Post for Feb 4-Feb 10 2018 (updated Feb 8,2nd update Feb 9,3rd update Feb 10)

TaN (3rd update): In today’s (February 10) hardcopy of The Philippine STAR, in the article titled “Rody ready for ICC, firing squad if guilty” by Christina Mendez and Edith Regalado, Mr Duterte is reportedly to have repeatedly said that there is no definition of extrajudicial killing to be found anywhere.  He mentioned that there is no definition in the Philippine Constitution.

Well, first of all, just because EJK is not defined in the Constitution does not mean that it is not defined.  If this were the case (everywhere), then all one has to do is not defined some despicable deed and claim defense that it is not defined anywhere so it cannot be a crime therefore one is exonerated or no longer held liable.  This is just being too literal and technical — which is what Mr Duterte has been doing all this time.  With knowledge of the law, he is able to skirt accountability simply because of technicality and, sad to admit, law today is no longer about justice and what is right but technicality (i.e., he who knows the rules get literally get away with murder, as in this case).

Moreover, in another article in the same issue, titled “Justice will catch up with Rody — lawmaker” by a certain Jess Diaz, the said lawmaker, Representative Edcel Lagman from Bicol, quoted several instances where Mr Duterte was said to have what amounts to admissions of his misdeeds.  In fact, Mr Duterte was supposed to have said (and I requote, because it was quoted by Mr Lagman), “Crime against humanityIn the first place, I’d like to be frank with you: are they humansWhat is your definition of a human being?”  Mr Duterte was supposed to have been referring to the drug personalities, specifically the drug lords and drug pushers.

Although it would be nice to have a law or something that can change a human being into a non-human simply because the person did heinous deeds, the reality is it is not so.  No matter how insidious a person may be, that person remains a human being and enjoys all the rights and privileges accorded to all people.

How wonderful it would be if we can just simply redefine a person into a non-person in order that we can do whatever we want with him/her.  But it does not work that way.

It is for this reason that it is written in the Holy Scriptures that (Matthew 19:24, KJV): “And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” It is not so much as a rich person because rich people have a lot more “temptations” to entice him away from the righteous path which will lead him into God’s kingdom.  However, today, with so much emphasis on material indulgences and worldly pleasures, the poor are just as easily tempted from the straight and narrow path — what with their cliche and lame excuses for committing crimes and misdeeds, like “I need money to buy medicine for my sick mother/child” or “I stole because of (extreme) poverty”.

Being poor is not a “get-out-of-jail” ticket nor an entitlement to commit criminal acts. But all blame cannot be laid on the poor.  Some are driven to misdeeds because they have no recourse and they are hungry (and not for any other reasons).  Many poor just need a small piece of land where they can use to grow food but most arable or accessible land are privatized and fenced off beyond the reach of the poor who may be industrious and resourceful enough to just simply use it to grow food.

In conclusion and returning to topic, for the benefit of Mr Duterte, extrajudicial killing is simply the taking of a person’s life, regardless of whether guilty or not, without due process — i.e., undergoing arrest, trial, and conviction.  Come on Mr Duterte, even with your repeated proclamation of being an average-grade student, one could easily surmise that “extra” (combined with “judicial”) means “outside of or not within” and “judicial” means the courts and judicial or criminal-justice system and “killing” is killing.  So when we put them all together, “extrajudicial killing” simple means killing without the benefit of the right to a fair and speedy trial.  Mr Duterte, puh-leeease!  Spare me…

TaN (3rd update): In a separate article buried deep inside which I almost missed, titled “Fake cigarette factory found in Bulacan” credited to Mary Grace Padin and Ramon Efren Lazaro in the Nation section on page 17, I would like to point out that, unless the stuff the reporters were referring to were not cigarettes and are being passed off as such, then “fake” would be the proper term to use.  However, perusing through the article, it seems that all the paraphernalia required to make cigarettes were there except that the fake tax stamps.  It would therefore be more apt if the cigarettes were described as “illegally manufactured” or “improperly stamped or marked” or anything but certainly not “fake” because they are really cigarettes.

