Post for Mar 4-10 2018 (updated Mar 11)

TaN (update): When it comes to preventive medicine, claims of saving lives has no basis.  In fact, since my argument is that the longevity or one’s life span relies entirely upon the “whims” of God (whereas the quality of our life while awaiting for that fateful day is completely in our own hands, and depending on whether or how well we obey the admonitions and commandments of the Lord), it not only makes no sense to make such baseless and nonsensical (and blasphemous) pronouncements and statements but there is likewise no way of determining the accuracy and/or veracity of such unfounded claims.

To revisit the argument, unless and until we know precisely the date (and very moment) of our death, to say that something (we did or did not do) is (directly) responsible to “extending” our stay in this temporal world is utterly and absolutely without merit.  This is the same as my other supporting arguments — regarding growth and intelligence marketing schemes in that unless and until we know exactly how tall or how intelligent we are or will become, there is no way to prove that the schemes worked).

This “sudden” rediscussion is a reaction to the news article in hardcopy issue of The Philippine STAR for March 10 titled “WHO underscores importance of vaccination“.

Vaccination is the major attempt and “answer” of conventional or mainstream medicine to the natural, traditional or preventive medicine — which seeks to pre-empt supposedly or allegedly more serious or fatal diseases in order to “save” (more) lives.  This — i.e., vaccination — is totally and utterly false and undoubtedly and unquestionably deceptive.

[Nota bene: Actually, conventional or mainstream medicine is known as or called allopathic medicine and sometimes also referred to as heroic medicine.  “Allopathy” means alternative.  Ergo, it is really allopathic or conventional medicine that is the alternative and not the mis-label so-called alternative medicine.  Moreover, allopathic medicine is called heroic not because it is heroic but because it is more of emergency medicine, where the application is during drastic and urgent times when life is critically threatened.  In addition, the only worthy allopathic medicine is surgery or surgical medicine, while the rest are but a bunch of mere “hooey”.  Lastly, allopathic medicine is completely out of touch with reality and the world because, the way it is being practiced (especially today) is dragging man farther and farther away from nature and substituting man-made or artificial which is absolutely out of whack or sync from nature, thus creating more and more problems, issues, and complications (read: side effects and contra-indications.]
In any case and returning to topic, although I am inclined towards preventive (as against curative) medicine, I do not, however, subscribe to making such unconfirmable or uncorroboratable (or argument based on ignorance) claims.  This only proves that even in the “alternative” or natural medicine segment of the medical industry, it has already been infiltrated by those who seek only selfish gains and it is these that we must be extra careful about and critically discerning to avoid being scammed.

In these times, the so-called Age of Enlightenment and Transparency, this is truly the time when light and darkness are in mortal combat over men’s souls.  The only hopeful re-assurance I have is that it takes merely the light from a single candle to pierce the darkness.  The only problem is whether there will be anyone who is not blind — otherwise no amount of light against the darkness will be of any consequence.  And it must be remembered, with respect to blindness, None are as blind as those who refuse to see — which is what most of us are today, with regard to the evils and wrongs everywhere today.

In conclusion, vaccination even at its inception is an intrusion and a bypassing of our body’s defense system and there is no such thing as a safe nor beneficial vaccine.  In the video titled “Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines“, I realized and understood one of the statements (and I paraphrase): When a vaccine illicits an immune response, it is said to be effective; however, this does not mean that it is protective (or that the resulting antibodies will be enough to protect or overcome the pathogen).  In addition, the argument that in a democracy the people has the right to choose how s/he brings up his/her family and not the private sector or business interests — in this case, the pharmaceutical or vaccine industry — (through or using the government) to mandate or coerce compliance from the public to the wishes and desires of business interests), which is what an authoritarian state and not a democracy is wont to do.

TaN: With all the advancements in automation and cyber technology as well as the reports of ever-successful hacking, it just dawned on me that our worst fears are slowly but surely becoming a reality.

It is beginning to look like the futuristic sci-fi films regarding robots (and automatons) are correct, all along.  Our technology has advanced to the point where we are now able to build artificial beings with artificial intelligence and mimic ourselves — the way we move (which started with passive or static then to active or dynamic prosthetic) and the way we think (with artificial intelligence).  These also include the latest use of smaller and smaller and more sophisticated actuators and motors and hydraulics and transistors and microchips and circuitry.

If this trend (in science and technology) continues — regardless of whether proceeding steadily or astronomically — and the end times is still quite a way off, it will not be long when we shall see all the imagination-inspired scenes in sci-fi films come to reality.

It is interesting to note and remember the saying that, “Art imitates life and life imitates art” — i.e., cinema gets inspiration and ideas from life and life has a strange way of turning fictional cinema into real life.  Unfortunately, many of those real life imitating cinema are taken from the “wrong” scenes — like how a brilliant theft or bank heist was carried out or how people are tortured or how a murder was planned and executed.

TaN: As I sit and go through my daily morning news gathering and archiving of the day’s more important global health and current developments in cyber space, it suddenly dawned on me — after scanning through several articles regarding people getting sicker and more discoveries of ways to cure or reverse diseases — that a, if not THE, principal reason behind global health (collectively) reaching epidemic proportions is not that we are discovering more and more diseases and medical conditions but that — due to our “insistence” on living and maintaining the wrong lifestyle (and poor or incorrect diets) — our immune system is (being) compromised and that is why we get sick faster and more frequently.

