About me (updated July 31, 2010; then February 7, 2011)

The author has been collecting information from over two decades – everything involving health & nutrition, science & technology, environment, amusing anecdotes & stories, and some trivia.  Lately, focus has been on health and nutrition because of the spreading confusion about what is good and what is not good for one’s health.  Many of these conflicting and contradicting information are either done in good faith or intentional.  Those done in good faith, sad to say, is well-meaning but are done irresponsibly (either because of the desire to scoop or be the first to report it or just plain careless).  Meanwhile, those done with malice are usually due to vested interest – they stand to gain from the dis-information, from the confusion.

And then there are those well-intentioned souls who honestly and sincerely offer their services without reservations.  However, occasionally, they jump to a generalization, not realizing that it may not be applicable to all.  An example would be the oft mistaken argument that eating meat – specifically beef, pork, poultry – are unhealthy and a source of many diseases and medical complications.  This is not entirely true.  A concrete example of an exception would be the traditional Inuit diet of 60-70% animal (walrus, seal, whale) fat and 30-35% red meat.  Fish make up a very tiny portion of the traditional diet and no plant -based food whatsoever.  Yet, they are, practically, in perfect health.  How do we account for this?  Read my blogs.

It is the purpose of this author to clear up the differences and offer some enlightenment, to shine the light of truth on those information that are misleading.  Finally, all contents of this blog are provided with the intention of them being placed in the public domain and to be applied to as wide an audience as possible (as in the Sacred Scriptures, What has been received for free, one must freely give).

The author would like to establish a network of people who advocate the free flow of knowledge with the purpose of ferreting out the truth in order that people will be properly informed.  When properly informed, people can now make choices for themselves – and their choices will truly be freely made.  For interested people, you may get in touch with me through my filtering e-mail address idontexistanywhere@yahoo.com.  From there, I shall furnish kindred spirits to my true e-mail address for sustaining our network.

As you will note, even up to this point, I still have not revealed my name.  I do not put too much emphasis on names and credentials (they have their moments of importance); I subscribe to the statement of St Thomas Aquinas: The truth, even if it comes from a liar, is still the truth.  For me, unless it is necessary or significant, the message (or information) is more important than the messenger.

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