TaN (2nd update): In the post of Natural News for February 8, the following articles:

(1) “Organic farming found to eliminate plant parasites longer than conventional chemical pesticides” by a certain Earl Garcia [URL:] — This does not surprise me because it is consistent with the philosophy behind TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and all other non-mainstream or conventional or so-called Western medicine where pharmaceuticals take over the task of combatting disease or sickness instead of inducing or supporting the body’s natural defense (and immune) systems against whatever medical and health adversities it is experiencing.
The problem with conventional/mainstream/Western medicine is that, by doing the work of the body’s defense systems, it prevents or inhibits the latter from keeping in constant practice to fight issues and makes it completely dependent so it will be ignorant of how to address the same issues the next time it happens.  Whereas, for the natural or traditional medicine, since it supports and assists the body’s defense systems, the latter continues to evolve and learn and adapt to new medical and health issues and this not only keeps it in practice and training but retains some kind of a “memory” (in terms of antibodies and remnants of chemical compounds in the aftermath that lingers as reminders) so it will not be so easy for the pathogen to gain a foothold the next time.
As health and medicine, in organic farming, the environment is given support and assistance to address issues (like invasion of alien species or pathogen or increase in specific endemic species that upsets the natural equilibrium of the locality) instead of using (toxic) chemicals that does what should be the job of the natural environment.  The idea is along the same philosophy as in health and medicine where chemical pesticides are the pharmaceuticals.
Chemical pesticides and pharmaceuticals both render the natural ability of the environment and the body, respectively, moot and redundant and makes them entirely dependent on them in the future.  But if left alone or especially with proper support, both the environment and the body have the innate resiliency to recover and return to equilibrium.

(2) “Cell phone radiation exposure found to give rats CANCER” by a certain Isabelle Z [URL:] — In this article, there is the argument that with so many studies showing cell phone radiation exposure causing cancer, there has yet to be a case where cancer was the proven cause.  This is because (1) the rats and lab experiments are controlled environments throughout the study whereas people are exposed to countless toxic situations and scenarios which are likewise known causes of cancer so it cannot be precisely be argued that the cell phone radiation is the (principal) cause and (2) that rats and lab experiments involved are a lot smaller than people and the size or mass of the subject definitely impacts on the immediacy or how soon cancer emerges from the exposure — much like the effectivity of medicine is largely dependent on the dosage in relation to the body mass of the patient.

(3) “BRAINWSHED: The goal of media is to poison the minds of the masses with toxic hatred and engineered ‘thought loops’” by a certain Mike Adams [URL:] — This is precisely the reason my insistent and persistent advocacy (reiterated in past TaNs) that, like banks and other financial institutions, mass media should not be involved or otherwise engaged in any other commercial or business endeavors or ventures.  Because mass media is responsible for disseminating information, especially current events, it will be a case of conflict of interest when the mass media is owned or at least controlled by specific business interests which has the potential to become propaganda machines and public relations instruments to protect the public image or reputation of the non-media owner or controlling interest.
Just like the case of banks and financial institutions — because they are in possession of a large amount of money or wealth that belongs to non-stockholders or non-owners and usually does not have the consent of the latter to treat their deposits and entrustments as if it is the financial institutions’ property or ownership and use it in any manner the latter so desires. This gives the banks and financial institutions an unfair advantage over other businesses (with no such access to such large stores of money and assets).  This is precisely the rationale behind the Glass-Steagall Act of the United States of America which aims to address the potential for the mis-use and abuse of the financial assets entrusted to financial institutions, such as banks, for speculative and non-loan operations.
With mass media, by mis-informing or dis-informing, the public’s perception, and consequently the mindset and thinking, behavior can effectively altered and manipulated to whatever ends, such as changing the image or reputation or suppressing a (potential) scandal or conflict of interest or twisting the truth or selling an idea or scheme for profit or self-interest and so forth.

There is yet another article that I am adding but did not include in the above roster because it is somewhat slightly different, at least to or for me — which is “Are Earth’s magnetic poles about to flip? University researcher warns the reversal is approaching” by a certain Tracey Watson [URL:]. It is interesting to note that the Earth has had “flipped” it MAGNETIC — meaning that the planet itself will not be doing any flipping or any actual physical spinning but only the magnetic field, i.e., the magnetic north and south poles will change positions.

