Post for Apr 15-21 2018

As the Holy Scriptures (the Word of God) was given to us for free, to be disseminated or spread for free so that all may hear, so are the contents of this blog.  They are offered to all who will accept and use whatever good it contains for the common good, for all to benefit.

Still groping for topics and it is getting more difficult to maintain a 4-TaN post for I will be reducing it to 2 or 3 (but I will try when possible to have 4 TaNs or more)…btw, for those who are trying to respond to this blog, please be advised that it is intended to be for my personal online thoughts and I am not exactly expecting reactions or responses.  However, if you really desire to send responses and to avoid having my host site repeatedly remind me to moderate reactions to what I blog, please direct them to <em><a href=””></a></em>.  Thank you.

Btw, thanks for all the kind words.  Please consider everything in this blogspot as common good and public domain.  For as long as it conforms to the conditions and provisions of the Fair Use Notice, by all means, cite and quote all that you need.  Everything is free; cannot be used for financial gain, whether personal or otherwise, and all for the common good of and for all.

And, if you have anything to share with me, like a video or article, I am only interested in anything that is available and downloadable for free and no copyright — and requiring that I enrol or register or somehow provide personal and private information in exchange (for anything) is not free.  This is in line with my advocacy for sharing everything with everyone for free and for the common good.  Anything I cannot download or share or have to join before I will be given the privilege to download…I am not interested.  It is written that what you have received for free, you must give (away) for free.  Thank you.

Btw, I forgot to update this explanation and lame excuse because I have finally caught up to date and even have advanced posts and I hope to maintain and keep this current from now on but I am not discounting that I may (sometime in the near future) to be late in my posting (again) because my connection to cyberspace is getting more embarrassingly deplorable with each passing payment cycle.  It is partly due to the state of telecommunications industry in this country, which is an unofficial cartel.  The other part is that I am using, what can be considered, one of the, if not the pitiful proprietary operating system around but I have no choice as I have to access to the better ones aside from the fact that I no longer have any opportunity to learn any other, not without unlearning everything and start from scratch, which is impractical at my age.  Finally, since I rely only on what is freely available, as they say…Beggars cannot be choosers.  That is life.

[<strong><em>NOTA BENE</em></strong>: Any and all advertisements and other intrusive insertions, especially those with hopes of financial gains, in this blog are absolute and completely unauthorized and utterly immoral.  Please boycott whatever rubbish their are trying to get you to patronize, purchase, or otherwise exact revenue from this blog’s readers.  This blog is for free and expects any and all who would like to quote, cite or otherwise use material content or ideas or issues posted whether in part or whole to do the same for whatever purpose they may have.

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