If our immune defenses (because we live the proper lifestyle and eat correctly, for instance like the Amish community of Pennsylvania and most Okinawans and the traditional Inuits) are working properly because we live correctly, all these so-called diseases and medical issues will easily and automatically be taken cared of.  The only instances when we will really be sick is when as nature/God had planned or when a really serious threat (like a new strain of cold and influenza viruses) — like getting and going through the traditional childhood diseases like measles and chicken pox and mumps and the like and eating foods as our bodies have been designed to do (naturally and endemically and according to the seasons).

Our bodies are (literally) designed to “live” forever — as with the Biblical account of Methuselah who purportedly lived to the ripe old age of 969 years!   However, there are several reasons why we do not.  Even the “modern” (unofficial) longest-lived person eventually died — a certain Li-Ching Yuen and reportedly not from any sickness or injury or any other cause but that — and I paraphrase from a statement he was supposed to have said to his friend, an old grandfather like him — “I have done all that I have to do, I am going home now”.  Who knew what he meant, when he said he was going “home”, was that he is returning to his Maker.

In any case, because I am a Christian, I subscribe to the belief that “we decide how we live and wait for our time of death but only God determines when we die”.  Proceeding from this, despite the design of our bodies to “live” forever, when it is time to go, there is nothing we can do about it — regardless of our state of health or anything.  When it is your time to go, you go.

TaN: The growing trend (among the wealthy and the can-afford) of using surrogates (most probably) merely for the purpose of avoiding being pregnant and the only reason is vanity and not something life threatening nor a medical issue may not be illegal or even immoral but should have some kind of legal risks.

Because it is a person’s right — correction: privilege, a right is inherent or natural and therefore inalienable and essential or fundamental while a privilege is bestowed and must be earned or deemed worthy and thus may subsequently be suspended, withdrawn, or otherwise revoked — to chose whether they want to become pregnant or not (but not necessarily due to legitimate nor justifiable reasons) this right should not be curtailed or taken away.  However, there should be some sort of corresponding accountability or risk in order for this privilege — not a right — to be enjoyed.

It will be irresponsible to permit a person (or couple), just because they can afford it and can “get away with it” to avail of the services or opportunity of a surrogate just for the flimsy or whimsical reason of vanity or trend or fad or novelty or whatever cock-a-mame alibi they dream up, especially if the individual or couple has already been pregnant before and there were no complications nor valid issues that would make getting a surrogate appropriate.

In conclusion, the problem with many developments and advancements is that there are or will always be people who will tend to abuse or mis-use it.  This has been the case since time immemorial — as in the case of gun powder (which was originally meant for festivities and celebrations), of Einstein’s theory on atomic energy (which was, I would think, intended for peaceful and man’s flourishing purposes instead of making nuclear weapons and other monstrosities), and of digital and electronics technology (which was meant for education, research, communication, sharing of ideas and aspirations and hope and solutions and such but has been mis-appropriated for crime and malicious deeds, such as spreading of lies and deception and cyber bullying and dirty politics and even cyber warfare and pornography and pedophilia and cyber theft and other criminal or malicious activities), to name a few.

TaN: The most important thing about eating naturally (i.e., the way nature intended it to be eaten) is that we eat on demand.  This way, there is no need for preservatives because they are eaten fresh (i.e., as needed).  And nature always provides in abundance.  Imagine when a tree bears fruit, it is not only for a person or a family or even a tribe — because nature has intended the fruits to be shared by all.  The fruits are always in excess to ensure that there will always be enough for the next generation of trees — that there will be so plentiful that not all fruits can or will be consumed — plus other creatures that also feed on the same fruit.

Actually, as to the “no preservatives” in nature (i.e., fruits), there is a natural preservative — phytic acid. Phytic acid is more of a growth inhibitor than a preservative.  It is present in seeds and grains (in just enough quantity) to prevent them from germinating or sprouting at the wrong moment.  Phytic acid is nature’s time lock which prevents premature germination because the environmental conditions may not be correct to support and sustain the sprouting and growth of the new plant.  It is broken down when immersed in water for a sustained period — when the rainy season is well on its way — and this now permits the seed or grain to start germinating and grow roots and leaves.

Going back to “eating on demand”, eating is an essential activity (because it sustains life) but its abuse leads to health and medical problems and complications — like obesity and diabetes.  It must be remembered that we should…”eat to live and not live to eat”.  Sure, it is good or nice to indulge, once in a while, but not to point as to make a career out of it.

Eating not because we are hungry but rather for the sheer pleasure is a luxury and must not be abused.  Excess calories, unless burned off, will eventually redound to health issues which, if not addressed promptly and properly, may eventually become life-threatening.

A problem today with regard to eating is that many have made it into a past time or, worse, an indulgence.  In the past, food was difficult to come by so health problems were of a different sort — they used to be mainly pathogenic and infectious by nature.  Today, due to advancement and vast improvements in agricultural technology (mostly corporate monoculture plantation-type chemical-laden agriculture), food is no longer scarce and considered a necessity but as a luxury, where there are so many choices.  There are so many available and from so many places the world over.

However, this has its bad side.  Because of the abundance of food and types, affluent societies and countries have populations are rife with obesity and other lifestyle diseases — diseases today are no longer caused by pathogens and infections but by the wrong lifestyle.  In addition, food that used to be seasonal has become available year-round and this is slowly leading to other nutritional issues — because consuming certain foods (like fruits) which are not naturally in season but artificially made to bear fruit for commercial or corporate profits.

Moreover, this food abundance does little to solve the issue of global malnutrition and starvation.  But this is an issue of greed and profit-centered consumerism and will be for another time.


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