When magnetic poles flip, huge and catastrophic environmental upheavals occur and entire ecosystem and continents and land masses are altered (exception probably at the pivot points of the magnetic flip). Once lush tropical regions become dry arid deserts overnight — i.e., in terms of geological time.  This is the case with reason for finding oil in deserts and in the Antarctic — because they once used to be filled with dense and flourishing vegetation and with it are the animals that feed on them and their predators.

Since the magnetosphere protects the planet from the (DNA-)destructive effects of cosmic rays and solar wind and since the magnetosphere is not equally distributed or thick or protective all around, when it shifts or flips, the thicker areas that enjoy more protection may suddenly become exposed or less protected thus endangering both endemic flora and fauna.  For marine creatures, the impact is not as severe as those experienced by their (freshwater) aquatic and terrestrial counterparts, because they can migrate more easily and unhindered by large or vast physical land features like mountain ranges and vast lakes and rivers though they can still be obstructed by the salinity and ambient water temperature.

Moreover, since modern civilization has become almost totally dependent on electricity, shifting or flipping of magnetic poles will cause havoc on the power and communication grid and the degree of chaos or damage may prove to be too widespread and irreparable and costly that we may not be able to even conduct damage control, much less make repairs.

In conclusion, the previous magnetic flips have already caused so much destruction and devastation with primitive life (as can readily been seen in museums and our science books), imagine, if you can, how it will impact man and all his modern technological gadgetry and devices and machines.  We may, in a blink of an eye, revert to a prehistoric scenario or something much worse — people degenerating into savages and barbarians with anarchy ruling the day and our behavior because it will suddenly be “every man for himself”.

TaN (update): Amid the current hearing in the Senate regarding the controversial issue of Dengvaxia, it must be remembered, appraised, and appreciated (properly) the fact that people get sick only for two reasons: (1) the immune system is weakened or under-performing (as in sluggish due to cold temperatures or is compromised due to pharmaceuticals or toxins or has an inherent genetic flaw that renders it ineffective) and (2) the disease or sickness is unexpectedly virulent or strong and the immune system is unable to cope.

Furthermore, vaccination is a process in which an artificial (or premature) medical crisis is intentionally introduced into the body in order to exact an immunological (and inflammatory) response with the objective of inducing the production of antibodies and/or defense mechanism in anticipation of possible future such incidents or necessities.

Given this, getting vaccinated is probably the worst and most idiotic and unhealthy thing we do to our health.  There is simply no logic in it and yet most people cannot see passed the veil of deception because of their mistaken placement of blind or unquestionable trust in massive establishments (such as Big Pharma and physicians) not understanding that things have changed and that honesty and transparency are no longer the prevailing virtues (in business, even if it is in the medical and health industry) but rather profit and greed which dictate their actions and motives.  [Remember, for an industry or person (like the mainstream medical and health care professionals) whose (principal) source of income or revenue is entirely dependent on people (and animals) being sick or diseased cannot afford to have sickness and disease eradicated.  It would be contrary to their existence. It would be self-destructive.]

Moreover, even if the argument is that they (have) shifted from curative to preventive — with the increasing push for vaccinations as the main vehicle to achieve this end — it still does not make sense because vaccinations induce inflammatory responses in the body and therefore this means vaccinations are the cause of most (current) medical issues, especially when we take into consideration the myriad of chemicals and adjuvants that are known and confirmed toxins and carcinogens contained.

To borrow or paraphrase from the video aforementioned in this TaN, it is does not make sense to subject or introduce another inflammatory agent into a patient who is already medically compromised and, by introducing the vaccine, the diagnosis would seriously be jeopardized since it will add another factor into the patient’s ongoing medical condition.  It would be different if the diagnosis has been done prior to the vaccination so at least anything subsequent medical development would be attributed to the vaccine.

