in the right body.

Regardless of how one “feels”, it is the handiwork of the idle mind — the Devil’s workshop.  There is no such excuse or alibi.  It is simply unjustifiable.  It is plain and simple denial or refusal to face up to the role or assignment.  Bash or hate me all you want but I stand firm.

There are only two genders: male and female (for non-humans) and masculine and feminine (for us).  If you are not one, you have to be the other.  Otherwise, you are the remaining: neuter or “it”.  All those who are so engrossed with changing their gender, find something better to do with your life.  You are creating chaos in the world.

Imagine, as I had discussed in earlier TaNs, the conflict between eye-witness testimonies and irrefutable DNA evidence in a crime scene.  There will be conflicting accounts. On the one hand, eye witnesses will claim they saw, say, a woman leaving the scene or even commit the crime but, on the other hand, DNA evidence will still retain the tell-tale Y-chromosome.

It is bad enough that hair dyes and disguises and (topically applied) cosmetics already make it difficult for investigation authorities to get an accurate description.  Imagine the horrendous challenge to properly identify the culprit or suspect when a transgender is involved.

It is as if the world does not have enough problems and pressing issues such as armed conflict, addiction, famine and starvation, malnutrition, extreme weather, (lifestyle) diseases of epic and epidemic proportions, crime and corruption, social unrest and scandals, child and human trafficking, environmental degradation and upheaval, unrestrained and untethered corporate greed, and human rights violations.

And this is not yet including biases and prejudices that label people and built walls instead of bridges.

Unfortunately, all this and worst events must come to pass as prophesied in the Holy Scriptures before relief will finally arrive.  For us who still cling to the promise of God, we just have to cope and fight the good fight with all the talents and wisdom He has given us, for in the end, we who hold and steady the course shall be triumphant and all our efforts will not be for naught.

TaN: It takes a very special kind of person — and very special place in hell — to not feel anything when they separate the young from their mother (and leave them to die a slow death through starvation).

Just like — someone who takes advantage of the weakness of others — a coward, these heartless beasts will not hesitate to cause misery and suffering on others, even if the others happen to be “mere” animals.  It is not as if the separation of the young from their mother was an unfortunate necessity — as in a mother animal happens to kill another mother because she has to feed her young thus depriving of the prey’s offsprings of their food source and consequently die of starvation.  These spineless cravens, for no apparent justifiable reason other than on a whim or just for fun, would perform such dastardly acts is unforgivable.

I have witnessed many times people mindlessly subject the helpless, defenseless, and innocent lives (especially the youngs of and little animals such as birds) to atrocious deeds and conditions.  Even the proud and fearless beasts like the lesser monitor lizards and non-venomous snakes are not spared and are humbled by the dastardly deeds of many simply due to prejudice or even just for the heck of it.

How can we call and claim to be civilized, much less educated, when our actions reveal otherwise.  The civilized shows respect for all life, be they lowly beasts or even predators like raptors, and this article title in the Nation says it very well: “We are judged by how we treat the helpless and the poor” by a certain Richard Kreitner on the 89th date of birth of Cesar Chavez — URL:

TaN: Is it ethical for an elected government official, especially one to a national office or position, to leave his/her office for an appointed position (like the Cabinet)?  Does it constitute abandonment of duty?  As someone who might have voted for him/her, should I ever trust or vote for him/her again the next time s/he runs for office, considering that s/he “abandoned” his sworn oath to represent the people?

Moreover, there seems to be a lapse in legal ethics regarding such issues.  It is not as if the person was appointed — therefore s/he is not accountable to the people (directly) but to the appointing power.  In this case, the said individual can move from one (appointed) government position to another.

It is an entirely different matter when it involves an elected official.  S/he has been entrusted by his/her voters with the position s/he has “promised” to serve to the best of his/her abilities and it does not include leaving the post — unless there is proper consultation and with approval of a significant majority of those (and only of those) who voted for him/her.  After all, it was the constituent voters who elected him/her into office and it is but proper or right that they be the ones to permit is (voluntary) departure otherwise it would, or should (if not), constitute abandonment.

Furthermore, should there be no legal or ethical prohibition to such a decision or move by an elected official, there should at be a legal recourse for a constituent, especially of it is in the form of a class suit, demand accountability and sue the “erring” elected official.  There was a breach of contract when s/he chose to leave office for another, especially without so much as even a tacit assent or agreement by the voting constituency.

In conclusion, with this deficiency or inadequacy or weakness in the (political) system, it is high time that it should be addressed.  This is similar to another TaN where it discussed the another flaw in the legal/judicial system regarding the wealthy and influential using the courts to harass and make false accusations and, when proven to be fictitious or without basis, does not make the complainant responsible — i.e., if the accuser has been proven to be merely harassing or making life miserable against others should be brought to pay for the trouble caused by being the one to be penalized (fines and incarceration).  This way, those with malicious intents will think twice, even thrice or more, before trying to use his/her wealthy, influence, or power to intimidate and cause trouble on the innocent.

TaN: The emergence of digital (mobile) apps should be used for something useful and beneficial to humanity and not wasted on pitiful and shameful senseless (not even educational) fantasy games or even gambling games and vanity apps.

Beneficial would be something like (the current app) helping people find their way about town and avoiding traffic jams and heavy vehicular traffic volume.  Other useful apps would be those that monitor health aspects or issues or those that assist travelers and vacationers.  There are innumerable apps that can be developed, just make sure they provide useful and worthwhile services otherwise it is a terrible waste of energy — i.e., electronic mobile devices compete for power (through recharging) in the power grid against other more vital devices and equipment like hospitals and law enforcement and emergency services.  [Remember that while electronic mobile devices are small and power requirements is almost non-existent compared to that of an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), it must be realized how many mobile devices there are.  A large colony of ants can bring down the biggest elephant.]

It is so irritating and frustrating to see something so potentially useful and beneficial being used by stupid and inane people to “create” a bunch of useless and worthless applications for a whole lot of simple-minded, self-indulging, and pleasure-seeking consuming public for the pathetic and pitiful reason of popularity or fame and, most of all, profit.

TaN: Although like many lifestyle diseases, overweight or obesity has many causes or beginnings.  However, it is different in the sense that the common solution to lose weight frequently fails because the root cause of the condition is not isolated, identified, and addressed properly.

The conventional remedy is to attack the problem via the calories but it is not as simple as that.  Calorie counting or restriction is effective only if and when the reason for the excess body weight is confined to simple less energy expenditure (from low-energy demand activities) than dietary intake or consumption.

However, there are other causes or reasons why body weight increases.  For one, when the body ingests something that it either does not recognize as food or identifies as toxic, its first response is to eliminate it at once (as in the case of sweat or diarrhea).  If this route is not possible or unavailable, it then tries to “neutralize” it by storing it in fat cells.  However, should there not be enough fat cells, the body resorts to creating (additional) fat cells and this becomes the reason for the weight gain.

Increasing physical activity or exertion is a better though it may not be the best solution.  Increasing energy expenditure through physical means, in a way, causes sweating which, in turn, may trigger fat cells to release the stored toxins.

Another more effective method of detoxifying is fasting but fasting has many degrees and it is not fasting unless done for at least 72 consecutive hours (or 3 successive days).  Furthermore, the more severe forms of fasting are (appears to be) more effective but they should not be done by the inexperienced because it could negatively impact more than benefit health.

Finally, it does not necessarily follow that only people with excess weight issues have toxic fat cells.  Toxic fat cells may likewise be found among underweight people.  It is all a matter of how much unhealthy food one is eating (and how fast or efficiently can the body eliminate the toxins).


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