In conclusion, as morbid or repulsive (to others) may sound and from what was I learned from the video interview of Dr Suzanne Humphries by Mike Adams regarding the former’s recent brush with death (threats) and harassments, there is something “good” — from my own perspective and personal opinion — that came out of all this.  There is now an awakening of the people regarding the whole issue of vaccination.  It is terribly wrong to vaccinate anybody.  Vaccination is intentionally giving a person sickness.  And to make matters worse, the sickness will not go through the normal route but will bypass all the natural lines of defense of the body — from the skin, nose, mouth, stomach, etc — and directly into the bloodstream.  It is high time people wake up to the damage and harm Big Pharma and mainstream medicine is inflicting on people’s health.  Do not be stupid.  Strengthen your immune system instead of getting vaccinations.

TaN (update); The controversial issue regarding the suspension of Overall Deputy Ombudsman Melchor Carandang has been so politicized that both camps have lost sight of what is at the core and important.  It is not so much as Mr Duterte (as president) having authority or jurisdiction over the non-impeachable officials of the Office of the Ombudsman but…
(1) the risk of abuse is great because of an oversight in the Ombudsman Act — that the power to suspend or remove a deputy ombudsman or special prosecutor should not be vested in someone to whom the agency is tasked to watch over and can investigate (such as any impeachable government official) or at least the disciplinary authority or power is rendered suspended when the impeachable official is under investigation, and
(2) being a constitutional body, is or rather should the Office of the Ombudsman really be under the supervision or authority of the executive branch?  I understand that the function of investigation is within the province of the executive (like the Department of Justice and the police), but logic would dictate that to put a watchdog agency of erring government officials under the supervision and control of the same (branch of) government would be some kind of a “conflict of interest” (for want of a more appropriate term) since it can hardly be expected that one “bites the hand that feeds it”.

At the very least, disciplinary action against any personnel of such watchdog agencies should or may be undertaken only upon the concurrence of a disinterested authority (such as the judiciary) prior to the execution of the sanction — i.e., not running to the judiciary for an injunction or restraining order after the disciplinary action has already been carried out or executed.

TaN: Things or events that happen to us in life are but consequences resulting from past events and decisions/actions and there are really no such things as punishments.  Punishment is merely a term we use to describe a consequence where the impact on our lives is negative.  We perceive misfortunes as some sort of punishment or retribution against our past misdeeds and are now receiving the corresponding blowback as well as addressing our sense of guilt (and probably repentance).

It is but a (modified) version of Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law — Action and Reaction — except that the resulting or subsequent effect may not necessarily be opposite or nearly as equal. It can also be the concretization of karma — but, again, the subsequent reactions may not necessarily be rewards or punishments (i.e., beneficial from good and detrimental from bad).

All that is certain is that life goes on and past decisions and deeds will have some (minimum) impact on current events.  Due to the infinitesimal other factors that transpire in and around our lives — from natural to man-made (as in our neighbors, friends, relatives, and even total strangers) — there is no guarantee that the events that happen to us resulted from past deeds and decisions.

The best advice would be to learn from the experience and cope and apply the wisdom.  Blaming or being “victimized” by events and dwelling on them never did anyone any good.  It is done and get on with life.

TaN: While the people’s will is supreme and that the Constitution derives it authority and power from the people’s mandate and consent to submit under its authority, government cannot just skip over the Constitution and (claim that) it is the people’s will and therefore they can run roughshod over all the safeguards in the Fundamental Charter and people’s rights (and privileges).

One big problem with many a leader of a nation these days is that wrongdoings and crime (and evil) is so rampant and deeply-ingrained that — and further considering or remembering that the situation has been growing and evolving and worsening over decades and festering to the point of where — their term of office (even the most well-meaning of leader) is no longer sufficient to address them all.  The best that can be done is damage control.

A good example would be all the vain and futile (though brutal and draconian) attempts — and (implicitly and tacit) admission by Mr Duterte that he cannot fulfill his campaign promises within the self-imposed time frame and had to extended it repeatedly until he finally had to “confessed” that the menace is bigger than him and he is unable to deliver his promises.  His intentions were noble but his methods were crude (to say the least) and uncalled for and frequently have the opposite effects — though his ratings surprisingly reflect otherwise.

Moreover, all that Mr Duterte has to go with to justify his “different” style of solving his country’s problems are his historic landslide election victory and the consistent high approval ratings in the surveys.  However, these are or cannot be used as justifications because:
(1) the election results were (assumed to be) based on his campaign promises and his voters had no idea that it will turn out this way and,
(2) the surveys are but a small sample size and the demographic distribution may be skewed and cannot be a reliable barometer of the true sentiments and concerns of the majority since the respondent/s may be unduly prejudiced so that credible accuracy of the answers will be diminished.

Finally, still on the subject of the surveys, it would be more accurate to restrict the poll to those who changed “sides” or sentiments — i.e., from formerly against now to in favor or vice versa — and against those who remained steadfast.

TaN: If it is not, it ought to be — that the sworn and moral duty of all physicians to support whatever medical decisions of their patients even if those decisions run counter to their (physicians) personal or ethical beliefs and code, short of (obviously, for want of a more appropriate term, or openly) endangering the patient/s’ life (as sworn to in the Hippocratic Oath), although I read somewhere some time ago that there are increasing instances where the oath is no longer being sworn to.

It is the patient’s right to determine their (medical) life and physicians should keep up with all the advancements and developments — all the while maintaining their practice — and not be confined to and be dominated and controlled by Big Pharma’s interests.  Physicians must take the initiative to go beyond the limits of their conventional Big Pharma-controlled medical education and be daring to learn more progressive and effective treatments and therapies for the sake of their patients.  They should strive to stay informed and keep abreast of the newest developments in their respective fields of specialization — as well as in general and outside of their “comfort zone” even at the risk of reaping the ire of their benefactor Big Pharma — no matter how unconventional or uncomfortable it makes them feel. They owe it to their patients to provide the best care possible.  After all sense of duty and service to humanity should always trump all and any other interests or concerns.

Should the physician really and honestly cannot support the patient’s decision, it should be the (alternative) obligation of the physician to help the patient find another physician who is more open and accommodating and is willing to guide and support the patient’s decision, all the while making sure that the patient will not endanger him/herself in the process.

It is a terrible pity that so much effective medical treatments and therapies that are very beneficial to man with minimal or even no detrimental side effects go unused when so much preventable misery and suffering could be avoided.

TaN: While it is true that man was not meant to be sitting all day, it is equally true that he was never meant to be standing all day either. Man, as with all other animals, was meant to be constantly moving about (and creating and innovating and thinking and producing and inventing and flourishing) — hence the Biblical admonition from God (Genesis 3:14-23) when man was “cursed” for his disobedience and he shall be slave to the earth (i.e., toil for his food) until the day he returns to the earth from whence he came from.

It is therefore wrong for a person to be idle and laze around all or most of the day as well as stand idly (like retail sales representatives and clerks and personnel in retail stores and fast food chains and outlets).  Man was intended to be active, which is why active people have better health and better lives.  [Nota bene: It must be qualified that by active, I do not mean that man toil endlessly and laboriously all day nor is it confined to physical but mental activities either.  It is not manual per se labor as in the days of slavery and peonage but reasonable human physical labor that enables and empowers man to flourish and grow.]

It is a significant and fundamental reason why people develop phlebitis (i.e., varicose or spider veins).  The muscles and tissues surrounding veins become so weak or atrophy from lack of use and this causes the veins to bulge (from the internal blood pressure pushing against the blood vessel walls).  In addition, this inflammation — whenever you see “-itis” at the end of a medical term, it means an inflammation, hence carditis is inflammation of the heart (cardi is heart) and meningitis is inflammation of the meninges (the membrane covering and protecting the brain and spinal column) and appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix.

[Nota bene: Once you know or have decoded the “secret” of medical terms — i.e., the prefixes and suffixes — it becomes easy to decipher what mysterious language physicians are talking (to each other) about.]

You seldom, if at all, see farmers and manual laborers get phlebitis.  They actively engage their muscles which keeps them toned and fit so there is no atrophy.

So the secret to many of our daily mini health issues is simply to keep and remain active — of course, it cannot be all work all day — as well as a reasonable period of rest for the body to recuperate and replenish and rejuvenate itself (for the next day’s challenges).


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